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Best Weather Apps Developed By Mobile App Developers

App Development

Sep 2020
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best weather apps developed by mobile app developers
Weather apps can be useful on various occasions, such as planning a trip, an event, and other reasons. These apps render us one of the most fundamental but essential tasks, mapping a forecast to schedule our days and weeks. Based on the weather app you install, they can render extra information such as monthly forecasts, precipitation totals, and humidity levels.
A good weather app can guide you regarding the conditions of a particular city where you are planning to travel. Weather apps can also tip you off of big storms so that you can do all the planning to stay safe. Moreover, weather apps have improved dramatically in recent years, and they come with cool features.
Let’s explore some of the best weather apps used on both Android and iOS devices by top app developers.
1. YoWindow Weather
This is the weather app for the new generation. YoWindow renders you with the real view of what happing out there. For example, it’s raining in the YoWindow if it is actually raining outside as well. This unique feature is what makes them stand out from their nemesis. To know what is ahead of you, this weather app gives you the upcoming weather forecast. For instance, if it’s windy, you can wear warm clothes; if it’s sunny, you can dress accordingly.
Know the weather in your town beforehand. With just a tap, you can see what is coming up.
The realistic UI, images that display the actual weather- Cloudy, Snowy, Rainy, Sunny, etc.
It has a precise astronomical computation.
Animation of the scenery of Seaside, Village, Airport, etc. gives a more realistic look.
It includes the minute details of all the weather.
2. Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast is the best app if you seek to get real-time information on weather across various locations with exact data. Be prepared before you start your day and know what the weather will be like to manage your day smoothly.
It is free of charge. You can access the information on hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts.
You can access a detailed weather forecast report for beyond 20 countries. 
It provides you an intense weather report, which includes time, pressure, location, visibility distance, etc. 
Get systematic notifications of the rain and storm alerts.
3. MyRadar
This app keeps you ahead before any significant storm. It tips you off by providing you information on changes in the weather headed on your way. This app is the best choice for anyone who is the weather forecasting expert and even the daily weather enthusiasts. The feature that makes this app unique is the sharing of pictures.
It delivers high definition temperature, radar, and hurricane tracker. 
It has a typical pinch and zoom abilities that can make it simpler to zoom and have a general look at the location. 
It notifies an hour before the rain starts to be ready. 
It has incredible graphics for the surface winds and the winds at the jet stream level.
4. Windy.com
This weather app is an amazing tool that renders you with the most precise weather information, which is trusted by many experts such as skydives, kiters, pilots, and storm chasers.
This app has the right quality information than its nemesis. The best part is it is totally free and has no ads.
It offers you cutting-edge weather forecasting models.
With just a tap, you can get real-time information about the snow, wind, rain, etc. 
It shows airports across the world and above 1500 paragliding spots on their map. 
You can tailor the color scheme on any layer and can also add your weather maps to the menu for a quick view. 
It renders time zone and altitude information and the sunrise and sunset time.
5. WeatherBug
WeatherBug app prepares you for the snowy, rainy, and sunny climate. It delivers precise information about all season for your favorite locations. It renders you with the weather conditions for the remaining day and the up-to-date information on the weather for places such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Whales, and England.
Get notified of the weather alerts on your phone for the location that you stored. 
It renders you the data of the thunder and lightning within 15-16 km of your existing area. 
It supports various languages like Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and yes, of course, English.
You can personalize the information of Pressure, Rain, and Distance in the context of km or miles, mm or inches, millibars, or inches, respectively.
6. The Weather Channel
This app is owned by IBM and offers real-time alerts on rain with radar, and the capability to track flu risk, seasonal allergies, and Covid-19 cases. The app provides the forecast of the local area and is free to install. You can track air pollution, sweat index, the latest weather news, and the umbrella index under a single app.
It renders the local weather forecast for the next 15 days.
It renders you with intense GPS and real-time data on tides.
It notifies you of local weather and temperature.
It offers you allergy tracking alerts to help you battle the hayfever.
Eliminates all the ads from the app for an improved user interface.
7. Yahoo Weather
Yahoo Weather offers you the apt pictures that go with the current weather conditions. The UI is so sophisticated that you get the exact information on the weather predictions with just the touch and swipe on the screen.
It renders you the real-time visuals of the environment as per the current weather.
It helps you know the sunrise and sunset time.
It renders you with accurate weather information on swiping vertically.
You can adjust to your favorite locations on swiping horizontally.
It offers you a chance to upload your photos.
These are the 7 best weather apps, to name a few. They are considered to be the best by smartphone users due to their fantastic abilities and different features. These apps ensure you will never be ignorant in knowing the latest weather updates and thus avoid potentially hazardous situations.
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