Everything You Need To Know When Developing A Mobile App

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Do you need an app that enables you to offer to your clients better experiences? Do you have a brilliant idea for an app that will revolutionize the world of messaging? In both cases, you need to resort to a mobile app development company to carry out your project.
It is very common to hear phrases such as "How much does it cost to develop Instagram?", Or I would like to do "something similar to Twitter but simpler." Are you aware of what it takes to develop apps like Instagram or Twitter? Do you know all the intricacies that are part of a mobile app project, to better evaluate the impact of your requirements on the final budget? 
The most important thing in preparing a budget is to have a proper assessment of the current status of the project. To be able to evaluate a project, it is necessary that a series of parameters that will mark the future development of the app is clear. Starting from the basis that you want a quality project, the checklist could be summarized in the following points:
- Do you want an app that can be executed on different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows)? If yes, you must decide if you're going to bet on native technologies (one development per platform) or use a multiplatform system which allows streamlining developments and maintenance by adjusting costs but affecting the user experience.
- Also, it should be assessed if the application will be used only on smartphones, or also on tablets. Although, the line that separates them is getting thinner and this aspect now has less and less impact on the budget.
- Are sketches/wireframes available for the structure of the app? If yes, is there a first design proposal and a style guide?
- Will it be an app that can work without the internet, or will users need to download and update content from the internet? In the latter case, is the server that will provide the information to the app already available, or will it be developed as part of the project?
Once you answer these questions that establish the generic framework of the project, it should be deepened for each task to be carried out during the development of the app to obtain an adequate assessment.
The design is one of the most relevant factors that determine the success of an app. Except in a few exceptions, all the apps that succeed in the stores have a careful design, excellent user experience and absolute care for details. 
It is essential to have design professionals with experience in the mobile world since the characteristics and limitations of mobile experience are very different from other types of environments.
The first thing will be to design the structure of the app, and for this, it will be necessary to "draw" the sketches or wireframes that show all the screens. This is a good exercise to see the real scope of the project. You might think that you are developing a simple app, but once you have the wireframes, you can see that an average app has between 15 and 20 screens. There are many tools to create wireframes and navigable prototypes.
These screens must then be passed to the final design, applying the brand style guide and always taking into account the target to which the app is aimed.
Once the project has been defined, and the design is ready, it is time for the development of the app. The factors that most influence the development are: 
- Integration with third-party services (for example, connection with Facebook).
- Connection to the internet to obtain data.
- Use of the components of a mobile device (GPS, music player, calendar, maps, etc.). 
- Integration with PUSH notifications, analytics, etc. 
- Business model (it is not the same to develop a paid app, as a free app).
With all this information and having understood the factors with the most significant impact on the project, it is time to request your budget and answer the question: how much does it cost to develop an app? The quick response: an average of $20,000 per platform and three months for the duration. If you want to obtain a more accurate estimate of your project, you can talk to the app development company carrying out your project.
Keep in mind that you will have to make updates to mobile applications on a regular basis.
Marketing and promotion
marketing and promotion
Once your app is in the market, the project has only just begun. It will be necessary to have prepared a good marketing and promotion strategy to make your app known and attract users. 
- RRPP (Public Relations): You have to tell the world that your app is out there and for that you must use all the tools that allow you to connect with the public: social networks; direct contact with the media, go to events to present your app and networking or contact other companies/apps that may be compatible with your service. If you have any doubts about this, do not hesitate to consult with a mobile app development company.
- Recruitment campaigns: What works best on mobile are Facebook Ads, but let's not forget Twitter Ads and other platforms such as Adwords. You can run campaigns on display with any of the many existing platforms or exchange ads. 
- ASO (App Store Optimization): This is the equivalent of SEO for websites. This is about using all the available intelligence to try to position your app to get organic downloads. Learn and apply the techniques on how to have a good position on app stores.
You must measure everything that you do. Analyze them and see the impact and progress of your actions. It is useless to perform actions that you cannot measure. You can’t improve on what you cannot measure.
There are several tools for measurement, but with these two from Google: Analytics and Firebase, you'll have enough to start.

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