Apple brings into view App Analytics for App-store

Apple brings into view App Analytics for App-store

Check up on  Apple’s brand new digs!



Apple just rolled out it’s App Analytics feature to everyone and surmise what…


Developers adored it!


What it means for you application network?


Well for the first string you have got permit to access huge bulks of data straight way in your iTunes account.


Apple pledged a new analytics app which can monitor your app execution inside App store to help it to provide deeper

understandings about what is working and where improvements are needed for better performance & success.


But with the commencement of App Analytics some of the developers got pop-up that launch of 'App Analytics Beta' can pre-fill Apple's

promises by showing how many customers have opened app in store, checking of In-app sales, initiating Campaign links resulting in

marketing campaigns, frequency of opened apps by users, Sales ratio of app and pretty more.




Follow up to get an idea of what you've been missing out and how this numbers prove to be a game changer for your apps and remuneration.


App Outline


It shows all the data at one place which is easy to view and analyze.


App Analytics carts you with user metrics that includes live session counts, total active devices and hold.


You can also experience modifications like change of on board experience.


Apple also facilitates you by tracking user info by device specification.


App Analytics Metrics


Here you get the crack-up of all the major data for sales and its relevant Usage.


However, Metrics section is quite alike old Apple data but with little twist & turn. But still Apple is missing out the crucial part of data that can be easily tracked through third- party floors like App Annie & Flurry.


The one feature that makes App Analytics Cool is the Compare To feature of Apple where data can be contrasted with vivid things as of App

Units, Sales, In-App Purchases,App Store Views and pretty more.


Let's imagine that i have Candy Crush app and i want to analyze that how many In-App purchases of app till 500 live sessions

is pretty much easier with Compare To feature.


App Analytics Sources


Have you ever thought what % of users are switching from outside App store like of Facebook , Yahoo etc or maybe you have made a Freaking

awesome web app that throw back traffic to your app.


Don't you feel oddity to know no of people INDEED are shifted over from your main page?

If all these are your questions the Problem solved.


Now you can visualize which marketing channels are driving biggest traffic, download stats , usage history & revenue of app.


Now you can see which organic advertising channels drive the highest traffic, downloads, usage, and revenue for your app.


You will be stunned to ascertain who else is advertising your app & websites publishing reviews.



App Analytics Retention




Apple is the only one that hold up Exactness in download Counting.


Though some of the services like Sensor Tower , Appfigures , App anie are freaking mind blowing but for the Exact Figures you gotta go

straight away to Apple.


According to me, what makes this app more interesting is the Day 1 Retention.It identifies the % of users using the app once after the initial

installation of app.


If people fail to open up your app for the very 1,2 or 3rd day due to poor campaign (can be one of the reason Of Course) then you are blown

away. One should keep its % by 50%.

Apple takes care of # devices that are active upto 28 days after first installation. One can filter Retention data through Platform, Region, Website/Campaign, App Version etc.

In conclusion…


Bravo Apple.


Golf clap.


I’m a great fan of the new App Analytics purity and the table turning data that is brought in vision. This is crucial stuff particularly for launches

and updates.

Remember money doesn’t inflow overnight. But by crushing some numbers and putting in a little endeavor, your apps can turn from shreds to

substance very quickly and this is what Hyperlink Infosystem does it for you.It's the only company for app development India that holds

up expertism in organic marketing that can high-hat your analytics number sensex.

Keep bustling!

Drop a quote to part your decisions and opinions with Apple’s new Analytics Splasher...!


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