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E-scooter App Has A Bright Future In The Transport Sector

App Development

Nov 2020
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ecooter app has a bright future in the transport sector
Technology is evolving everything around us. It has altered things in pretty much every sector. The transport industry is one of those industries. The transport sector is revolutionizing to bless us with more convenience. Nowadays, we are just one tap away from ordering a cab and reaching somewhere. The most popular transportations apps are Uber, Lime, Lyft, Ola, Bird, and others. These apps have made an enormous place in an on-demand taxi and e-scooter categories escalating sustainability in the ecosystem.
The most well-known e-scooter sharing app Bird raised $275 million in the Series D round, and the companies are now valuing a total of $548 million. Developing an Escooter app has been very beneficial to them, and it can be for you too.
This article will throw a light on your understanding of the e-scooter app; it’s working, its benefits, its mobile app features, and opportunities of an e-scooter mobile app.
What Exactly Is The E-scooter App?
This mobile app allows the user to rent an electric scooter. Most of the Americas choose the electric bike to go to their workplaces. E-scooter is becoming well-known on the US streets like Chicago, San Francisco, and California.
In case you own an electric scooter business, this mobile app will drive a lot of customers to your place and make you a lot of money.
How Does An E-scooter App Work?
how does an escooter app work
The working of this app is a 5 step process.
1. Scan the Scooter
The map attributes to assist you in scanning the scooter near you and grab one when you find one near you.
2. Scan the QR
The customer can scan the QR code with his cell, thus sharing his information on the server. This will enable an anti-theft system.
3. Access the Ride
The QR scan unlocks the scooter, allowing the customer to take it and ride it anywhere they want.
4. Notify the Rider
The app has a push notification system too, which enables the rider to update with navigation and other ride details.
5. Post-ride
Once you have finished your ride, you can tap an end button on your app. After making the payments successfully, you can place the scooter at your drop place, and go to your work.
What Makes It So Useful?
There are a few things you should know about an e-scooter and the app that will benefit you.
Environmental Friendly:
E-scooter do not use gas for its functioning, which is why it is not harmful to the environment. With comparison to other modes of transport, electric bikes are environmentally friendly.
Cheap Commute:
Electric bikes are less expensive than other transport modes, as they operate on battery and use sustainable oil and energy. Its price ranges from $0.15 a minute, thus making it pocket-friendly.
Easily Available:
These electric bikes are readily available anywhere and can be used conveniently and smoothly, thus avoiding traffic problems.
Saves Time:
Unlike other vehicles like cabs or buses, which might get you stuck in traffic and take away your lot of time, an e-scooter can save you time and get you to your place faster.
Unlike cars, you need a lot of spending on services and maintenance; e-scooter comes an easy rescue. It saves you a lot of money and time since they only need to recharge your batteries and cleanings.
No License Needed:
To drive an e-scooter app, you don’t require any license and can ride it hassle-free. This was much needed, especially if you are an immigrant or a tourist.
Less Space Needed:
This electric bike doesn’t require much space to park it; thus, you can travel anywhere without any stress of parking it.
E-scooter Apps Create Opportunities?
Here is the most significant step to finding an app development company in USA with a lot of experience and knowledge in developing the best app for you.
Before jumping in to invest in the app, it is necessary to know about the e-scooter business market and technology.
Not only these app companies are spreading their wings to make the user life better, but also creating more streams for employment and revenues. Such apps can lead to more job opportunities for the younger crowd.
E-scooter App Features
escooter app features
Map Feature:
This attribute will help the rider know where the vehicle is, enabling him to reach there faster.
Real-time Tracking:
This feature enables the rider to share his exact location with his family and friends, and thus ensure his safety.
Anti-theft Resolution:
The bike will gather all the rider's personal information when he scans the barcode, thus solving the missing scooter scenario and ensuring security.
Various Payment Streams:
With an integrated payment gateway, the rider can use different payment methods to pay online, which delivers a great user experience.
In-app Lock:
This app has a smart lock feature that enables the rider to lock the bike with the app and unlock it with the app, thus creating a sense of safety.
Now, let’s have a look at a few mobile e-scooter apps to get a basic idea.
Bird E-scooter App
This scooter sharing app, founded in 2018, is working great in the cities of North America.
- Key features of this app
- Navigates any scooter around you
- GPS monitoring
- Barcode to unlock the bike via app
- Lock your bike via the app
- Various payment methods
Lime E-scooter app
Founded in 2018, the Lime scooter app has created a real buzz, acquiring a funding of $467 million.
This app has similar characteristics to the Bird app.
Spin E-scooter app
This app is a very recent invention, and has acquired funding of about $125 million. At the moment, this app is available in more than 19 countries.
Basically, all these apps have similar functioning patterns.
Bottom Line:
Hope by now you know how useful an e-scooter app is, especially when you want to ride hassle-free, deprived of a vehicle, want to ride affordable, want a feeling of security, and believe in environment-friendliness.
An increase in competition and user demands has led the transport sector to shift online, thus proving very beneficial.
These e-scooter apps have been handy, and the market for such apps is undoubtedly going to escalate shortly, making travel a journey rather than a destination.
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