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Best IDEs And Tools For Golang Development

App Development

Mar 2022
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best ides and tools for golang development
Whether it be 2007 or 2022 Golang has its popularity unshaken still to the day. It might not be the most used programming language out there, but many industry leaders such as Google, Uber, DropBox, DailyMotion and many more. There are multiple reasons why they choose Golang as their web development language such as simplicity, small learning curves, speed, support and extensive tooling the platform provides. If this industry leader and advantages inspire you to choose the Golang development programming language, then there are various tools and IDEs available that can smoothen your developing process. Let's explore them.

Best Golang Development IDEs

1) Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was introduced by Microsoft in 2015. It is the source code editor for Windows, Linux and macOS. Visual Studio Code provides various features such as debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Integrating Go extension with Visual code provides exclusive features like IntelliSense, code navigation, symbol search, testing, debugging, and many more that will help you in Go development. It also has an active and supportive community of Go developers that contributes regularly. Leveraging different Visual Studio Code plugins help to increase the functionalities.

2) LiteIDE

LiteIDE is a simple, cross-platform, open-source integrated development environment. It provides Golang building environment management to edit and build projects written in the Golang. Along with Golang, it also supports Markdown and Golang Present. Web developers can leverage various features such as simple code editor, configurable build commands, MIME-type management, system environment management, expandable Golang support, a plug-in system and many more through LitIDE for Golang. Along with that, it also provides support for file search, revert, and replace, and fast open files, commands, and symbols.

3) GoLand

A private software development organization, Jetbrains introduced GoLand IDE for Golang. It provides various features such as Smart completion, Inspections & quick fixes, Refactorings, Quick navigation, Quick popups, Code generation, Detecting recursive calls, Expression type, Exit points highlighting, Finding usages, Formatter and so on. GoLand also provides various code editors, built-in tools such as a debugger, Coverage, test runner and many others. GoLand supports Javascript, TypeScript, dart, react HTML and CSS for the frontend and backend development. You can add plugins for Angular and Node.JS support.

4) Vim

Web developers out there are shifting to Vim open-source IDE for Golang because of its versatility. It's available on every major platform and it's the same for all the platforms. Along with that, it's very lightweight and quick to handle almost every large file. It provides everything in one place providing most native text editors. Vim is the most configurable IDE as it provides almost every plugin such as autocomplete, syntax highlighting and many more. Apart from that, you can customize the configuration easily simply using ~/.vimrc to overwrite it.

5) Komodo

Komodo is one of the preferred Golang IDEs mainly because it allows a shared Toolbox that allows the web developers to support standard snippets, macros, and more via network share, source code control, or the publish feature. Along with that, there are various features such as integrated database support, allowing to write user scripts against the Komodo APIs, version control and run unit tests, syntax checking and providing customization for your environment as well. It also has Go Code Intelligence for code browsing, code hinting. Web developers can install Komodo on Windows, Mac, Linux with just one license.

Best Golang Web Development Tools

1) Go Vendor

GoVendor helps to flatten out all the dependency trees to a single level of all the projects. It allows web developers to inspect the current state package locations. GoVendor is helpful to handle packages for simple as well as complex cases. It also provides cross-platform test support. Developers can handle packages based on their status through Go Vendor.

2) Go Native

Launched in 2014, GoNative has helped to develop thousands of web and app solutions for millions of users. The GoNative platform has a 97% approval rate on the app and play store. Along with product development support, GoNative also provides end to end support to solve complex problems. all apps along with customized mobile apps built using GoNative can be effortlessly re-built and maintained to support future iOS and Android updates.

3) Go Swaggers

GoSwagger tool allows various features and functions such as flexible code generation with customizable templates. Along with that Go Swaggers allows validating JSON data against jsonschema with full $ref support. GoSwaggers supports composed structs out of several embeds and allOf for composed structs as well. Go Swaggers let the developers generate metadata from package docs, definition entries for models, path entries for routes, responses from structs and parameters from structs.

4) Go Callvis

Go-callvis is a Golang web development tool that provides developers a visual overview of a Go program using data from call graphs and its relations with packages and types. Go Callvis focuses on the specific package in the program. Web and app developers can group functions by package and/or methods by type using the Go-Callvis web development tool. Go-Callvis provides an interactive view using an HTTP server that serves SVG images containing URLs on packages to change focused packages dynamically.

5) GoSimple

GoSimple is the web development tool that detects code that could be rewritten in a more simple way. GoSimple supports CRUD functionalities with Golang, Echo and Couchbase. GoSimple is preferred for the easy and most effortless approach to avoid complex structures with any of the new Go launches. GoSimple works well with every Go release but it is more preferred to work with Go 1.6 version or more.


There are various other Golang tools and IDEs that we can leverage in the web development process. But in our eyes, these are all the top Go IDEs and tools that help web developers around the world smoothen out the development process. Have we missed any of that? Reach out to our web development team and let us know.
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