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Best Alternate Reality Game of the Year - PoKemon GO

Game Development

Jul 2016
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Years after the fashion appeared to die out Pokémon is suddenly the communicate of the Internet, but what is Pokémon GO as well as how do you play it? Everything we are sharing here. You probably have lots of questions about Pokémon GO like what it is, how it works & how it managed to grow a global event within the space of some hours.

So our Indian app developers were examining whole game and now they are able to develop this type of excellent game additionally, they tries to explain all, for both those that have already started playing and those that have not a hint what all this is about. Let's go.


Know what exactly is Pokemon go?

Pokemon GO is a free iOS as well as Android app where you get and fight Pokemon. But alternately of your character walking around in the game, you have to actually move around to actual world locations, looking for Pokemon.

Your phone will notify you when one is nearby by vibrating, and then when you point the camera at where they should be you will see them superimposed above a view of what you are looking at. And this is related to as augmented reality while you can also play the game in boring traditional normal mode.


Where you can play Pokemon Go!

Actual answer of this question is "everywhere." Pokemon and some useful objects are found in actual-world locations & to get them you have to actually move your body as well as your phone to them. Various types of Pokemon are found in different locations, thus if you want a well-balanced group you require to get out of your comfort position.


Let's know how to get started Pokemon Go!

First Download the app to your IOS or Android Phone and start it. You're given the choices for sign up by Google, but the privacy-decided might need to skip that option. Alternatively, create a Pokemon Trainer center account. Once it connects you're given some choices to customize the looks of your Pokemon trainer. These are completely cosmetic, so just get a style which you want. After you have achieved your vision, your avatar will be placed on a map that should look much familiar.

So now that you are all set up, it is time to begin catching Pokemon. The game provides you a choice right at the starting of the new starters from the first game—Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur. They're all good pickax, so simply go with the one you like most. If you're picky, although, walk away from the trio 4 time and Pikachu will arrive.


There are some main things to watch for on your in-game map:


The Grass is the point where you'll catch your Pokemon. It is described as green, lightly moving area and your phone will vibrate when there's a Pokemon nearby and you can catch, if you have audio on you will also hear their different sound.


Pokestops are where you can get useful items. They are the rotating blue color cubes. These are typically placed at points of interest, churches, historical markers, and the same. Go to them & swipe over the icon to take a reward, which includes eggs, Pokeballs, potions, and other more items. You can get an item from a different Pokestop once each five minutes. Additionally, you can install Lure Modules at Pokestops.


Gyms are where you can fight other people's Pokemon. They are the large spire-like formations that are beautiful difficult to miss. You won't be capable of a challenge at a Gym till you're at least level of five, neither leave those simply for now.

Player Icon :

Display your level & information about your character. Because you improve in levels by catching Pokemon, destroying them up, evolving them and much more you gain items. The higher your level, the more chance you'll encounter rare and powerful Pokemon.


Displays all of the Pokemon you have individually collected.


This is where your objects are stored.


Shows you all of the Pokemon you are currently taking.


The bottom right bar brings you to a screen to give you Pokemon in your next area.

Some Items:


These are the central consumable of Pokemon Go. You apply these to grab Pokemon in the wild. Opposed to Internet legend, you can not get them back if you miss a shot & immediately touch them—they are gone for good. Because you grow in level, Great Balls & Ultra Balls will start showing up at Pokestops. These potent balls have more winning power.

Razz Berries:

These consumables make wild Pokemon calm down, moving them simple to catch.


Use an Incense to improve the number of free Pokemon you get for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Lure Module:

It is same Like Incense, Lure Modules improve the encounter rate for Pokemon. They are applied at PokeStops, by, and hit all players in the vicinity—not only you.

Potion(Drink) :

Use a Potion to recover health points to your injured Pokemon. More advanced versions—Super Potions & Hyper Potions—become possible as your level rises.


Purchased from Pokestops, these will "hatch" in full-grown Pokemon based on how far away you move with the app open. There are some hints, if: you require to be moving around in the actual world, and you can not be going quicker than 15 miles per hour. When they say move, they mean it.

