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An Ultimate Guide To Develop An On-Demand Salon App

App Development

Mar 2021
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an ultimate guide to develop an ondemand salon app
The internet is a broad place that includes almost everything that exists in this world. Today, it has become super easy to find any product and service on smartphones. People globally find a way to get these items and services delivered at their fingertips, whether courier delivery, grocery delivery, etc. Speaking of which, there is also a beautician service that you can avail at your doorstep. Every beauty service that exists has transformed with the digital revolution. People are showing interest in getting salon app development services for their business.
The on-demand salon app development services provide businesses access to their close customer base most efficiently. The latest technological advancements and trends have changed the viewpoint of both businesses and users. The beauty & wellness industry is indeed one of the most growing sectors. As per stats, an average woman spends approx. $3756 yearly on different beauty services, which is a big number.
Table Of Contents
- Introduction to on-demand beauty services app
- Why invest in salon service app development: market size & statistics
- How on-demand beauty services apps work?
- Business model types for on-demand salon service app development 
- Essential features in an on-demand salon service app development 
- Advanced features of an on-demand salon service app development
- Required team structure
- Required technology stack
- The estimated cost to develop an on-demand beauty service app
- The Bottom Line
Introduction To On-demand Beauty Services App
Many people find it very hectic in today's busy world to go to the beauty salon for regular services. And the long lineups at these salons make the conditions even harder. Selective clients need a more efficient and effective solution that meticulously serves their beauty services regimen. And this is precisely what an on-demand beauty service app delivers. Such apps allow the users to get the needed salon services at a convenient time and comfortable environment. Brilliant, isn't it?
Due to the unmet needs of the people seeking professional salon services at home, plenty of beauty salon owners have also started to invest in an on-demand beauty service app. These apps help clients get convenience, and the business receives a massive revenue stream.
If you seek to grow your business with an on-demand salon services app, you have come to the correct place. Here, we will discuss the different aspects of a salon and wellness app and recognize the cost estimates of building one.
Why Invest In Salon Service App Development: Market Size & Statistics
The beauty industry is growing worldwide exponentially as beauty brands are continuously seeking to render better alternatives. At present, the global beauty industry is worth more than USD 532 billion and is estimated to reach USD 716.6 billion by 2025. In a lifespan, an average woman spends more than USD 225k on skincare alone. Astonishing, isn't it?
Moreover, due to the increasing demand for salon services and shift to the digital platform, the life of beauty freelancers has become much simpler. The previous year, out of the 1.2 million experts, including hairdressers, stylists, and cosmetologists in the US, around 70 percent began marketing themselves through mobile apps. As per another report, the spa & beauty salon market in 2017 was valued at USD 128.59 billion, and this is projected to reach USD 190.81 million in 2024.
Several beauty experts are seeking to receive benefits from these on-demand beauty services. Investors are looking for a suitable mobile app development company to create the best salon services app. Uber beauty is one of the top on-demand beauty services apps today. These services have altered the way people use beauty-related services. Moreover, BusinessToday states that salon services at home have grown a lot due to the spread of Covid-19.
Revenue Of The Beauty Sector In The US From 2002 - 2020
The statistics mentioned above point towards the gigantic valuation and broad user base of the sector. This implies that there is sufficient potential for many on-demand beauty service providers to coexist and succeed. Understanding this massive potential, many investors have come ahead and funded popular beauty services. A clear instance of this is GlamSquad, a New York-based startup that received a whopping investment amount.
How On-demand Beauty Services Apps Work?
how ondemand beauty services apps work
On-demand beauty services apps work just like Uber, but for providing beauty services. After an app user installs the app, they can easily book a local stylist from the listed options inside the app. After the booking is confirmed, a stylist will visit the place at the selected time and perform the services mentioned as per the user's needs. This is a basic on-demand salon services app that allows users to get their beauty treatments done in their comfort zone.
Building Apps For The Beauty Sector
The various services that can be extended within the beauty sector include but are not confined to:
- Beauty services at home
- Beauty products home delivery
- Hiring beauty experts for an event
- Skincare & wellness services at home
- Scheduling booking for beauty salons
Business Model Types For On-demand Salon Service App Development
Self-Owned Or Dedicated Model
Self-owned apps are developed by a famous beauty brand or an established salon to grow their business locally. These apps enable the service providers to make potential clients aware of their offerings & improve the online presence of their business. Whenever a booking is made, it is straight routed to the app owner's salon or spa. Later, they assign an expert to visit the client's home and render the service.
Aggregator Beauty Service App
These apps bring in all makeup artists, hairdressers, salons, and freelancer beauticians under one roof. If you build an aggregator app, you need to collaborate with the beauty spa & salon services in your area. In these apps, the income is generated by charging a fee or commission in each transaction.
