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Developing A Mobile Wallet App For Online Payments

App Development

Aug 2017
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mobile wallet app development
Many businesses today need an electronic means of payment. Whether the business is online, offline, or located in a brick-mortar shop, this is a necessity. Whatever the size of the business is, one way of surviving the business trends is to imbibe the option of using a mobile wallet application for mobile devices. 
The culture of using this mobile digital payment system enhances a business, gives the business an edge, and makes it stand out among its counterparts. It is even more necessary because of the availability of smartphones. A lot of customers tend to prefer using their smartphones to make purchases online and even in the shops. 
This medium is not restricted to only one kind of business as people now use technology to buy and sell almost everything they need online. Developing this mobile wallet application requires a unique mindset and great skill. So many important factors need to be considered before taking on the challenge. Before you hire any of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai to help you build this application, here are factors to consider:
Platforms and devices: Before you create a mobile wallet application, the iPhone app development companies have to put into consideration the platform and the devices the app will run on. Desktops and Laptops usually run on Windows or Mac, which gives them a standard size of screen and features. But when it comes to mobile phones, its features and screen are fragmented. In addition, there are four major platforms they run on which include Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS and these platforms evolve continuously. More factors are to be considered before you hire a developer to build a digital payment system for you and these factors include the type of platform on which to build, the option of technology in mobile to use and the supported functionalities of the mobile device. iPhone app development companies need to think creatively about how to build these wallets across the various platforms, and to design it to be compatible with the various screen sizes of the devices. 
Interaction with users: How users interact with the mobile payment system is also crucial. Users can input data into the device through other ways. Some of those ways are touching or single taping, double taping and even long touching. All of these functions need to be incorporated into the mobile app. Laptops and desktops have keyboards used to input data; this makes it faster and comfortable when inputting data. To bring the same comfort down to our mobile devices, typing information into the app should be easy and smooth as well. Where possible, options should be provided for selection of items in the app instead of direct data entry. One other interaction that should be considered is making tabs, buttons and bars to appear bigger to enable users to tap precisely. As this will reduce the accidental activation of unintended links and landing on unwanted pages. 
Payment status: The users' transaction or payment status should always be available to them. This has to be done for users to keep track of every single data during their transactions to know how their money is spent. Customers always look for a comfortable payment system and giving them every detailed information of how their money is spent is one way of giving them the comfort they desire. There might be some errors in a transaction, and this also has to be detailed out to the customer for clarity. 
Security: The security of a mobile wallet application is paramount. The wallet will contain bank details and vital account information of clients, and this means that the app must provide total security of the customers' data. Hire good iPhone app development company for app development with little or no vulnerability, to make it difficult for hackers to hack. Cyber-attacks will cause many problems for the app and the customers. The success of a mobile app wallet is usually tied to its structure of security. The security of the customers' data should be the utmost priority of the top app development companies. In addition, this should be done by using good security measures. Also, carrying out transactions should be easy and hassle free. 
Reward points and coupons: Rewards, discounts, and coupons have always been a point of attraction to customers. People always love to get offers, rewards, and discounts. This usually promotes the traffic towards the usage of a mobile wallet application. The coupons given to customers can be used on some special brand of products or an entire range of items. Offering these rewards and discounts to your customers will make them come back to your application and carry out more transactions with it. While building this app, top app development companies should make provision for customers to check their reward points and redeem them without stress. 
Keeping customers engaged: It is important to push notifications to customers from time to time concerning some new offers they will need. A lot of users always abandon an application after using it for the first time. A nice way of bringing them back to your wallet app is to keep notifying them about latest products, discounts and new offers. Sharing hot deals and custom coupons with customers is definitely a great way of engaging them with the application. 
Limited battery resource, CPU, and memory: Smartphones do not have the memory capacity, and computing power as desktops and laptops do. When you develop a digital wallet, codes and algorithms need to written and optimized for full mobile device support. For instance, a memory of 1GB is a constraining factor for mobile devices, and this is unusual not found on applications that run on desktop or laptops. This is not the same case when it comes to a smartphone. This means when using a single image set with pixels that are hard coded, the resultant effect on a low-end and high-end smartphone is not the same. It is either the user interface will be fuzzy and upscale, or it will have very small controls making it uncomfortable for users to click with a finger. 
Therefore, the developer needs to compile images of multiple resolutions with the use of display metrics in scaling the drawing code. One other problem that web applications or desktops do not have is battery life issues. This is because the web application has its entire algorithm entirely running on a server, so this results to no constraints in battery life. In the case of mobile devices, a very sophisticated algorithm in the wallet application will cause the battery to drain faster. So the battery consumption has to be put into consideration while designing the mobile app wallet.
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