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All You Need To Know About Converting iOS App To Android App

App Development

Dec 2020
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all you need to know about converting ios app to android app
Apple’s iOS always comes with a new feature with each upgrade, thus delivering a smooth user experience to every consumer class, from students to professionals. Having iOS as an OS for your mobile app can be great to promote products and services to your users. iOS is a great idea because it always seems the right choice to please its users. It allows you to gain more income from the App Store.
However, that doesn’t hide the fact that Android is an unmissable platform because it secures around 80% of the smartphone OS market at present. You can no doubt start off with an iOS app, but later, you must convert the iOS app into Android app development to leverage multiple benefits.
The significant reason to convert into an Android app is to make more income on the App Store. Once your app performs incredibly well on the iOS platform, it will be an excellent idea to convert it into an Android version so that your users can have a delightful experience.
Reasons to Convert iOS App into Android App.
1. An Excellent Opportunity to Target Consumer Markets
As mentioned above, the Android platform accounts for 80% of the mobile device market, and if you have an iOS app only, you are evidently losing a significant percentage of potential users.
2. Expand Your Reach
expand your reach
Android smartphones are embraced widely, and there are a vast number of users you are missing if you do not have an Android OS app. By developing an Android OS app, you are expanding your reach to a massive level, making more money in the process.
3. Monetize Options For Your Android App
You can easily make money from your app with different options these days. There are multiple sponsors out there who are willing to invest in your app, provided it has something useful and unique. Even the global app revenue equals $52 billion as per the latest statistics report. It is forecasted that the number might grow to $100 billion by 2020.
4. More Features
While converting your iOS app to an Android app, you can pay heed to multiple possibilities that have been included by Google.
- Android Intents
- Android Wear
- The Physical Back Button
- Widgets & Push Notifications
How to Port iOS App to Android App?
After considering converting your iOS to Android, the essential thing is to think about what the conversion process looks like. And you must know there are no ready-made tools or converters you can use to convert your iOS app to Android. Instead of seeking such tools, you must opt for a reputed mobile app development company.
Below are the 3 steps you can follow:
1. Analyze & Prepare a Plan
When analyzing and preparing a plan, it infers your current iOS app, design, workflow, characteristics, and features. You can even consider the likely errors and problems that can emerge and need to be determined about those problems.
You can consider the solution or enhance the Android app version. App porting process, frameworks, tools, and back-end individualities must be confirmed intensely for compatibility.
2. Valuation & Execution of Plan
You must assess all the technical problems with the libraries, code, and third-party services. Now, pick the right tech stack to make app porting precise and less time-consuming, and finally commence the development.
The steps to create an app depend on the app type you want to convert. In many cases, converting an app from one platform to another is quite similar to building a single Android app; hence you shouldn’t expect it to finish in a week. It takes around 1-6 months to convert any simple iOS app to Android, depending on the app complexities, frameworks, features, and design.
It includes features & material design alteration by building Android-specific UX and functionality, monetization tools, and setting up the back-end.
3. App Testing & Releasing
app testing and releasing
Quality assurance is extremely crucial to convert an iOS app to an Android app and vice versa. You can utilize real Android phones or emulation tools for testing; well, that depends on the app development company’s practices you have hired for your conversion requirements.
Besides, you can even go with various kinds of mobile app testing, including user acceptance testing, validation, beta testing, and load testing. After everything looks good, you can submit the app to the Google Play Store and begin marketing your app.
There are the steps that a professional mobile app development company will follow to convert an iOS app to Android. Instead of opting for any ready-made tool or converters, you can discuss your app architecture with any skilled developer team and get the right solution.
Cost of Conversion
The approx cost of converting the iOS to Android app is $6000 to $20K for the basic feature app. It even depends on several other factors like the app type, features, location, complexities, etc.
Conversion Challenges
Converting an iOS app to Android isn’t the most effortless thing, after all. During the process, you might experience tons of different challenges.
Building an Android app based on iOS UI for multiple screen sizes is undoubtedly one of the biggest and the most common challenges developers face while converting an app. When it comes to iOS, devices have specific screen sizes, and thus, developers choose multiple bitmap sizes based on the device. On the other hand, Android apps can work across multiple devices, meaning many different screens.
Moreover, Apple devices have fewer differences in screen sizes than Android. This is because Apple devices are developed only by Apple, whereas 100s of companies manufacture android phones, each has unique specifications & screen sizes.
There are benefits and quite a few challenges for converting your app. However, the benefits outweigh the challenges, and you should absolutely go for conversion if your app is doing well on the iOS platform. If you are all prepared to convert, this is the right time to begin with, the best app development company.
Hope that this blog answers all your questions; if not, you can contact us and share your concerns.
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