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Five Challenges Faced By Every Business Before Choosing Native App Development

App Development

Sep 2016
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five challenges faced by every business before choosing native app development

In today's era, mobile applications have become the paramount factor that drives the life of many startups and entrepreneurs. Earlier, the Internet was the source to supply with the information that you need. But now, innovations in mobile apps have leveraged many on-demand applications in the market that satisfy almost each and every requirement of consumers. The increasing trend of mobile apps has pulled many industrial domains and businesses to adopt the mobile approach. As more and more businesses are getting involved with mobile app development, increasing success stories of the various app development companies are turning up in the light. Yes, mobile apps are reshaping the way people interact.

As business and enterprise got to know how mobile app influences their consumers, they started coming up with their own enterprise applications. But hold on, attracting more user visibility to your mobile app should not be the only reason to develop your enterprise app. Blindfolded with the opportunities that mobile app could leverage, these businesses fail to understand the risk associated with app development. Overlooking those mobile risk is like inviting misfortunes at your doorstep. Development of mobile app requires deep business analysis, planning, availability of resources and much more to consider. Basically, you can move ahead with two options to develop your business mobile app : 1) Native 2) Hybrid. However, here we are focusing on native applications as they are the most downloaded applications by users. But, they do address some fair number of hidden risks that are unknown for app owners. Here are some of the risk that needs to be highlighted before you start with your native development approach.

1. App Development That Overlooks Consumers' Perspective:

One of the most common issues faced by any business is that they create the applications keeping into consideration their point of view rather than customers. They fall into the trap of deliverance of applications that are not needed by users. Native app development requires a huge amount of investment and resources to be done for the development of the single application. It's all dumped into wastage if your app is not recognized by users. So, before starting with the development, understand consumers' requirements and give them best mobile experience.

2. Lack of Application Scalability:

As we know, application users can never remain stagnant. They may increase or decrease in number. If there is an increase in a number of app downloads and overall user-base on your app, it may result that your app may slow down or even crash. If your app cannot support increasing user base, it can result in angry consumers uninstall your app while leaving behind negative reviews in App/Play store. So, just estimate your user base and maintain the scalability of your app.

3. Getting Involved With Inappropriate Development Partner:

The unavoidable truth that implies to majority businesses is that they cannot bear to develop their business app in-house. So, they are moving out to find the right app development company for their business, in order to get the best possible outcome. But, picking up a low-cost app developer or hiring any app development company at cheaper rates can put you in danger. Trusting on the outsourcing company may risk you with degraded app quality and delayed results. It is advisable to scrutinize the capabilities of companies first before hiring app developers UK for your app development.

4. Creating App For Single Platform:

Whenever you decide to develop an app for your business, the first thing that strikes your mind is: whether to go with Android, iOS or Windows? App development on single platform simply means that your application is coupled with single platform success. However, if your app is supporting multiple platforms; it will surely overcome with all the above issues. But, it will cost you more time, resources and increase in overall budget. So, for an initial startup; conduct a deep analysis of where more customers are engaged and then choose best development platform.

5. Rejection From App-Store:

One of the most important thumb rule that business owners need to consider is, we are performing in someone's else area and so we need to follow their rules and regulations. If you fail to follow their instructions, you would be straightaway thrown out of the game. In order to succeed in deploying your app in the app-store, you need to follow its rules and guidelines strictly. Apple is likely to get rid of your app if you do not follow its app store guidelines. So, you need to contact and fix up the changes with the development team until the time your app is not passed as per apple's standards.

Wrapping Up

Native Application Development though gives you many benefits but are also coupled with many hindrances. So, before starting off with your business app development, make sure that you consider all the scenario to choose the best suitable approach for your business app.

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