Artificial Intelligence For The Improvement Of Cybersecurity

artificial intelligence for the improvement of cybersecurity
How will the processes of the cybersecurity of companies and users change Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Is there a real threat of new cyberattacks that rely on AI?
Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity – a solution or a threat?
The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems will be a key element for the digital transformation of companies and our daily relationship with new technologies. Many people have already learned about what Artificial Intelligence is and how it is already present in many of our daily actions on the Internet, or of its application for companies (chatbots), in educational matters or for job search.
What is the role of AI in security in a world where cyber-attacks already affect the global scale (the last example is the attack with the Petya virus, registered a month and a half after the Wannacry). The role of Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity appears to be important to experts, although it can also pose a threat to the creation of new viruses and threats.
According to the report by the Gartner consultancy, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems for cybersecurity will force a change in architecture, tools, and services that will be supported by Mesh App and Service Architecture (MASA) systems, that is, solutions that combine mobile, online and desktop devices.
On the other side, experts also warn of the possible uses of Artificial Intelligence against cybersecurity. How? Through the improvement of massive and automated attacks with bots, or emails that supplant the identity of our contacts, or even with much more sophisticated malicious programs that will 'learn' from user reactions and security systems to do much more harm. We enter, according to experts, the era of 'smart malware.'
Artificial Intelligence Systems for cybersecurity
With these predictions, what is clear is that, for better or worse, Artificial Intelligence will play a leading role in the most immediate future of computer security both for communications and for the protection of personal and business data or for the new payment systems and solutions related to the Digital Economy (Fintech).
What are the short-term trends of Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity? Expert opinions point to:
* Cyber-attack prediction and prevention systems thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence systems for cybersecurity that take advantage of the full potential of Big Data to interpret millions of data in a matter of seconds.
* Machine Learning applied to cybersecurity to teach programs to detect if the behavior of a computer is normal or if, on the contrary, it shows signs of malware infection.
* Artificial Intelligence Solutions that put an end to the insecurity of the Internet of Things devices and prevent the spread of malware attacks on specific networks of connected objects.
* Artificial Intelligence Systems for cybersecurity that promote total automation of the security processes and protocols of any company or organization and that complete security audits in minimum time.
* Artificial Intelligence Systems for cybersecurity that are capable of interpreting millions of messages on social networks and identifying malicious or false content.
* Machine learning to generate flexible cybersecurity systems and adapted to all types of devices and tools that are capable of identifying and adapting to the changes of 'intelligent malware.'
* Artificial Intelligence Systems that are capable of shielding the transactions of banks and individuals and that shield the new Fintech initiatives related to blockchain.
What Artificial Intelligence systems for cybersecurity are already tested?
Artificial Intelligence is not the future but the present. Regarding cybersecurity, AI solutions are already being developed that promote a new concept of protection against a new type of threat that, surely, we will begin to hear about in a short space of time. These are some of these Artificial Intelligence initiatives for cybersecurity:
- Intent-Based Network Security or IBNS. It is a technology that is already being tested, and that will allow Artificial Intelligence systems to monitor the total network to identify and prevent possible threats and adapt to changes in smart malware.
- Facebook Artificial Intelligence Systems that allow the recognition and interpretation of messages published on the social network and that, at the moment, are already being used to anticipate possible terrorist attacks.
- Artificial Intelligence Platforms for cybersecurity such as AI2 that is able to predict and anticipate 85% of current malware attacks from the analysis of user behavior.
- New tools of security companies such as Darktrace that uses Artificial Intelligence to create immune systems to the current cyber threats and with the capacity to adapt to the changes and new dangers of the network thanks to Machine Learning.
These are just a few examples of Artificial Intelligence systems for cybersecurity that are already underway and that in the coming years will give way to a new model of tools and programs to combat a new type of cyber threats that, quite possibly, will also use AI to spread.

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