Android App Development : An Essential Part for Startups and Emerging Entrepreneurs!

android app development

Android being open source by its nature, it is one of the paramount choices for majority startups and emerging entrepreneurs to augment their business opportunities across the globe and thereby increasing their visibility, brand awareness and business in quite a minimalistic approach.“


Today, mobile is one of the biggest towers of strength in business and society. Technological innovations into smartphones are the biggest reason for simplicity and smoothness in our daily life and schedule. Online business is shifting its way from website to mobile and why not? Smartphone device is one of the best alternatives for end users to compare, buy, search and order. The simple scroll, easy navigation, and alluring UI are some of the strong reasons that have allowed mobile apps to make its way ahead of websites.


If we talk about India's statistic, the ratio of young generation is way higher for mobile application usage. Let's face it – Android and iOS are the two major platforms where majority mobile application are developed and deployed. According to the global score, the smartphone market grows by 10% to 13% every year. Android dominates the smartphone market with a share of nearly 85%, giving high and hard competition to other OS based smartphones to survive and maintain its existence.


What makes Startups, emerging Entrepreneurs, and small business attracted towards android platform?

Reasons are quite simple:


•Android is open source by nature.

•One of the paramount choice for developers due to its open source nature and market visibility.

•As startups and small business have the limited budget to get optimum output, it is one of the biggest reason behind android being prioritized as the first development platforms.


How can Android App Development help startups and emerging entrepreneurs to gang up on visibility across the globe?


1. Huge Opportunities:

As per the study, millions of application are downloaded from the play store by users. It clearly indicates that audience are are looking for more innovative and problem-solving apps to fulfill their requirements in a faster way. The majority of the business hire android app developers to develop an app as per their business needs and requirements. If startups companies focus on android app development by proper implementation of resources and exhibit their innovations and ideas into amazing apps then, it will increase ample business opportunities in the market to be served.


2. Easy Entryway in Market:

As we know, startups are always facing a shortage of capital. So, choosing android as its development platform will reduce license fee as compared to iOS. Moreover, a yearly license fee of android is quite low as compared ti iOS. So, its bit easy to enter into app market with low on-hand capital.


3. Increased ROI:

As we know, startups are always restrained with the capital budget. As android is open source, developers have free access to SDK and development tools for free. So, it cuts down development cost till the greater extent. Moreover, there are large numbers of android developers available in market having wide experience, skills and updated knowledge regarding trends and latest on-goings. Resources and marketing are the points where business need to invest maximum. So, if proper planning and strategy are implemented then, optimum business opportunities can be availed from the app that indirectly augments your brand and business.


4. Featured Application:

Android app development platform leverages easy in-house customization to make your application more dynamic. The development tools and open source code libraries make application interactive and feature rich. More features an app offers along with impressive UI, more it would be downloaded from customers.


5. Availability of Resources:

Not just development tools and SDK, skilled and technically expert developers are easily available in the market. Even in the case of loss, replacements are not that hard to find out.


6. Wide User Reach:

There are a huge number of Android users spread all over the world and Google Play Store have millions of apps to satisfy the need of those people. If your business is solving huge problems faced by millions, then there is no doubt that your app is going to band on across the globe.


Ending Notes:

Mobile app startups & entrepreneurs are restrained with limited budget and resources, which needs to be used strategically in order to gain maximum output. Hence, Android platform is one of the best platforms to develop and maintain app and its quality. Hyperlink Infosystem house experienced development team that not only scrutinize your app idea but, conduct deep market research to get maximum result in minimum time frame. They have worked with majority startups and individuals to leverage them best industry solution in quite cost effective way. Drop us your words and our team will get back to you soon. Contact us for more details and information.


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