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Essential Features To Develop A Quality Scanner App Like ScannerLens App

App Development

Apr 2021
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essential features to develop a quality scanner app like scannerlens app
Mobile apps have solutions to all our needs in today’s world. All you need to do is name it, and there’s an app, whether it is for booking a cab, reserving a table, learning maths online, shopping groceries online, or scanning your documents. Yes, you heard that right! Now, you can scan documents through a mobile app. Scanner apps have been up for quite a long time now, but it has caught traction only in a couple of years.
From scanning devices to apps, everything has been revolutionized digitally. Now, you don’t need to go out to scan your documents, nor you need scanners installed at home to scan a piece of paper. Our smartphone cameras do all the work. Scanning documents from a smartphone camera is cost-effective and time-saving. The mobile scanner app allows you to capture information by taking a photo using your smartphone camera. This will enable you to snap and examine essential things whenever required.
The question is, how do you choose the best app amongst all the scanning apps that can scan papers using your smartphone’s camera? Let’s make it fast and easy for you. If you are getting lost in a handful of papers and wish to arrange them but still can’t find time to do that, there is a high-quality scanner app that can make that happen easily, ScannerLens app is it!
ScannerLens app is the top-notch document scanning app amongst a few others that can scan, save, & share any documents in PDF, TXT, or JPG formats with only a few clicks. Here, we will look at some top features of this unique app to help you develop yours as well.
What Is ScannerLens App?
This document scanner app is a cam scanner app available on iPadOS and iOS that turns a photo taken by your mobile phone to JPG/PDF/TXT formats. It helps to export canned files to other apps or clouds.
Essential Features Of ScannerLens App
Below are the key features of the ScannerLens app
Top-notch Text Extraction With OCR Online
The cam scanner app furnishes a notably high identification precision of 95 percent using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This costly scanner gives you accurate control over image resolution, image correction, and OCR for storing docs & repurposing them.
1. Scan Anything
scan anything
If it’s a paper doc, whiteboard photo, this app converts your iPad/iPhone into a portable scanner with which you can scan documents or pictures into PDF/JPG/TXT formats. This is a crucial feature update for current ScannerLens users who could export as JPG/PDF or TXT instead of both.
2. Password Protection
You can allocate a pin or password to your scanned document as well to save it from unauthorized access & only those who know the password can access it.
3. Modify Documents
This cam scanner app feels like a ready-to-use physical scanner that offers bitonal photo processing automatically, blob removal & distortion correction to get sharp & clear photos anywhere & anytime.
4. Insert Signature
The smart document scanning app provides you 2 ways to scan your signatures - sign directly or on paper, then pull it.
5. App User Experience
app user experience
This app offers a matchless user experience due to its high regard for app users. For instance, in building ScannerLens, the team has over 1000 users in about 25 scenarios relating to the app usage. They ensured that they had created a product that everyone can easily use to study, work, & live.
6. UI-Friendly Design For Color Vision Deficiency
ScannerLens app has a UI-friendly design for app users with color vision deficiency with filters & app design optimized for an enhanced user experience.
7. Sort & Manage Archives
ScannerLens app manages clear, archiving folders to vast categories of folders. The PDF files can be grouped before exporting.
8. Quick Share
The smartphone scanner app scans documents into sharp and clear image/PDF to fax, email, or print and save to the cloud.
What Makes ScannerLens The Top Document Scanner App?
This document scanning app understands the significance of user experience and fills in the gap of features & utility in this aspect. The product team researches users to discover the needs and enhance the product.
1. While creating the ScannerLens app, the team interviewed more than 1000 users in around 25 scenarios relating to the app usage.
2. They also tested more than 50 types of materials to optimize the automatic scanning, ideal for different materials of different textures & glare.
3. They repeated a scanning process 100 plus times for multiple documents as part of machine learning to make automatic edge detection more precise.
Pros and Cons
- Top paper scanner app to scan to pdf
- Supported formats - JPG/PDF or TXT
- Lightweight document scanner app
- UI Friendly design
- Automatic edge detection
- High-quality scans
- Economical
- Great text identification
- OCR Online
- Available on iOS devices only
The ScannerLens app is free to use. But this document scanner app contains in-app purchases to access the app’s premium features.
The Endnote
This scanner app is a lightweight option for paper scanner apps for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. It turns your scanned docs and photos to JPG/PDF or TXT format. Our research discovered that this smart PDF scanner app for iOS is quicker and stable than other scanning apps.
This tiny scanner is a super suggested app for all who need a portable document scanner. Even though the free version restricts the features, the premium version eliminates this limitation. Hence, install this app to trim, improve, and snap pictures of documents & the whiteboard and experience the next-level scanning for free.
If you want to develop a fantastic app like ScannerLens, our team will be delighted to help you out. Connect with our experienced and adept team of top app developers 2021 to build a successful app and offer a superb user experience.
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