Building A Great User Experience For Your iOS App

ios app user experience
When it comes to app development, nothing is more important than user experience. Successful iOS apps are the ones with the great user experience. Here are some important tips to give the users of your app great experience. 
Fantastic 3D Graphics
This is for game app developers from app development companies. Nothing attracts players more than great graphics that make the characters look real. Once the graphics is great, potential players will be drawn in. They will be tempted to test the game further. If you now couple it with wonderful sound effects, the game becomes highly immersive. If you study games that have hit 10 million download mark, you will notice that all of them offer stunning graphics as well as fantastic sound effects.
Numerous Levels
The shorter a game is, the easier it is to clear. Once a player clears a particular game, he will delete it immediately. So, you should design your game app to have many levels. This makes the game highly engaging and more difficult to clear.
Make Your App Free
Are you planning to put a price tag on your app? Don’t even go there. There are so many apps begging to be downloaded and it has become absurd to pay a dime for an app. Paying ordinary 50 cents to download a game app sounds like parting with $20 to an average app user. 
Yes, you have to make money on your app. You need to apply other means. You could put up some in-app items for sale but it has to be optional. This is the strategy most game app developers use. You could also earn money from ads. Never put up a price tag for downloading your app. If you do, you will be shooting yourself in the leg.
Make It Multilingual
There are so many international languages so if you produce your app in one language, it means you have cut off people who can’t speak the language. For instance, if your app is developed in only English language, you have definitely cut off people who do not speak English. 
So, you should produce multiple language versions. That way, potential users will select their preferred language at the point of download or installation. Even if you cannot afford to develop it in multiple languages, you can start with only a few ones say – French, Spanish, English, and maybe Chinese.
Lower Your Requirements
Of course, most iOS devices are now running on iOS 11, a good number of them are still on iOS 10. So, you should develop an app that is compatible with even iOS 10. If only iOS 11 devices can use your app, you would have cut off millions of potential users.
Size Matters a Lot
One major constraint that mobile device users cope with is limited internal memory. What makes this worse is that apps don’t work on external memory. So, users of mobile devices are now very careful about how they use their internal memory. 
On that note, it is important that your app is very small. When it becomes too big, it will turn off a lot of potential users. Even if they decide to give it a trial, they may be prompted to delete some of their existing apps to create space for your app. Some of them may drop off at this point.
Even when some of them have downloaded and installed your app. If it is too large, it will be among the ones that will be put up for deletion each time they have to create some space for an in-coming app. So, make your app as small and compact as possible.
Simplicity is Important
Your app should be very easy to use. If the users of your app often make use of the help button, it is an indication that your app is not easy to use. A good app is designed to ensure that people hardly use the help button. Why would anyone study hard to use your app when there are numerous simpler alternatives?
One way to approach simplicity is to make your app as intuitive as possible. Another way is to offer only very few functions. This means that you should cut off all the links, functions, and buttons that are not relevant to the purpose of the app. Once there are too many functions, simplicity will be jeopardized. 
You can also figure out the most frequently used functions and create shortcuts for them. This will lead to easier access. 
High Responsiveness
high responsiveness
Your app should be very fast in loading and it should also respond fast to touch. It should not take an ideal app up to 10 seconds to load. Any app that loads slowly is no long an app. It is mobile site. To avoid confusion, when your app is responding to a command, it should indicate it to the user. 
For instance, if a button is pressed and it will take some time for your app to fetch what the user wants, it should display a simple message like “please wait” or the button should remain pressed. If not, the user may think that the app is not responding and he will continue to press the button repeatedly.
Consider Offline Activities
Your app should work offline if possible. Depending on its purpose, if it requires internet to work, then there should be a few other side functions that do not need internet to work. This is because app users are very conscious of their mobile data so they use offline apps more.
Less Typing and Scrolling
Typing and continuous scrolling are not fun on mobile devices. So, you need to help the users of your app by making them type or scroll less. Cut your content into short pages. Secondly, ask for only the necessary information. 
For example, someone is trying to order a product and an app is asking him for his preferred currency. That is not so cool. Your app should use his current location to choose his currency automatically. In other words, anybody who is ordering your product while in the United States should be thinking of paying with the US dollars. 
Seek Feedback Continuously
No matter how fantastic your app is, you should continue to improve the user experience on it until you decide to retire it. So, you should always seek feedback from users on improvement ideas and update it regularly. 

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