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Augmented Reality (AR) Is Fostering The Mobile App Development Scope

App Development

Apr 2021
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augmented reality ar is fostering the mobile app development scope
Mobile app development has a vast scope for the latest technologies such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain, and others. Of which, our main focus will be on augmented reality in this blog. AR is an incredible technology that can transform the smartphone world with its superior functionalities in mobile apps.
AR is increasing these days enormously, especially in the light of Covid-19; it has been of immense help in the mental health field, given that there are quite a few AR mobile apps to help people with a mental health condition. Other than that, several augmented reality app development companies create AR gadgets for various sectors such as media, entertainment, eCommerce, healthcare, fashion, etc.
AR apps are evolving with the changing business trends and conduct. AR apps have enabled people to view products better than before and interact with business reps more effectively through smartphones.
Topics To Cover:
- What is AR?
- How is AR fostering the growth of mobile app development?
- How much does AR app development cost?
- AR to go a long way ahead
What Is AR?
AR is a digital experience where experts combine users' physical world with visual elements, sensors, sound via advanced technology. The AR era is swiftly growing among mobile app development companies. AR & VR are often confused, but both are not the same. AR is facilitating app developers & companies to sync digital information in the physical world in mobile apps.
The world-famous Pokemon Go is the best example to show how it quickly caught the world's attention due to creating a gaming app that is combined with the virtual & physical world. The use of AR tech in this game app got 900 million installs initially and made USD 1.2 billion in revenue.
How Is AR Fostering The Growth Of Mobile App Development?
Let's look at how AR mobile apps are revolutionizing customer experience and businesses.
1. Boosts Brand Awareness
boosts brand awareness
AR tech is helping businesses to boost brand awareness. AR apps help companies gain a competitive advantage to attract more customers.
2. Enhancing The In-store Experience
AR mobile apps feature products in actual size in virtual fitting rooms, giving customers a virtual in-store experience. AR mobile apps enable users to try on clothes by using virtual trial rooms, saving time. AR apps can also allow the stores to display more inventory than they can physically manage. Sephora, Converse, H&M are a few examples of brands using AR apps.
3. Location-based AR Apps
Location-based AR apps utilize the geolocation data in smartphones to render the information of a specific location. Location-based AR apps offer users an immersive city tour or discover where they parked their car nearby.
4. Improving Online Buying Experience
Customers mostly look for demo videos before they decide to purchase the same product. AR apps enable brands to offer visualization & configuration of their item in the physical world. This will help eliminate the chances of doubt & abandoned shopping carts.
5. Social Media App
Musical.ly & Snapchat are the biggest hits for those apps that use AR. With people spending more time on their smartphones and seeking interesting apps, mobile app creators can develop a unique social media app using AR tech to assure user engagement and app success.
6. Innovation eLearning Experience
innovation elearning experience
The education industry will indeed benefit from AR tech. AR apps can make online education or eLearning effective & creative. The teaching professionals can use animations or visual graphics in real-time while communicating with their students. This innovation in the academics sector can genuinely transform the learning experience. Chromville Science and ZooBurst are two popular AR apps.
7. Real Estate
The real estate sector is reaping the maximum benefit of AR business apps. Real estate agents and realtors are using the AR app to sell property benefits. AR is incorporated in the mobile app to offer potential tenants or buyers a 3D experience of the house or apartment.
How Much Does AR App Development Cost?
After understanding the scope of augmented reality in the mobile app world, it's now essential to learn the cost estimate to build an AR app.
The cost of AR mobile app development depends primarily on 3 factors:
- Information: The information an app user is supposed to receive
- Method: How will you render this solution
- Location: Where AR app should be used
The technology helping augmented reality apps define a specific location or place encompasses location tracking, 2D/3D photo tracking & matching, compass, face recognition, gyroscope, Simultaneous localization & mapping (SLAM), and accelerometer. The AR info includes 3D model and animation gesture detection, primarily in the picture, video, audio, and text formats.
Several tools are available for augmented reality app development. iOS app development agencies may charge you based on the Apple device type you want to build the app for, such as Mac, iPad, or iPhone.
AR To Go A Long Way Ahead!
Consumers are using augmented reality more than ever before. Companies are reaping the advantage of AR being a growing tech. AR is helping mobile app development agencies and enterprises to take user experience to the next level. Apple & Google are already holding a solid place in this market and embrace the benefits of AR. Users are also expecting more businesses to render incredible AR apps to make their life more comfortable.
Do you also have great ideas for developing an AR app? If yes, that's fabulous! Since this is the right time to build an AR mobile app considering the pandemic situation and growing demands of the consumers. This will ultimately boost your business revenues and help you expand your wings. But, you need to outsource a reputed and experienced mobile app agency for the same, using the latest technologies and rendering fantastic customer service. You can get in touch with our team and share your unique ideas for the same!
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