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Creating An Optimal User Experience For Your Mobile App


Jan 2019
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creating an user experience for your app
Nowadays, people spend several hours a day on their smartphones. With millions of apps available, it's sometimes hard to make a choice. For a single particular type of application, there may be several hundred apps that deal with the same subject. 
Whether on iPhone or Android, apps developed by mobile app development company is not just the realization of an idea. Indeed, there is a common point to all the applications that people like to use. They give them what they want. The main reason why people prefer one application over another is the user experience (UX)
Nowadays, more companies are realizing that the UX can be a competitive advantage if it is well designed within the application. While the price of the application will be affected by the optimization of the UX, it will be negligible compared to the added value it offers the users. In order to design an optimal UX for your app, it is important to follow certain principles. 
1. Consider the users and their need first
user analysis
Many mobile apps have made the mistake of focusing on achieving business goals rather than the user's goals and needs. The question to ask oneself is "For whom are you creating the application? 
Although the term UX has existed since the early 2000s, it took some time for it to be applied in the world of mobile apps. Many companies finally realize that the success of their business will depend on the importance given to the user. Hence the concept of positioning the user and their needs in the first place: to understand the mobile app from the point of view of the end user, to understand and feel their needs and desires. The goal is to make an app based on the needs of the user, not what the company wants to achieve. 
The best way to create a good UX is to use the user-centered design process. This process allows you to determine design and development while focusing on understanding the users who will use the app.
2. Propose an intuitive content
A very simple UX means that users are better able to continue using your app or website. Splitting your content into a small, easy-to-integrate part will greatly enhance the UX. This rule is even more accurate on a smartphone. Indeed, the screen is very small, it is necessary to divide the content to keep some ergonomics. If you do not apply this rule, your users may find it difficult to find the content that interests them or understand how to complete a task.
That's why companies are paying more attention to how information is structured and presented to the end customer. 
3. The bigger it is, the better
Large elements of your site for a small screen of a mobile device may seem counterintuitive, but in reality, it's the opposite. The fact is that enlarging the texts, buttons and other elements is crucial for the UX of your app. Everyone does not have the same view, dexterity or the size of fingers. It's up to you to adapt to the users, not the other way around. In terms of statistics, the thumb is responsible for 75% of the interactions done on the phone.
This may seem obvious, but it's easier to click on big targets than small ones. A tiny button or a text link is much more difficult to activate the first time because they require more precision. Imagine your users are walking, tired, or even driving, all of these factors added to the fact that the buttons are tiny, the user will have to focus a lot more to use your app.
4. The less writing needed, the better the mobile experience
Users make a lot more mistakes and are slow when writing on a smartphone. As a result, users want this slow and annoying process to be minimized on mobile. When possible, it is advisable to minimize the number of things to write for mobile design.
One way to reduce the amount of text is to change the writing by simple clicks whenever possible. This is feasible by taking advantage of auto-fill features and user profiles. This allows the user to enter their information only once, they will then be saved in the application. Some typical UX examples include the automatic location of the city or region using the postal code entered. This automatically fills in the suggestions for the search fields, while indicating the history for easier searches. There are other examples such as the automatic selection of the shipping method, the recording of credit card information and sometimes even the previous card in case of failure.
Also, do not forget to design your forms as short as possible. Ask only the minimum amount of information to your users. If your form requires a lot of scrolling, then it will be necessary to consider cutting it into several parts. Top mobile app development company will put all these factors into consideration.
5. Always test everything and look for ways to improve
test everything
At the end of app development process, there is the test phase. When mobile teams try to test their applications, they usually think about quality assurance. They test the functional aspect of the app, to eliminate bugs and make sure everything works properly without a crash. You will also need to perform usage tests to ensure customer satisfaction.
One way to test the use of your app is the remote user testing (User Test Distance). This type of test allows you to have feedback from participants using the app in their natural environment. In addition, remote user testing involves the use of video recording software. This makes it possible to know the gestures of the users when testing the app.
In the end, the remote user test is similar to watching someone use your app. Just as if you were right behind him, looking over his shoulder, you will know how the user used your application and the difficulties he/she encountered. As you are not physically with the test participants, the process can be faster and cheaper than a traditional lab test.
While the user test is a good way to understand and know the habits and feelings of your customers, you will also need to use analytics. Statistics related to your app will be very important. Know the trends of the users, how often they perform an action, press on a button, or even uninstall the app. Having both quantitative and qualitative data is a great way to fully understand the user experience. It is important to meet with mobile app development company when creating an app.
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