Essential Features Of An On-demand Beauty Services App
essential features of an ondemand beauty service app
1. User Panel
With the user panel in salon app development, one can easily cope with any circumstances by just booking with the requested salon & receiving their services at the doorstep. To put it simply, this section of the app is used by the clients to schedule appointments with salons or beauticians. Just like an app that offers home services, the clients can use this panel to reach, recruit, track, and review the experts.
- Chat & Alert: This feature allows app users to start chatting with the salons or beauticians they booked. It even notifies the user about any text or notification from the salon.
- Appointment Booking: This feature can help users who want to pre-book any service regardless of the time gap. App users can pre-book a service a few hours or a few days ahead of time.
- Appointment Booking/Cancellation: App users can book their appointments with the beautician or salon at any time as per their convenience. They can even cancel their appointments if they aren't free at that time.
- In-App Payments: Integrating a standard payment method into the app has proven to be a significant benefit for app users. Users can make payments using any way they want, including net banking, online payment, cash on delivery, plastic cards, etc.
- Real-Time Tracking: Users can use this feature to track their salon services while they are on their way.
- User Profile: Users should be able to create & manage their profiles easily. There shouldn't be a hefty amount of details asked from them in their profile. They can even include their personal information in the app, such as contact details, address, etc.
- Rating & Feedback: Users should be able to provide their feedback and reviews about the services rendered to them. They can also rate beauty professionals or salons as per their experience.
- History information: The app should show the past bookings to the respective users if they want to compare prices with another service or repeat the same services.
- Advanced Search: Users should be able to use the advanced search feature to know which beautician would be suitable for them as per their needs.
- Cost Estimates: The salon app development services should provide the feature to estimate the overall cost while choosing all the services they require. This overall cost should include the cost of services selected, beautician fee & cost for commuting the respective distance.
2. Beautician/Salon Panel
Beauticians or salons use this panel. This is the place to know who hires them and what services the client needs. This panel can even be used for earning and growing the salon business or beauty professionals.
- Availability: Experts can use this feature to display their availability. They can show the availability of toggles in case they are occupied with other customers or are free to deliver any services.
- Profile Management: Beauticians can create & manage their profiles in the app. They can show various details about themselves, including the expertise field, price range, and so forth.
- View Ratings & Feedback: Salon stores & experts should be able to see the feedback and ratings given to them by the app users to improve their service in the future.
- Commission Report: The salon app development works on the commission basis that the beauticians make each day. This commission report will portray the details about the commissions gained for financial management.
- In-App Navigation: The GPS feature should be integrated into the app to allow tracking functionality. This enables the experts to reach the client's location through the most optimized route.
- Approve/Disapprove Request: The beauty professionals should be able to approve or disapprove any booking as per their availability. If they are busy with another client currently, they can reject the request of the other customer, and it shall be passed on to another beautician.
- Earnings: Beauticians should be able to manage & keep track of their income.
3. Admin Panel
The Admin panel is the primary dashboard of the beauty services app. The android app agency you recruit for salon app development should be able to develop the most successful admin panel that works for your salon app services. The app's owner manages it. The app owner can integrate other apps with the salon app and the people using them. They can also make any alterations needed in the app and include new things to it.
- Verified Profiles: The beauticians & the salons in the app should get their profile validated by the administrator. This will give app users a sense of security while using their services.
- God's Eye View: The administrator should have full access to the operations being performed in the salon app development service. This will guarantee improved management.
- User Support: The app should have the feature of delivering customer support to help the users with any query or request at any time.
- Adjust Service Provider's Range: The admin can adjust a proximity range for every beauty professional for accepting any service requests. Meaning, that when a user requests any service, the beautician close to his/her location will accept it.
- Advanced Reports: The advanced reports will enable the admin to supervise multiple sectors of the business & assess if more marketing is required to grow the business. It even gives us clear ideas for the business plan.
- Advanced Analytics: The analytics will permit the admin to monitor the clients & beauticians.
Advanced Features Of An On-demand Salon Service App Development
- Social Signup/Login: A social signup option lets users quickly sign up for your salon app using any of their social media accounts. A straightforward, quick, and attractive signup page is an essential tool for earning customer loyalty.
- Push Notifications: This keeps the app users updated and informed. For example, the service providers can interact with the users by sending them beauty tips, festive discounts, offers, details on advanced products, etc. Service providers can also get alerts about essential tasks like new users, booking confirmation, payment confirmation, and more.
- Service Rating & Review:  This is a great feature that allows the users to look at the ratings and feedback of every service, product, or salon before booking it. This enables successful decision-making. Users can also leave detailed reviews or comments about the service providers after getting their services.
