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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like DeepL?

App Development

Jan 2024
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how much does it cost to build an app like deepl
This article guides you in creating the language translation app that DeepL. You will find complete information about the cost of development and design of the app. Have complete knowledge about the development of apps like DeepL and generate great business from the app.
Most people struggle to read or write in a non-native language. Language is the biggest barrier to learning, and everyone is looking for translations of languages. The language translation can be the biggest source of income for the mobile app development company and web development company.
The need for translation in a business is the high demand to convey and communicate with foreign clients and partners. One can read and write any message or information without any inconvenience. The language translate app allows you to communicate globally regardless of the language.
By 2027, the market for language services is anticipated to grow to $96.1 billion. When you consider that only roughly 26% of internet users worldwide speak English, this may not come as a surprise.
So, the language translation app is a cool app idea for creating a business, but, You must also take development costs into account if you want your business to be profitable.
So, if you are planning to develop an app like DeepL that is highly accurate with the language translator, then you need to figure out the necessary expenses and costs you need to spend. Let’s understand the language translator and the cost of developing an app like DeepL.

What Is DeepL App?

The DeepL is a language translator app that allows you to translate text, files, and documents from 32 different languages. It provides you with an accurate translation of the text from one language to another language.
The DeepL app is very accurate with translation and it provides the exact translation without changing the meaning of the text.

Understanding the Language Translator App Development

Language translator app requires several efforts, hire dedicated app development team to develop the best language translator.

Planning and Developing

The planning of the features and the tools you want to add is the first step. Define the tools that are useful for your app, and avoid adding unnecessary features. Prepare an accurate strategy for the app development.
Hiring app developers can be the best option for creating the Language translator app. Hire skilled developers for the coding of an error-free and efficient app.

Choosing Translation API

Integrate an API (Application Programming Interface) or translation services, such as Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, or others. If necessary, obtain API keys, and abide by the service terms.

UI/UX Designing

Prepare an attractive and appealing design. Arrange the graphics and visuals properly for the convenience of the user. Provide choices for the language of output, text or speech input, and any other features.


After the development process is done, you need to conduct the proper testing. Conduct detailed testing of the features and tools of the app. Testers test everything and if found any bug they report it immediately to solve it.

Security & Maintenance

The documents and data uploaded to the app for translation should stay confidential. The security of the app is the major consideration.
Also, you need to manage the app after the app launch. Update your app from time to time by changing necessary features and adding new tools.

Breaking Down the Cost of Developing an App Like DeepL

The cost of developing an app like DeepL involves the expenses of many stages:

App development cost

The app development cost includes the fees of the developers. You need to find the most efficient way of development. Choose the development company or in-house developers for the development based on your need for your language translation app.

App designing cost

Designing is another major expense of language app development. The designers charge fees based on the complexity of the design. Prepare the design investment based on the design requirements of the app.

Ongoing maintenance and testing

The maintenance of the app is a necessary step, you need to spend extra money periodically to keep your app working smoothly. Keeping your app updated with the latest trends and tools requires a little money.
Also, quality assurance and testing ask for a little investment. Hire the best testers for the app for accurate apps.

A Budgeting Strategy for Mobile App Development Costs

The project scope, features, and platform choice must all be carefully considered when creating a budgeting approach for the development of mobile apps. Accurately predicting development hours and expenses is made easier by working with stakeholders, comprehending the complexity of the functionality, and setting explicit milestones.
It is important to account for ongoing costs like maintenance and updates, and financial flexibility is essential in case unanticipated difficulties arise or the project's scope changes. Cost optimization is aided by obtaining competitive quotes and considering phased releases; ongoing budget reviews provide financial management throughout the development lifetime.

Migrating hidden costs

Unexpected difficulties can occur during the creation of language translation apps, which can result in additional expenses and project delays.
Challenges can include unexpected changes in platform requirements, difficulties integrating translation APIs, or unforeseen complexity when managing many languages.
To lessen them, developing a flexible design, conducting extensive preliminary study and testing of selected APIs, and maintaining constant contact with API providers can all improve adaptation to changes.
Thorough testing across a range of linguistic contexts and ongoing development monitoring aid in the early detection of such problems. Furthermore, keeping lines of communication open with all parties involved and factoring in extra money and time to the budget and schedule can act as a safety net to deal with unforeseen expenses and difficulties that might crop up during the creation of language translation software.


The development of language-translation apps can be a great source of income, it might need investment but with the right strategy, you can minimize the cost. Choose the best app developers and app designers, create an accurate app like DeepL, and run the best business.
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