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Enterprise Mobile App Development: Complete Guide Staring From What To How

App Development

Nov 2022
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enterprise mobile app development - complete guide
Being part of a world where automation is everything, we have flexibility with everything, starting from ordering food from our favourite restaurants to binge-watching movies and series in our own comfort. All we have to do is take our mobile phones out and open the pre-existing mobile application.
The evaluation and enhancement of businesses have increased the demand for flexibility in the corporate world. Various app development companies out there are offering these flexibilities to them offering services for enterprise app development based on their requirements.
Enterprise mobile applications are changing how employees stay connected to their work and enhance their productivity. You might be in the delusion of not having come across any enterprise mobile application. Let's find out what type of mobile application falls under the category of enterprise mobile app and how they can bring revolutionary changes to the world of professionals.

What is Enterprise Mobile Application Development?

Any mobile applications that help companies to manage their tasks are known as enterprise mobile applications. Enterprise mobile applications facilitate its users, mainly the employees of the organization to manage and streamline their business operations well.
Just as the purpose of an enterprise mobile application is different from the consumer mobile application; the development of an enterprise mobile application is different as well. Enterprise mobile applications can not compromise on any level as it deals with various different tasks of an organization. So if you are thinking about developing an enterprise mobile app, hire mobile app developers that can offer top-level functionalities starting from scalability to security.
Along with that, the mobile app development company should be able to offer you top-level device compatibility following all the standards of iPhone app development, Android app development, web app development and any other affecting factors. A simple development error can cost the company a lot.
Apart from this, enterprise mobile app development should cover almost every affecting factor such as testing, automation, and third-party tools integration in the working mobile application. Along with that enterprise mobile application development follows different mobile app legal considerations and app distribution terms.
Mobile app development companies with enough years of experience and expertise can help you at every stage but for that, you have to figure out which type of Enterprise mobile application you want. And if you already have a mobile app idea in mind, you have to figure out which type of mobile application it is.

Types of Enterprise Mobile App Development

types of enterprise mobile app development

To put it briefly there are 3 types of enterprise mobile apps that exist.
  • Employee Level
  • Department Level
  • Company Level
We should browse them deeply to figure out what type of mobile app development assistance you need and which category your mobile app idea falls under.

1) Employee Level Mobile Application

Employee-level mobile applications usually have the minimum number of features. Different task-oriented mobile applications fall under this category. Employee-level enterprise mobile applications are valuable to individuals who stand firm on a specific situation; these mobile applications assist representatives with tackling one specific issue. Any business intelligence or analytics mobile application that assists top-level management to keep track of work with minimal interference falls under this category.

2) Department-Level Mobile Application

A mobile application that addresses the needs of a specific department falls under this category. Whether it could be a finance department or a marketing department; if your mobile application solves industry-specific problems; then it also falls under this category. Any mobile application that resolves the problems of remote working professionals, marketing management, sales management, supply chain management, customer service management, general HR management or any other industry-specific problems; then it also falls under this category.

3) Company-Level Mobile Application

Company-level mobile app development is clearly intended to be utilized by the whole association. Communication and collaboration-based mobile applications permit representatives to develop affinity and remain associated with the different departments and working officials of the organization. Mobile applications that offer corporate training or e-learning sessions for the organization fall under this category. What's more, ultimately, General efficiency mobile applications assist everyone with helpfully arranging and screening their own - or, on account of directors and managers, other representatives' - activities.
Now that you have figured out which type of enterprise mobile app you need or which app idea falls under which category; we should move on to the most obvious question various companies out there ask; What advantages enterprise mobile applications can bring to the table?

Advantages of Enterprise Mobile App Development

advantages of enterprise app development

1) Enhanced Working Efficiency

Accomplishing high working efficiency levels is a fantasy-like thing for almost every company out there. Along with that, a Mobile app development company can really assist your company with tackling this issue offering assistance for feature-rich mobile app development based on your demands. Enterprise mobile application plays an important part in streaming communication across different departments of your company and furthermore between the organization and its clients.
Also, mobile application development enhances their offering through different third-party integration that helps the employees to enhance their work. For example, the integration of push notifications can help the employees to keep themselves updated with upcoming scheduled meetings or different project deadlines whereas the integration of a calendar can assist them to manage their working schedules.

2) Enhanced & Advance Communication Methods

Various companies out there even today actually depend on traditional norms of communication for in-house and even client communication. Be that as it may, today, when twenty to thirty-year-olds and even gen z prefer speedy communication, such ordinary means appear to be obsolete and significantly influence their efficiency. Since it could get challenging to get quick responses when employees are not close to their work areas, this could hamper progress.
In any case, with enterprise mobile application development, communication becomes viable and quick in light of the fact as it is hard to find an employee without a mobile phone; enterprise mobile applications make communication and collaboration quick and easy for every employee of the organization.
Various companies hire app developers to fulfill their custom enterprise mobile app development requirements with demands to add GIFs and emojis to make the conversation more meaningful and enjoyable.

