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Best Mobile App Ideas For Healthcare Startups

App Development

Oct 2020
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best mobile app ideas for healthcare startups
The mobile health market was growing considerably even before the pandemic. The worldwide mobile health market is anticipated to see an annual growth rate of 33.5% between 2015-20, as per a mHealth Times report.
The use of healthcare apps has boosted patient involvement, meaning more individuals are focused on better health and wellbeing by sticking to a healthy diet suggested by a fitness expert, daily doctor visits for checkups, and complying with their medication schedule alongside follow-up appointments.
In today's time, healthcare apps are transforming how medical support is given in terms of treatments, consultations, and medical prescriptions.
The healthcare sector is also in the race to gain mobile tech advantages like every other sector. Around 52% of people choose to use smartphones to obtain health-related information such as prescription and health diagnosis information.
At present, the healthcare app market has reached $20 billion, and it will grow further to $59.15 billion by the year-end of 2020.
Several hospitals, healthcare experts, and health businesses are funding healthcare app development to render better services to patients. This blog will cover some mobile app ideas provided by the top app developers usa 2020 who have expertise in healthcare app development.
Without further ado, let's begin!
1. Healthcare Monitoring App
This sort of app is developed especially to supervise chronic conditions such as blood pressure, sugar levels, diabetes, cancer, and much more. The app facilitates doctors or healthcare experts to trace every patient's health conditions by checking their health history to deliver proper treatment or prescription.
2. General Health & Wellness Test App
This app is primarily for patients suffering from a disease or wants to check their health with tools like heart rate tests, blood pressure tests, and measure diabetes. This sort of health tracker app can be designed by anyone who simply wants to track and record their health and wellness information on a systematic basis.
3. Sleep App
These apps also fall in the same category as health test apps and can be created by either doctors or business owners. The app is a perfect solution for people having trouble having a sound sleep. Users can choose some relaxing sounds to get to sleep like a baby.
4. Personal Medical Records App
personal medical records app
A personal medical records app is a dairy sort of app that enables patients to include their health records on their own and share it with the doctor before an appointment. This kind of solution lets the doctor know a patient's past health history, and thus, doctors can prescribe or take further action.
5. Appointment Booking App
The doctor's appointment app is relatively easy and chiefly developed for doctors' benefits. Many healthcare experts and famous doctors create their own doctor appointment booking app for their patients to know their availability and book an appointment accordingly.
Another option is to make a social media platform for patients and doctors to contact doctors for their illness, ask for advice, schedule a call, or make an appointment for the home visit.
6. Online Therapy App
This is to make therapy available to most people. The online therapy permits users to pay subscription fees for unlimited texting. This healthcare app can remove the unwillingness of patients to talk in-person about their health matters.
A lot more exploration is to be done in the health domain, which can be easily done with mental health apps development. The therapists can also connect and reach more mental illness patients and flourish their networking skills.
7. Recovery App for Addiction
Everyone has some addiction, and that's normal. But some habits can take the life out of you, take your time and everything, and get you on the various unexpected tracks.
As per some basic Google research, these are top addictions that affect many people globally- Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine, Phone, Drugs, and Sugar.
The recovery app helps drug addicts to come out of this endless cycle of intaking drugs.
Mobile Recovery app for drug addiction can have features such as:
Chat integration: to talk and discuss with experts
Video: share videos on how to recover
Community: to build a community who can help or who are obsessed with drugs.
8. Pharmacy Delivery App
This sort of app is much in demand. The reason, as we all know, is Covid-19.
In case of sickness, people would be reluctant to go out and purchase medicines. They also wouldn't want their family to go out and buy it for them with the risk of getting infected. In such scenarios, the pharmacy delivery app comes into the picture.
Pharmacy delivery apps have made it easy for people to get the medicines they need whenever they want. This is not a fad because this virus is here for a long time as per WHO.
9. On-Demand Doctors App
ondemand doctor app
An on-demand doctor's app is another top healthcare app idea that will undoubtedly perform phenomenally in the healthcare sector. You can create an Uber for doctor app, enabling patients to contact doctors in real-time via chat and video calls.
Such on-demand apps help patients book advisors on-demand and connect with the right doctor via chat or video call. Using this app, patients will receive services in an hour or the next 2 hours from their house comfort. They can comfortably and privately discuss their problems with doctors and get prompt assistance.
10. Women's Wellbeing App
Without any doubt, women and men have different healthcare needs. For women, their periodic menstrual cycle plays a significant role in their health aspects. You can develop an app that keeps in check with their menstrual cycle and guides them about their most safe and fertile days for intercourse and pregnancy. You can also add some information about various types of diseases such as breast cancer, PCOD, etc.
Final words
If you want to develop your app, you can try something like this to match the hospital, doctor, or wellness center's needs. In this blog, we've covered the most exciting ideas for healthcare app development to help you achieve success in the healthcare sector.
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