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Why Salesforce CRM Is Best than Other CRMs?


Apr 2024
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why salesforce crm is best than other crms?

Salesforce is a titanic innovation that is reshaping the technological environment. In this article, we will be exploring CRM software comparison, mainly AWS, and find out what makes Salesforce better.


Salesforce, a well-known customer relationship management (CRM) software, can boost sales, marketing, and customer support processes that offer businesses more leverage. 74% of businesses say that using CRM gives them improved access to customer data.

This article will delve deep into understanding the core functionality of CRM software and the key advantages of Salesforce over other CRMs.

Exploring the Primary Features and Capabilities of Salesforce and AWS

Delve into the world of customer relationship management (CRM) with Salesforce. CRM is important to a growing business. Experience robust features like lead management, contact tracing, and opportunity management to effectively manage your sales pipeline.

Integration Capabilities

Smooth integration of Salesforce with various systems and applications to achieve a unified view of your customer data. Use Salesforce's strong APIs and integration tools to connect with external systems. such as ERP or marketing automation platforms, and streamline data flow across your organization.

Security and Compliance

Both Salesforce development company and AWS have strong security measures to protect data. This also ensures compliance with industry regulations. Salesforce's built-in security features and AWS's comprehensive security services provide businesses with the necessary safeguards for their applications and sensitive information.

Scalability and Performance

AWS offers elastic scaling capabilities. This lets the users actively adjust computing resources based on demand and optimize performance for their applications.

Industry Applications

Explore the diverse industry applications of Salesforce and AWS.

Cost Considerations

Assess the pricing models and cost structures of Salesforce and AWS to align with your budget and business requirements. Salesforce offers different editions and pricing plans based on user needs and feature sets.

Training and Support

Make use of the training resources and support available for Salesforce and AWS. Salesforce Trailhead provides interactive learning modules and certifications to boost the user's Salesforce skills. AWS gives detailed documentation, training courses, and support options to help users effectively utilize the Salesforce development service.

Choosing the Right Solution

While deciding between Salesforce and AWS the user should consider their business needs, objectives, and budget. Analyze factors such as integration capabilities, scalability, security, industry fit, functionality, and overall cost to decide which solution aliens perfect for the organization’s needs.

By understanding the core functionalities and merits of Salesforce and AWS, you can make an informed decision and make use of these technologies to drive business success.

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Key Advantages of Salesforce Over Other CRM

1) Scalability and Performance

Salesforce: The cutting-edge advantage of Salesforce's cloud-based architecture that enables easy scalability, allows businesses to handle the growing data volumes and the demands of users. Salesforce's infrastructure promises high availability and reliability. This guarantees optimal performance for your business operations.

AWS: Users can access the elastic scaling capabilities with AWS. This lets the users actively adjust computing resources based on demand.

This scalability ensures your applications can handle fluctuations in user traffic, enabling optimal performance and responsiveness.

2) Integration Capabilities

Salesforce: Using Salesforce's strong APIs and integration tools to smoothly connect with other systems and platforms. Combined with famous applications like ERP or marketing automation platforms to synchronize data and streamline business processes effectively.

AWS: You may link your apps, databases, and services within the AWS ecosystem using AWS's extensive integration options. Use AWS APIs, messaging services, and event-driven architectures to integrate with other systems for effective data sharing and interoperability.

3) Cost Analysis

Salesforce: Depending on the demands of the organization, Salesforce offers numerous versions and price options. When assessing the price, take into account elements like the total number of users, required features, and customization needs. Think about Salesforce's potential return on investment (ROI) and long-term advantages for your business as well.

AWS: AWS has a pay-as-you-go pricing approach that lets you only pay for the resources and services you use. To correctly estimate the cost, consider your resource needs and use trends. To calculate the total cost of using AWS, take into account elements like data storage, compute instances, network consumption, and any other services needed.

To conclude, these are the key advantages of Salesforce. By analyzing the scalability and performance aspects, integration capabilities, and cost structures of both Salesforce and AWS, businesses can make informed decisions about which technology aligns best with their needs.

4) Customization and Flexibility

Salesforce: The plenty of customization options on Salesforce enable companies to adapt to the platform according to their requirements.

AWS: With its high level of flexibility, AWS enables organizations to make and tailor their cloud infrastructure to meet specific needs.

5) Community Support and Resources

Salesforce: The vibrant community of developers of the sales force enables ample resources and help. It is a wise move to hire Salesforce developers to help learning platform users access official documentation, participate in community forums, and explore Trailhead. This boosts the user's salesforce skills and knowledge.

AWS: AWS has a thriving community of developers and users. This dynamic community provides extensive resources for learning and support. Access documentation, participate in forums, and explore the AWS Knowledge Center to get insights and troubleshoot problems.


In conclusion, both Salesforce and AWS offer powerful capabilities and play vital roles in the tech industry. Salesforce's scalability is particularly valuable for managing customer relationships and driving sales growth, while AWS provides the infrastructure scalability needed to handle increasing workloads.

Integration capabilities are another critical aspect to consider. Finally, Salesforce and AWS have thriving communities, offering abundant resources and support. Engaging with the Salesforce community can help businesses find and hire dedicated developers, while AWS provides extensive documentation, forums, and learning resources to support developers in their AWS journey.

The strategy for choosing a CRM is important when it comes to AWS services. Partnering with a reputable Salesforce development company can further enhance your experience and ensure successful implementation.

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