3) Enhanced ROI

Custom mobile app development for your specific requirements can help you enhance your ROI. As the mobile app development company experts will build and add the mobile app features and functionalities of your enterprise mobile application that truly reflect and resolve the problems that your business is facing. It will prompt expanded incomes, improved efficiency, and further developed security, which will prompt a better ROI for your company.

4) Adequate Business Opportunities

An enterprise mobile application development implies getting incredible business that would have taken longer in any case. The team of mobile app developers can assist with knowing unexpected changes on the lookout, address production network issues, know employee work and communication data, receive client feedback, manage workflow, and that's just the beginning. A proficient mobile app development company can help you achieve all these through a single mobile application.

5) Minimize Operational Expenses

Each company needs to set aside cash, no matter how big or small it can be. Those help the organization handle the operational expenses of the company which can be troublesome to manage without the support of technology. Integration of the latest technologies like AI, ML, blockchain and various others to the mobile application can help the organization manage operational expenses. It can also provide meaningful insights on how to manage expenses and where you can cut down your unnecessary expenses. Accordingly, the enterprise mobile application invites automation and sets aside adequate cash long term, making outstanding encounters for your clients and the organization as a whole.

6) Data Management

As a general rule, in most of the cases, it is seen that the data of an organization is not efficient and organized the way it should be. This can cause disarray, bringing about lackluster company performance. Be that as it may, with enterprise mobile app development, this region turns out to be simple. Customized enterprise mobile applications permit simple and fast admittance to data sets and manage data with automation tools integration.

7) Workflow Automation

The only thing that is tiring for any employee out there is the management of repetitive tasks. It not only affects employee productivity but also affects the work efficiency of the employee. The enterprise mobile application development can help out over here as well. It automates repetitive tasks using advanced technologies. So, having the assistance of an enterprise mobile application automates tedious tasks on its own keeping employees free to focus on more productive tasks.

8) Higher Employee Engagement

An enterprise mobile application has the capability to bring all the employees on the same platform. It empowers representatives to uninhibitedly voice their perspectives, share significant news, make declarations, and so forth. This tries not to go to the administration for conversation specifically, saving time and effort.
More or less, enterprise mobile app development lays out areas of strength for a culture and further develops efficiency, seeking after the association to investigate the future to develop business mobile applications.

Things to Keep In Mind for Enterprise Mobile App Development

things to keep in mind for enterprise mobile app development

As we have discussed above, enterprise mobile app development is way different from any other mobile application. So, there are various things that you should keep in mind to achieve the goals you have anticipated.

1) Business Goal

If you are reaching out to the app development company for your development requirements; you have to have some objectives in mind that you want to achieve through this enterprise mobile app development. Whether it could enhance company management or client management or anything else. You should have firm business goals in mind that you want to achieve through this mobile application. Discuss these goals with the mobile app development team and they can guide you about how they can help you achieve them.

2) Easy Navigation

Even though your enterprise mobile app target audience is going to be tech-savvy one; it is important to keep the mobile app user-friendly. Your employees and other users are already well-equipped and habituated to different corporate platforms; so you have to keep your mobile application easy to use and navigate for the users. You can hire app developers that offer easy navigations and integrations to third-party tools and APIs to offer outstanding user experience.

3) Security Issues

As you are focusing on enterprise mobile app development for your organization, one of the main concerns you can have is security issues. As the employees will have access to your company details and can face issues with the storage and various others. As the mobile application will be accessible on the personal device where they will be sharing their personal as well as company details on the same device; simple password protection will be enough. This is one of the factors that you should hire app developers with. Consider hiring mobile app developers that have years of experience and expertise with iPhone app development, and Android app development.

4) Mobile App Management

Enterprise mobile app development involves various features and factors that need constant updates and support from the admin side. Along with that, you will need assistance from the developer's end that can train your employees about the features, functionalities and usage of the mobile application. So make sure you hire mobile app developers that can offer you support as and when you need it. The mobile app development team should be able to understand and communicate with you and your employee in your own language fluently.

5) Agile Mobile App Development Strategy

Almost every mobile app development process should follow the Agile approach as it ensures a smooth working flow. The agile development strategy included every development stage such as design, development, quality assurance, testing, deployment and everything in between. The Agile mobile app development strategy will make sure you get your MVP first to test every feature and functionality and the working of the mobile application before the final release.

