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app development tips
Sometimes when a mobile app falls short of the owner’s expectation, it is the fault of the owner but it is often blamed on the mobile app development company that handled the job. Unfortunately, customers are always right. Here is how mobile app development companies can develop apps that will always impress their clients.
Know exactly what your client wants
The biggest challenge mobile app development companies face is that some of them do not know exactly what they want but they sure know what they don’t want. So, they may find it difficult to explain what they want but they won’t mince words when condemning what they don’t want. They will eventually blame the mobile app development company that developed the app.
So, as a mobile development company, it is important that you take the time to understand exactly what your client wants. They often give a vague description of the kind of app they want and instead of assuming you know exactly what they want, take the time to ask a lot of questions. It is also necessary to understand their business and business processes. This will make it easier for you to understand where they are coming from and where they are going to.
Carry them along in every stage of the development
It is important to carry your clients along in every stage of the development of their app. While it may be a good idea to include additional functionalities, it is important that you seek their views before you implement it. What you think will excite clients may sometimes not. So, for each of the additional functionalities, explain why you think you should include it and why you think the client needs it. They may say you should go ahead or they may object it. 
If they object it, don’t let it bother you. They are the ones paying the bill here. So, their views supersede yours. However, there are some functionalities that they won’t object. You will find some of them here in this article.
Integrate the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology
amp technology
One of the factors that make or break an organization is the loading speed of their mobile app. People are generally impatient and will not wait for long before they move on. In fact, do you even realize that up to 20 percent of users of your app can drop off with just about 3 seconds delay in the loading of a page? 
So, it is your responsibility to boost the conversion rate of your clients’ mobile apps by speeding up the load time of their app with AMP
Consider chatbots
Due to customers’ impatience, they are often impressed to get an instant response to their enquiry. In fact, a particular study reveals that giving a prospective customer an instant response to his enquiry will raise his chances of patronizing your brand by about 65 percent. 
So, to ensure that customers’ questions are quickly answered, chatbots are being used. The bots will always be available on websites and mobile apps to give instant response to enquiry. Integrate chatbots into your clients’ apps. They just have to ensure that the bots are fed with a huge database of answers to all the questions relevant to their business that customers may likely ask. 
However, you also need to understand that once in a while, a question that bots cannot answer will pop up. That should not be a problem. When a customer asks any question that bots do not have any answer to, the bots will just display the customer care number to call. In addition, they will also send the question to backend so that their database will be updated with answers of the questions. That way, the bots will be able to answer the questions should other customers ask the same questions. This is even related to the next tip.
Make phone numbers clickable links
It is also a good idea to make the phone numbers of your clients clickable links on their apps. That way, when a customer needs to call the number, he won’t need to leave the app and move to the dial pad on his phone. He only needs to tap the phone number on the app and a call is initiated to the number. 
This offers convenience. In case a chatbot displays a number to call, the customer just needs to tap the number and a call is initiated straightaway. 
Simple design
simple design
If you think your client’s app design is too clumsy and may be difficult for users to understand, it is your duty to call their attention to it and also help simplify it. It takes users less than 10 seconds to decide either to dig deep into an app or leave it immediately. It will be too bad to bring traffic to a mobile app with different SEO and ASO technologies only to turn them back with hard-to-understand app layout. 
Even if you implement the design that your clients want, when they eventually find out that the problem with their apps is the design of their apps, they will blame you for it even if it is their idea. And you know what? They are justified. By virtue of your experience and proficiency in mobile app development, it is your duty to see far ahead and advise them. Often times, less is more.
Consider scalability
The dream of every organization is to grow, expand, and may be diversify into other kinds of businesses. So, it is important that you make room for such growth in the design of their mobile app. That way, it will be easier for you to tweak the app as their organizations grow. 
The world is shifting towards “Mobile Pay”
Due to the convenience involved, a lot of smartphone users now may prefer to carry out financial transactions on mobile platforms. So, you should integrate at least one of Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay into your clients’ mobile apps. 
By applying all the tips above, you will always develop apps that your customers will like. 

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