E- Commerce Mobile Optimization : Top tips for better E-Commerce Mobile App Development!

E- Commerce Mobile Optimization : Top tips for better E-Commerce Mobile App Development!

Smartphones are one of the coolest and the trendy gadget found in each and everyone's hand and has replaced desktop and laptop that were used earlier.


Nowadays, people are cling to their mobiles and tablets all the time and online shopping is one of the activity that consumes significant amount of time. It is therefore necessary to provide every Ecommerce mobile app a proper schemed out UX, that makes E-commerce mobile app a delightful and pleasant atmosphere and not a fantasy.


Today is the trend of Mobile e-commerce and people can enjoy shopping experience only if the UX of mobile app are optimized and the app is light weight making it released up from unwanted things. As per the survey more than 93% people love to shop their things out from their mobile phone. So now, it's time to refurbish the UX and to optimize it in every manner to deliver best ever user Experience to the consumers.


So here, I'll leverage you with the cheat sheet to mark you some points to optimize your m-commerce website.


#1. Free your interface from the clutter


The User Interface of the E-commerce mobile app must be designed in minimum fashion. There should not be any mess in design and the links that fosters users to search their desired product and services should only be there. Unconfined app leverage great shopping experience to the users.


#2. Easy checkout


Most of the times users get stucked up at the payment step. Whenever user proceeds from checkout he/she needs smooth process to go with. The coupons or the Gift code needs to be visible and also users should be able to change the bought quantity. Fields like Address, pin code, telephone no etc must be mentioned along with payment mode and time.


#3. No need for the log in


When users want to shop from computer, logging into account is not a compulsory step but when the same needs to be performed from mobile phones it becomes mandatory. The shopper mobile app must not ask for login unless user wants to buy particular product from the site.


#4. Clear and high quality photographs


As the size of mobile phone is small the image size also shrinks which spoils the mood of shopper and does not give the expected user experience that it should give. The picture/images of the product should be large/broad enough that gives clear cut idea of the product so that it helps user in best ever shopping experience. Quality is an important factor that is targeted to improve UX of E-Commerce mobile app development.

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Some of the other Checklist which needs to be considered are


1) Home Page should clearly voice out what your website is all about and what it deals with.


2) Alteration of text size when user moves from portrait to landscape.


3) Well-designed Search Functionality.


4) Implementation of CSS that replaces image Buttons.


5) Testing of website to check its compatibility amongst various OS and devices.


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