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Most mobile application developers rarely celebrate the successful completion of their mobile app development project because they know they are just getting started for work proper. The bulk work lies in the marketing process. This is when app developers and markets will have to get on the quest of searching for potential users and customers for their business app. Obviously, mobile apps don’t sell themselves, marketers do. Any mobile app developer looking to forge ahead in the highly competitive mobile ecosystem must be willing to take app marketing as serious as the development process itself. 
Even after the completion of the development process and the subsequent release of the application on the app store, mobile applications can rarely get recognized by potential users without launching effective marketing campaigns. The joy of becoming an app owner can only be experienced in no greater measure when those who get to know about the app are not only using it but returning back again to happily make good use of it on a regular basis. 
Getting a mobile application exposed to potential customers is simply referred to as “app promotion,” while app retention refers to the act of getting already established customers returning back for more. These two activities are very essential to the growth and development of any business in the modern app development world. Whether a mobile app development company chooses to promote its app via app store optimization, email marketing or social media platforms, what matters most is ensuring that its users are regularly engaged with the mobile app.
Understanding User Retention
User retention is often mistaken for app marketing when there is a huge difference between them both. While marketing is concerned with getting users to use an app, user retention is the only process that keeps users’ interest in the app alive. Without this (retention), visitors will only get to know about the app (thanks to app marketing) but won’t last long using it, as there will be relatively nothing exciting to inspire them to get going. 
To achieve an effective user retention goal, app developers need to work closely with marketing teams so as to obtain the desired app performance, re-engagement, and user experience. They only way these professionals can understand how to keep building traction is by adopting analytics. This is a very useful tool that developers and marketers can employ to know exactly what their users need and how best to meet their expectations. 
There are lots of new possibilities and prospects, developers can experience when they put all these tools to work. This can also go a long way to help app owners gain more advantage over their competitors, as they stand to identify novel ideas necessary for helping them grow their user community through this means. Here is how app developers and marketers can improve upon their user retention technique to enhance business growth. 
Focus on increasing engagement
increase engagement
When it comes to promoting mobile app development, marketers and developers need to focus more attention on various ways of increasing app engagement for their users. At this point, they are free to experiment with every tool at their disposal, including in-app messages, push notifications, and social media. Ultimately, you stand to experience increased growth when you focus your attention on increased engagement. 
Understand your app usage data
Contrary to general perceptions, the success of an app is not contingent on the number of downloads it acquired on the app store but on how well the product is performing. The best way to know this is by using analytics. Undoubtedly, you stand to help your mobile application grow much faster when you invest in understanding its usage data. 
Also, there is no need to consider revenue as an indication of sustained gains despite it being regarded as a good indicator of apps’ success. What marketers should be more concerned about are those features that keep bringing in users. Basically, business app marketers need to align their initiatives to proponents that strictly indicate growth. This is just a great way to stay ahead of the competition. 
While it is highly recommended that you take cognizance of your app’s growth levers at all times, it is also important to consider those areas where you think your users are dropping off. Ultimately, developers need to see for themselves to know how users are employing their apps on a daily basis. It is essential to consider these parameters on a regular basis, so as to fully understand how well to keep users engaged. 
Provide regular updates
provide regular updates
Users don’t require the services of anyone to make them know when to leave once an app loses its value. On the contrary, users don’t need anyone to remind them to keep coming back to an application that maintains a consistent value. There is no better way to maintain good value in an app than adding new features regularly. As a matter of fact, this practice should be done in a timely manner else you’ll end up losing your clients before time. 
In order to remain ahead of the competition, marketers are advised to employ a constant and consistent analysis of their user data. It is only through this means that they can effectively know how and when to add valuable features to their app. Users tend to trust and even become loyal customers when they see that the app owner is committed to improving the app. In sum, developers can only achieve an effective growth-centered objective by ensuring frequent app updates. 
Adopt an attractive design
For every mobile application, design always plays a very important role in both in-app promotion and user retention. People often say do not judge a book by its cover but when it comes to mobile app development, It is what you see, you get. As a matter of fact, your user’s overall experience depends solely on the type of design you adopt. This emphasizes the need for app developers to adopt high-quality UI design for their app. Just so you know, this alone can go a long way in helping you empower your business app growth.

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