- In-app Chat with Service Providers: In-app chats help users to connect with the stylists, makeup artists, and beauty professionals through messaging within the app. They can easily interact and ask their queries about the services.
- In-app Call with No. Masking: The users can make free calls to the providers for any information. But, the calls are made from within the app with full no. masking. Meaning that the actual mobile numbers aren't provided.
- SMS Authentication: This is a powerful function that strengthens the app's security measures. An OTP number is sent to the users' registered email address or phone number to eliminate fraudulent practices. When the beautician reaches the clients' given location or the client reaches the salon, this OTP no. needs to be shared to start the services.
- In-app Navigation: On-demand beauty service apps are integrated with a GPS location identifier. This function allows users to track their service providers' locations in real-time. Apart from this, the tracking screen even records & shows the estimated ETA of the provider. This helps maintain complete security.
- PIP Mode Tracking: Picture in picture (PIP) mode helps the users track the beautician or stylist appointments in real-time.
- Upload Video Portfolio: The stylists and makeup artists can upload live hairstyling or makeup videos using this feature. Seeing these videos, the users can process the service quality provided by the beauty professional and make the best choice.
- Effective CRM: CRM is essential in managing customers. With an efficient CRM in place, the app owners can resolve all the user queries and provide an enhanced experience super fast.
- Efficient Content Management System (CMS): CMS helps manage all the app content. For example, service providers can easily update info about their services, salon, operating hours, contact information, addresses, etc. Likewise, the admin can maintain a style blog, where they input content on the recent beauty trends, makeup hacks, top-selling products, etc.
- Real-time Analytics and Dashboard: A fantastic salon service app is integrated with a sound analytics dashboard. Here, the admin can see detailed info on essential business metrics like the user acquisition rate, no. of users, retention rate, e-store no., and whatnot. It is an essential feature as it helps the admin keep an eye on its performance.
- Multiple Mobile Wallet Integration: By integrating various payment options into the app, you can allow app users to make fast and hassle-free payments from their desired payment mode. They can use multiple mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay to schedule appointments and pay for the services.
- Marketing and Promotion Tools: Marketing is an essential component of every business. A salon service app integrates marketing tools like email, text, call, coupons, etc., to send special discounts and offers to the users and convince them to use the app.
Required Team Structure
For developing a feature-rich and high-performing app, you must hire an experienced app development team. Ensure the team includes different experts like UI/UX designers, testers, developers, project managers, and quality assurance analysts. An adept team with knowledge of all the latest frameworks, tools, and technologies can offer you a unique solution that addresses your users' pain points.
Required Tech Stack
Selecting a powerful technological stack is essential to develop a successful app. Such an app requires us to comply with all quality standards & deliver optimized performance to stand out from the rest. Thus, ensure to choose a mobile app development company that works with the below tools & frameworks:
- Real-time app analytics: BigData, Cisco, Hadoop, Spark, Apache, IBM
- Data management: Datastax
- Payment gateway: Stripe
- In-app chat: QuickBlox Chat
- Push notifications: Firebase cloud messaging, Apple push notifications
- Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase
- Cloud environment: Google & AWS
- Voice, SMS, and phone verification: Sinch, Twilio, Nexmo
The Estimated Cost To Develop An On-demand Beauty Service App
the estimated cost to develop an ondemand beauty service app
There is no straight answer to this. The exact app development cost depends on a vast range of factors like features, app complexity level, back-end, 3-rd party integrations, UI/UX needs, etc. All these factors must be considered to ascertain the time taken to finish the beauty service app development. Let's look at a few factors that directly affect the app development timeline and budget.
Operating Platform
Building a native app for both the platform, i.e., iOS & Android, will result in more time, effort, cost, resources.
The Number Of Screens
An app with plenty of functionalities & more screens means that the app developers have to pitch in a lot of time in creating the app.
Design Complexity
If you want a novel design that can instantly captivate user attention, you will definitely have to pay a higher price.
Device Types
If you need the app to function smoothly across all iOS and Android devices, such as the desktop, tablet, smartphones, etc., you require paying a higher price. Making the app flexible to different resolutions & screen sizes needs much effort.
3rd-party Integration
3-rd party integrations to improve the app's functionality will also boost its development cost.
Besides, the location of the app development company directly impacts the overall cost. Most customers find India to be the most feasible location for outsourcing mobile app development needs. Since in India, the labor cost is around $20 - $70/hour, which is very low compared to other nations like the USA & Europe, where it ranges between $50 - $250/hour.
The Bottom Line
If you want to grow your brand outreach or just create a stable revenue stream, investing in an on-demand salon services app is a fantastic idea. This awesome app offers extreme comfort to the users who no longer want to step out of their homes to find salon services and avail of great discounts & offers. Therefore, connect with an esteemed mobile app development company and instantly create your own on-demand salon services app.
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