Another attempt of technology to make people together: Android N- its even better!

android n

The first Android N developer show is now out and it provides us a sneak peek into what Android 7.0 will ultimately look like when it come officially later this year.


These names are general with the difference of KitKat, which, of course, is a brand.






Hiroshi Lockheimer, Chrome OS, SVP Android and Chromecast at Google mentioned in a Medium post that the following version of Android could be named after the different brand of confectionery, specifically Nutella.


Of course, app developers shows quite frequently contain features that won’t do it to the ultimate release, but there is still a lot to get excited about it.


Here are a collections of them for your benefit!


Multiple window support:




With the most expected and hugely requested advantage is the multiple window support.


Among Android N, users will be able for start and manage multiple applications directly next to any other. It will also be probable to move one item from one application on the different.


For example, if you are browsing photos you may be ready to drag it direct to your Facebook application to upload.


Direct reply and stacks:







Android N will also support the capability to reply to notifications straightly from the signal rather of opening into the Application.


By just touching on Reply from the notification will taking up the keyboard and give the chance to reply in-line.


Picture in picture mode:




The version N will allow picture-in-picture support, where the users will be ready to minimize the video in order to attend other activities.


Your application can give a way for users to line up new content while they see a video.

The video remains playing in PIP form while the central screen presents a content selection activity- Google tells to developers.


Excellent with them all is a different way of toggling for fast settings like Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.


They look to be developing as a little row of icons at the top of the information shade related to how Samsung has made it in TouchWiz.


Doze improvements:






Android N’s battery storing feature is becoming developed.


Rather of turning down the power consuming features when the battery life is very low, it will quickly do it anytime the screen is gone.


When your phone is sleeping still, it will enter a long hibernation mode, delaying network and another activity to broadly spaced-out maintenance glasses before slipping back to sleep.


Google is also going on how applications work in the background that is the big drain on a user’s battery life. So, Battery life should be getting better soon.



The night mode:







Google had a Night Mode advantage in Android Marshmallow shows, which was released when the main OS arrived last year.


Though, now the advantage is back in Android N and for the excellent.


Users will be able to begin the mode automatically by time or location with an automatic threatening of display light. Additionally, there is also a system-wide Dark Mode and all these advantages can be utilized the direction the user needs.


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