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In the 1850s, photography burst into our lives. It has become an integral part of everyday life and holidays. It has been developing and moving forward ever since we knew it. Snapshots are one of the most powerful ways to show events as they are. However, today it is also a way to show our emotions, feelings, and activity. All this was made possible by the development of simple and portable cameras. But now, with the advent of the powerful and fast-growing smartphone industry, this process has become even more popular and widespread.
Such trends have led to another increase in business and media, called Instagram, which appeared in 2010 thanks to amateurs from California. Today it is the most popular photo sharing application. For example, every month more than 350,000,000 users join Instagram, 2,000,000 likes are posted and more than 65,000,000 new photos appear. Such an amazing success cannot go unnoticed by startups, businessmen and developers who are increasingly interested in creating a photo sharing application, such as Instagram.
So, if you want to create an application like Instagram you need to understand that such an idea is a very serious and large-scale project that requires a great deal of desire and effort.
If you think that the creation of such an application is an uncompetitive project, then you are very wrong and we will give you an example - applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram are quite similar, but at the same time both are extremely popular. Thus, similar ideas are not always bad, the main thing is to find out how to stand out and attract an audience. In addition, people love something new and revolutionary that can impress them in any way possible. Moreover, in this way, you create healthy competition in response to the monopolists. It would be very cool to dilute the atmosphere of the application market with something new related to the exchange of photos and ratings.
In this article, we will tell you about the main stages that will help you to make such an application as Instagram.
What to consider when developing a photo sharing application
Speaking about the development of the Instagram-like application, besides the advanced functionality, we first of all need to understand what is important for any application. Below is a list, without which it is impossible to provide any service.
1. Analyze the market.
analyze the market
This is one of the most important steps that should be implemented at the very beginning of the development process of your application.
Why is it important?
First, you need to know who your main competitors are. You also need to understand what features and add-ons exist in other photo sharing services. Thus, intelligence gathering is one of the most important parts of the entire development process, which, if successful, makes up 30% of your own achievements.
As a result of this analysis, you should have a strategy and a business plan. Some companies offer services for the preparation of these documents. Top mobile app development companies can analyze the market, competitors and make a business plan for you.
2. Look for investors
Of course, the cost of developing photo sharing applications is quite high, and most people cannot fully fund it on their own. Thus, the best way to deal with the problem is to find an investor who will be interested in your project and will be able to finance it.
3. Look for dedicated developers
Obviously, not everyone who is interested in developing a photo-sharing application is an experienced programmer who can develop an application at minimal cost. Because of this, it is imperative to hire dedicated developers that can help you and create a high-quality product.
4. Develop a marketing strategy
For any business, one of the most important things is contextual advertising. That is why the best advice here will be launching an advertising campaign a few months before the launch of the application and warming up user interest through video and other media activities.
5. Add some special features
One of the main indicators of the success of an application is its unique functions. Look at Snapchat, which uses seal and puppy masks. Of course, it may be strange and even stupid, but many people like it. So feel free to include such features in your applications.
6. Come up with a unique design
unique app design
Look at the design of Instagram - it is simple, convenient and carries the user with it. The development of UI/UX-design for the application takes a few days for Android and iOS.
7. Test your applications
This item is almost a sacred commandment. Always check products to avoid glitches. App development companies can perform this function.
If you follow these basic rules, you can develop a competitive application and even be on par with the most powerful representatives of this branch of social networks, which have almost become monopolists.
What makes Instagram so popular?
Speaking of Instagram's popularity, we need to understand what really makes it so common among people all over the world. The answer is pretty simple. This is its design and functionality.
Some tips:
- Choose a simple design;
- Use as few colors as possible;
- Do not include embedded forms;
- Make the interface user-friendly;
- Create your own interface in such a way that people do not need to think much about how to open a window. People are lazy, so try to act according to this axiom.
These are some of the tips to create a similar app to Instagram. You can hire dedicated developers to help create such an app.

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