Boost The Engagement Of Your Brand With A Mobile App

boost engagement of your brand with mobile app
In recent years, attracting a new customer costs many times more than maintaining their customers' loyalty. Yes, getting the unconditional commitment of users has become one of the main milestones that any brand pursues. And for that, engagement is essential.
Think about it: a loyal customer is likely to become a brand prescriber. And a brand prescriber, in addition to making recurring purchases, recommends products and services for others to consume.
This process that we just described briefly is one of the many benefits associated with engagement, and in this post, we tell you what it is, how to promote it through Mobile Marketing, and why a mobile app is the best tool to increase it exponentially.
What is Engagement?
Engagement measures the quantity and quality of the interactions that people have with a brand through their publications or communications. These relationships are perpetuated over time, so they tend to be lasting.
Traditionally, engagement was not an excessively important attribute for brands. But, as the social environment has been digitized and social networks have gained an unquestionable prominence in the interaction with users, engagement has become an essential factor for the success and viability of a business.
Any company can increase the engagement of its brand if it knows how to do it. The challenge is to succeed with an appropriate strategy, focused on knowing the users, using the right tools for it, and finding solutions that improve their experience with the brand.
Mobile Marketing and Engagement
mobile marketing and engagement
There are still many companies that are unaware that Mobile Marketing has become their best ally to foster strong and lasting relationships with their customers, and mobile app is the most powerful and effective tool to achieve it.
The value that customers get through mobile application creates a feeling of belonging and fidelity in them. The mobile engagement generated through an App has important benefits for a business, such as:
- Customer loyalty
- User Experience Improvement
- Increase in recurring purchase
- Turn users into prescribers
App Engagement: How a mobile application increases the engagement of a brand
But not all is so easy. The reality is that today, it is difficult to increase the engagement of a brand if you do not have a good strategy even when having a tool as powerful as a mobile application.
For a mobile app to be effective in generating engagement, it is vital that its development has been carried out with cutting-edge technology and that it includes powerful and innovative functions aimed at loyalty and retention of users.
Now, app development companies can add specific functions focused on increasing the engagement of users with their brand to their mobile applications. Let's see what they are:
Functions of an App that generate engagement
Apps developed with the latest technology include powerful functions that help the brand-user connection be established successfully and cons olidated.
Next, we will see the main functions that you can include in your app to generate engagement.
Automatic Review Marketing Function
There are studies that show that for each positive review on portals such as Yelp or Google, the turnover of a business increases between 7% and 9%. Social proof is indispensable within any Marketing strategy, and its effectiveness in obtaining conversions is indisputable.
Another main function of a mobile app that can potentially improve the engagement of users with the brand is the Newsletter.
It has been shown that the sending of useful content that brings real value to users is very important for three reasons:
- Increase brand awareness (the knowledge that users have about it)
- Help convert subscribers into qualified leads
- Loyalty to users with the brand
By adding this function to an app, you help users to subscribe to it easily and simply, getting new leads, and new ways of promoting your Email Marketing campaigns.
Social networks
social networks
One of the main functions to generate engagement is the integration with the Social Networks of the business.
Imagine being able to disseminate all promotions and offers that are launched through the app. Its potential to generate engagement is immense!
Push Notifications function with Geofencing
Push Notifications have been shown to improve user retention between 56% and 180%. In addition, users who agree to receive this type of Push Notifications exhibit 88% more participation with the app than those who have not.
The function of Push Notifications with
Geofencing is, currently, one of the technologies that most help generate engagement and loyalty users with the Apps.
Its great value is that it allows the business to have a direct way of communicating with the user of its Mobile Application in a simple way and without intermediaries! In addition, thanks to geofencing, information about customers can be collected and addressed when they enter, leave, or remain in specific areas called geofences.
For example, you can schedule notifications to deliver when the user passes in front of the establishment of the competition, or if the user is near the street where you have your business.
Although it is not advisable to saturate the user with push notifications, this function offers a unique opportunity to interact with the target audience when they are in a certain place.

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