6) Tech Stacks

If you are investing in mobile app development, you need to make sure that your mobile application does not become troublesome to use after years. And there is only one thing that makes it sure that is the usage of the right tech stacks. The tech stacks of your mobile application should make sure that it will provide support for the longest time. Make sure your app developers leverage the latest tech stacks that offer support for many more upcoming years.
Along with this, there are some features that you should include in your enterprise mobile application. Along with enhancing the working of the mobile application; the features of the mobile application make sure to deliver accurate results just as you have anticipated. Don't worry we won't leave you all alone to figure out this. Let's have a look at some of the important features that no matter what should be in your enterprise mobile application.

Features to Cover in Enterprise Mobile Application

features to cover in enterprise mobile application

1) User Authentication

As mentioned above, your enterprise mobile application will be accessible from the personal devices of the users, you should make sure to follow the accurate user authentication procedure. Along with that, your mobile application will include various company details that should be kept safe and secure without leaving any loopholes. So, make sure to include highly efficient user authentication functionalities.

2) Real-Time Data Analytics

The organization deals with and manages various processes and stakeholders all at once. So, it is necessary to deliver real-time analytical data with high efficiency that can help the responsible person with accurate decision-making processes. Real-time analytics keep the data processing flow maintained and flawless.

3) Communication Method

One of the basic offerings of any enterprise mobile application should be to keep the communication between the employees smooth and flawless. A communication method to connect with each other through calling and messaging functionality will deliver a smooth communication method. To keep communication more enjoyable and expressive you can even ask the mobile app developers to allow the users to add emojis and stickers.

4) Effortless Data/Media Sharing

Data transferring is one of the core functionality of any enterprise or even a small business. Real-time data and media sharing will make communication and other work management tasks easy. Having an effortless data and media-sharing network will enhance the working methodology of the organization. Along with that, it will make sure that the managers, stakeholders, and decision-makers can access all the necessary data as and when needed.

5) Push Notification

Push notification is one of the features that you will find in almost every mobile application. But you should not include it just because every other mobile app has it. The push notification feature of your mobile application will keep your users informed about important announcements, new messages and emergencies and various other things offering them a chance to take the necessary steps as and when needed.

6) Announcement Board

The announcement board is one of the important features of the enterprise mobile application. It will help the employees to stay updated with all the important announcements. You can even allow the users to create a departmental announcement board as well. For example, employees on leave can inform about that through the department announcement board which can help the other employees to manage their tasks accordingly.

7) Offline Mode

Take a step ahead and stand out from your competition. The offline mode can work as an add-on for your mobile application. The offline mode will make sure the working efficiency of the employees does not affect even with the network issues. If you don't wish to make the entire mobile application available for use; you can make some of the important features available with an offline mode that can guarantee a smooth working flow.
Yes, of course, the integration and implementation of all these features are going to cost a bit to you. Let's discuss and resolve your worries about the mobile app development cost estimation next.

How Much Does Enterprise Mobile App Development Cost?

If any mobile app development company offers you the final cost of enterprise mobile application development without asking any counter questions, you should think about trusting them. As enterprise mobile app development depends on the mobile app development process and various other things such as what type of features you want to include, what functionalities the mobile app will provide, whether you want to opt for native app development for Android app development, iPhone app development or Hybrid app development, how complex the development process is and many more.
So, if you want to get an accurate cost estimation for your enterprise mobile app, you should reach out to an app development company with your project requirements and they will give you an accurate estimation including the time estimation about how much time it can take to deliver the final working mobile application.
At Hyperlink InfoSystem, the team of app developers keeps the client requirements at the core. They try to understand every affecting step of the app development process and make sure to deliver outstanding outcomes. Leveraging their years of experience and expertise, the mobile app team of Hyperlink Infosystem delivers the mobile app development solution that the client has anticipated at first offering the most amazing user experience. If you still have doubts about your mobile app development requirements, we are just a click away.


Enterprise mobile app development is the next emerging trend that every other existing or upcoming business is going to step into. So, now is the time you should step into and put your thoughts into action. If you have given attention to the details of the blog then you might have understood the fact that you will need assistance from the experts for your enterprise mobile app development. You can put your thoughts into action by reaching out to a top app development company with outstanding knowledge and experience with enterprise mobile app development just like Hyperlink InfoSystem.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise mobile app developers will utilize their knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver the most user-friendly mobile application understanding your mobile app development requirements. They can even leverage the latest tech stacks to your mobile application to fulfill your app development requirements.

You can reach out to one of the top app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem and hire dedicated enterprise mobile app developers that can leverage their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop digital solutions based on your project requirements.

Defining the time frame of the app development solution depends on various factors such as project requirements, app development time frame, the complexity of the app development, the type of solution, features and functionalities to include enterprise mobile application, the required team of app developers, and many more.

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