Egg Incubator:

You require one of these for each egg you are trying to plan concurrently. You get an infinite-use one at level five, but you can more buy incubators that occur after three uses.

Lucky Eggs:

These objects do not hatch. Use them to increase your XP gain for half an hour.

All of these items are kept in your pocket, that begins with a limit of 350. Buying Bag Upgrades allows you to add 50 or more slots at a single time.


Dropped by Pokemon you catch, it's applied to develop your Pokemon & make them stronger. Candy is monster-specific For example, Charmander candy won't run on Ponyta. You can also "move" caught Pokemon that you do not require in exchange for one candy of their type.


This is the microtransaction money of Pokemon Go, bought with actual money & applied to obtain in-game items. You can also earn it from some in-game actions.


Released by Pokemon you catch & gained from other things, it is done to level up your dragons & make them more effective in a fight. Stardust is universal over your menagerie, so you require to think correctly about how best to use it.

Know how Capturing Pokemon:

you get the notification, pick your phone out and you will see an "augmented reality" view of your distance, Applying your phone camera for the background & loading a 3D modeled Pokemon on top. At the bottom of the screen, you will view a Pokeball. Flick the Pokeball at the character to catch it. It is too Simple, right?

There is actually a lot more running on than that. You can get low-level Pokemon through brute force, but for difficult ones you will require to do some more things. First, keep your finger down on the Pokeball and a contracting circle will look on the critter. If it is green, you can apparently catch it, but yellow & red means you are wasting your time.

The size of the circle matters, too—you require to steer the Pokeball in it to succeed, but scoring a shot on a small circle does more damage & increases your winning chance. It can surely take various Pokeballs to obstacle them. Applying the Razz Berry items on more important Pokemon will calm them into complacency & make them easy to catch as well, so keep those for the yellow & reds you find.

Sometimes, irritable Pokemon will break out of the ball after you catch them—you will require throwing another couple balls to close the deal. When you get a Pokemon, you will also be rewarded with Candy & Stardust.


When you are ready to test your Pokemon in a fight and are at least level five, start to a Gym. That's where you squared off with other players, who placed their monster there to defend the grass. The battle system in Pokemon Go appears simple at first sight, but there is really a fair amount of strategy to be found. The primary thing you require to understand is the Union system, the backbone of Pokemon play for the very first game.

Just hitting the opponent trainer does not automatically transfer the Gym to your team, although—you might require of taking down several to drop the "reputation level" enough. Here is a hint: make a friend on the equal team with you, and the two of you can beat the defending Pokemon at the related time for a much simpler win. You can further train your Pokemon at gyms your team controls to get experience.

Choosing a Team:

When you get to level five, you will be inspired to make a selection. The game divides players into 3 units: Red, Blue & Yellow. There are no basic differences between the three but you should take in account some factors since you decide.

Additionally, check the taken gyms in your area. If they are managed by one team, you are going to want to join that team. It is going to get tougher & stronger to flip gyms as control structures fix, and you do not want to be the scrappy defense going up on a well-funded army. Use your social media & sites like Reddit to agree with other team members in your area to expand your influence & get better bonuses.


There have already been various reports of damages received during playing Pokemon Go, from people coming in channels to a group of well-armed robbers jacking people though they are focused on their phones. We know it is hard to view away from that screen, particularly when there might be a Meowth nearby, though you won't be capable of winning many gyms from a clinic bed.

Upcoming Features:

Because with so many online games, what you are playing now is not the final version through any means. The game's new trailer also recommended players fighting each other outside of the Gym, so we would not be shocked if that was in the works as great. Hence that is all you require to know about Pokemon Go. So,Now get out there at taking yourself a Mewtwo. Only do not look under a truck.

So, now hope you got an overall idea what the Pokemon Go is all about. So, are you interested in such mobile game and app development and looking for some app development company to develop such Augmented reality game for you ? If aanswer to all these questions is a great “YES” then your search stops here. We are the ideal choice that fits your demand for such advanced level game development like Pokemon GO. Just have a look at our portfolios & drop us a quote to have a coffee with us as well as discuss the idea for the next big blasting Augmented Reality based game like Pokemon Go!

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