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Amazing Kotlin Features To Enhance Your Android App Development Process

App Development

Apr 2021
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amazing kotlin features to enhance your android app development process
In 2017, Google declared the new support of Kotlin programming language for Android, besides existing languages C++ and Java. Also, Kotlin's growth level has already entered a new dimension. The no. of android developers are learning & shifting to Kotlin increasingly. According to Google, more than half of top android app developers 2021 use Kotlin to build their Android apps. It is one of the most liked programming languages globally.
Moreover, it is expected that Kotlin might even change how Java is used on the server. Meaning, soon, android app developers without having the Kotlin programming knowledge will have to learn to embrace it to deliver a great user experience. There are several useful Kotlin features in Android, and we will discuss the same in this blog to help you enhance your android app development process.
Useful Kotlin Features
Before getting to those features, keep in mind that these focus specifically on using context and Android app development. Hence, you should be familiar with using android studio from Jetbrains.
1. Kotlin Is Open-source
The very first thing you must know about Kotlin is that it's an open-source programming language. Besides being open-source, Kotlin also renders a single-click tool using which app developers can convert current Java code. And if you are a new Android app developer new to Kotlin and keen to learn it from scratch, we suggest starting with a beginner course available on Udacity & Udemy. These courses will help you sharpen your skills.
2. Kotlin Supports Full Java Interoperability
kotlin supports full java interoperability
One of the significant and best features of Android Kotlin is its intense interoperability with Java. This is what appealed to several developers and android app developers to learn Kotlin. It runs on JVM and also supports Java libraries & tools, offering full Java interoperability. Both the languages coexist, making it easier for app developers to be efficient. App developers can easily assemble one android project in both languages with this function. This will enable app developers to switch the programming language rather than changing the code. It will even save them time to build more android apps.
3. Kotlin Follows Lazy Loading Feature
The lazy loading feature boosts the startup time, which is super helpful while using it for android development. To put it simply, it's the best solution for all app developers who want to prevent their android app startup time from displaying their app's content quicker. Using this feature, android developers can load the only resources into primary memory, which are essential.
4. Data Classes In Kotlin
The need for a class is always debated by programming language makers. Usually, a data class in Java includes too much boilerplate code that app developers have to skip to discover that code's actual use. Kotlin allows android app developers to write the equivalent of the same Java code simply and with lesser code. Thus, the data classes in Kotlin are also known to be one of the helpful features.
5. Collection Filtering
While working with API, app developers need to manage collections quite often. However, using Kotlin's collection filtering feature, it's simpler to tell what your resulting list should include.
6. Extension Functions
Kotlin language's extensions are beneficial as they permit app developers to add methods to classes without modifying the source code. In Kotlin, you can include methods on a per-user basis to classes. Kotlin extensions avoid the need to have utility methods or categories, which can enhance your code's readability dramatically.
7. Prevents Crashes At Runtime
This is the most advanced feature, where it is simple to recognize the NullPointerException while assembling your android app development project. This will guarantee that every variable works as a non-null and helps prevent the no. of crashes at runtime.
8. Smart Cast Function
From an app developer's viewpoint, it's one of the best features as it effectively prevents the app's speed and concentrates on enhancing the app's performance. The primary work of the smart cast function is to recognize the function type. This will perform all operations that are coded for a particular style and even improve the coding efficiency. With smart cast function, you can easily count the length, copy, and execute other tasks on the string type.
9. Low Cost
This is one of the reasons why Kotlin is on every entrepreneur's top list. Kotlin is the no or low cost of adoption that is related to it for its usage. It's an open-source language, so you don't have to spend over Kotlin for its license. Moreover, if we compare Kotlin with other programming languages, it's easy and fast to learn for app developers.
10. Clean & Compact Syntax
Kotlin is way ahead of Java for syntax and code clarity. Kotlin allows developers to get things done with a few code lines. It's also for the app developers from top mobile app agency to work with less code and Kotlin makes it more trustworthy with fewer bugs and errors. Also, this feature offers an array of advantages like easily readable code, easy maintenance, and easy incorporating changes at needful times.
11. Standard Library Functions
standard library functions
Kotlin offers standard library functions. This is a crucial factor for all android developers to work on an android mobile app development project. You can easily implement higher-order functions with idiomatic patterns, like let, use, apply, and others, with much ease. It even has various utilities to work with char & string sequences. The extension function helps you get query operations for collections & sequences.
The Endnote
These are the top useful features we have compiled to improve the android app development process. These features will indeed give you a head start in your Kotlin Android development process. Yet if you have any queries, you can connect with our Hyperlink team to ask questions, and they are there to help you out.
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