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How To Develop An App Like 'My Afterwords' To Send Final Message To Your Close Ones

App Development

Dec 2020
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how to develop an app like 'my afterwords' to send final message to your close ones
Advancements in technology & digitalization have made us acquainted with measuring everything in numbers. Nowadays, we measure happiness through the no. of likes on our posts; we express love by sharing gifts and emojis digitally. Quantitative analysis has always helped humans, but sometimes you need more than 'worth' to pass your emotions across.
While scrolling through remarkable app ideas recently, one app stood unique compared to the rest, My Afterwords mobile app. This app has unique features no one has considered till now. Every other app is in the process of adding more features & making people's lives better. No developer is thinking beyond the realm of apps as they are focused on making users' daily lives better. No app provides services that will benefit you & your close ones beyond the realm of life & death.
This article will look at this app more closely and discuss its unique features so that the top app developers 2021 can learn from it and get innovative ideas to develop a unique app like this.
My Afterwords app ensures your close ones receive your last message.
My Afterwords app introduces a very uncommon service to the world. Simply knowing what this app does puts a smile on people's faces. This app enables you to save messages for close ones and allows you to say some things before parting ways for eternity. This app was designed to permit users to store several messages for different receivers that you can draft anytime you want & save them for the day you won't be any more to say to them yourself. You can prepare a message & keep it in your app. You can alter the content of your message a year later.
Singaporean entrepreneur, Alan Ng, is the man behind this unique app idea during early 2019. Alan was not a professional techie, and he had no experience in building apps or related services. However, he does have an innovative mind & passion for making this world a better place with extraordinary benefits. Alan desired to launch an app for a long time, understanding the acceptance of digitization & the new possibilities it introduces to the world. However, he struggled to find a unique idea until he finally realized how much emphasis app developers give to the quantitative facets of apps, neglecting the qualitative value they can bring. He wanted to highlight this facet of mobile app services & came up with the My Afterword app idea, which permits you to send emotional love messages & words for close ones.
Alan began the development in early 2020. However, the pandemic situation took place in no time and slowed his business, just like millions of other companies worldwide. But Alan didn't take much time to complete the mobile application development processes & introduced the My Afterwords app some months ago.
Essential Features to help you make your final conversation
My Afterwords app is developed after deep contemplation and has curated a way of spreading different messages to different people following your demise. Below are some exciting features it has to offer to its users:
1) Save Messages For Close Ones
save messages for close ones
My Afterwords app allows you to store messages for your close ones, which will be sent to them after your death. Store any number of messages, and it will be valid for a year.
2) Update Your Messages Yearly
After saving your message for close ones, it will be secured by the app's database. On your message's 1st anniversary, you can modify its content & it will be renewed for 1 more year. If you do not update the message, it will be automatically removed after a 2-day grace period.
3) Choose Reliable Informers
For using this app, you need to pick 2-5 informers responsible for informing this app after your death. You have to pick between a minimum of 2 & a maximum of 5 informers. Selected informers should install this app and agree to be your informer.
4) Full Message Safety
This app cares about privacy & your message's value; therefore, it secures it from any external threat & also doesn't allow the informers to view your messages' content when they help your close ones to retreat your messages.
5) Recover Your Messages
On a user's death, the My Afterwords app will permit their close ones to recover their message through the informer's account. Till that moment, the message will be kept safe from all human eyes.
6) Free Words For The Close Ones
free words for the close ones
This fantastic app lets you write your messages & schedule them with informers. But, the length of the free message is restricted to 1500 words. At the same time, the word limit of paid messages is capped at 15k words.
How To Use The My Afterwords App?
Follow the simple steps given below.
Step 1: Install the app.
Step 2: Register as a member.
Step 3: Add informers
Step 4: Start drafting your messages.
Step 5: Store your messages.
Pricing Model For Such App
Free version - Send 1 message with 1500 characters with a yearly renewal of the message.
$3 per month - Send 3 messages with 15k characters capacity, each.
$36 per year - Send 6 messages with 15k characters capacity, each.
Pros & Cons
- Unique services
- Emotional quotient
- Privacy guaranteed
- Various informers 
- 1 free message
- The 6 messages pack should be more affordable.
- No sound, photo, or video sharing options as of now.
The Bottom Line
This app offers something unusual in the mobile app world; hence there is nothing to compare. This app is truly captivating. It provides great satisfaction, which is tough to find in any other task. In this mechanical world, it feels happy to see someone using technology to promote love, compassion, and a relationship's longevity, even when demise has ended it. Everyone should absolutely draft their first message and nominate informers since it is for free. App developers are also working on syncing audio-visual shareability with this awe-inspiring app. As a developer or business owner, this is a great app model to learn from and develop such a unique app type.
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