Boost Business Productivity – How Internal communication Can Empower Your Business Efficiency?

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Today, where technology eruption is gaining momentum, access to various information is practiced within few simple taps. In such tech-driven arena where people are surrounded by high-tech smartphone devices and mobile apps, it is quite inevitable for business and enterprise to exhibit its online presence to the world. If you notice, almost 15% of the employees time is spent in communication with co-workers, 20-25% time in looking for any business related information and 20% time in checking messages and mailbox. Their actual productive hours are less than 50%. In such scenario, business needs to develop a mechanism that streamlines overall productivity of an employee. Business needs to implement a proper communication channel to boost employee and business productivity in an efficient manner. Here is where the need of internal communication app arises. Let's watch out why do we need an internal communication app and what factors need to be considered while choosing communication app.

What Is The Role Of Internal Communication App?
An intranet (also known as internal) communication app is a platform that allows your employees, co-workers, and various investors to share important details, communication, and messages beyond emails and phone calls. Internal communication app is a medium that let you organize your work from a centralized place.

Why Do We Need Internal Communication App?
Figures state that almost 75% of the population are disconnected with the mobile usage during working hours. As life is becoming social, mobile applications play a major role to interact with almost everything. Around 50-60% of the employee's working time is consumed in activities like checking mail and inbox, looking for information, communication with co-workers etc. It means that more than half of the productive time is wasted in such surplus activities. Technology benefits employee to leverage fast access to information that indirectly boosts their productivity level by 20% to 30%.

What Factors Needs To Be Kept In Mind While Choosing Internal Communication App For Your Company?

1. Identify Your Company's Needs:

Identify the list of things important for your company. Do you need a messaging platform or project tracking system? Do you want shared application to plan your meetings, conference and client calls or you want a single platform for all your business solution? The need of business varies as per their working pattern. So, the first step is to identify business requirement and then select an app accordingly.

2. Understand Your Employee Needs:
Best communication app is not the one with bright and clean user interface, the best application is the one that easily fits in your employee working pattern. Before selecting any application, consider your employee suggestion and then choose the best app that fits your business requirement.

3. Estimated Cost:
Finding out best communication tool is not only enough. If your business is not familiar with tool usage then it may incur significant cost. Though an app is available for free but, there is a cost of everything. If an app consumes more time of employees, a company will bear more productivity loss. So, when you consider the cost of internal communication app, make sure that it excludes installation cost and is easy to setup and use.

4. Ask Question: Will It Be Easy To Use And Implement?
Whenever an application is challenging to set up, its implementation can consume a huge amount of time. However, to avoid this situation, make sure that the app is easy to install and set up. Configuring app should be simple and easy. Does app have an interactive interface? Will employees require huge training to implement this app? Is app compatible with existing system and software? This few questions will define how the app will be easy to use and implement.

Why Is Support One Of The Important Aspect Considered For Choosing Internal Communication App?
When an app is in working mode, it will definitely save your business time and boost sales revenue. But, when the app is in inefficient working mode – They can even bring your business to dead end. So, before investing in any mobile app development company for custom app development, checkout whether they are able to provide support or not.

Remember that your employees are going to use this app on daily basis. So, invest in the right app and increase your business efficiency.


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