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One can easily say that we are in a world of iPhones today as many people are constantly getting iPhone devices. iPhone has changed in recent times and the world has embraced this device that it is almost impossible to imagine a world with an iPhone. What makes the iPhone so popular and very useful is its apps you find on this device. iPhone has almost everything you can imagine or think of all over the world. 
The apps have been created to make life so easy for users and a whole lot smoother. We have apps for almost everything and anything that revolves around a human’s life. iPhone’s can change your lifestyle into a very positive one and so if you are thinking of reaching a very large audience, it is advisable to make your own iPhone app. 
The question is why do people love iPhones? Well, the answer is really simple, it’s apps. iPhone will serve you from well just as your day is beginning with such apps like “Breakfast Maker” until you get to even “Bedtime stories” to end your beautiful day. This is all thanks to app developers who constantly think of ways to make life so simple. These iPhone developers understand that people need to make things happen and so they build apps that actually make things happen for everyone. There are millions of iPhone apps on the iPhone store and people keep downloading them every day.
There are many mobile app developers offering iPhone app development services. Choosing the right developer can be very tasking especially when you have no knowledge of what iPhone app development entails. If you have decided to develop your iPhone app to reach your audience, this article will serve as a guide in helping you choose the right developer for your iPhone app. These are the qualities that many employers look out or when looking for a good developer and this has proven effective. 
If you are looking to hire iPhone app developer, then these are the top qualities that you should look out for,
1. Creativity:
When talking about iPhone development, creativity plays a vital role. The ability of a developer to think outside the box places the developer above others. If a developer is able to create apps that are unique and unconventional, it makes his work stand out from other developers. There is no limit to creative thinking. People can think way beyond boundaries to create new ideas. When a developer is able to think of new ideas, it would lay the foundation for building the unique app of your choice. The picture created by the imagination, the zeal to bring that imagination to reality, makes a successful artistic iPhone app developer.
2. Analytical skills:
Asides from creativity, a good iPhone app developer should be a problem solver. Having a logical mind to support their creativity is an excellent skill that should be considered when you want to hire iPhone app developer. Many iPhone developers have relevant certification in programming and graphic designing which is good but the way they apply the knowledge garnered from school is what makes them stand out. An iPhone app developer should be able to achieve high-end tasks. When you want to hire iPhone app developer, you should hire one that is able to put himself in the place of the customer and identify the target audience that you are trying to draw to your iPhone app. These developers will be able to identify your needs and their expertise in iOS framework; they should be able to create a very good iPhone app.
3. High completion rate:
There is nothing like giving you’re a developer an app to create and not getting it done. A progressive think will be ready to work tirelessly to endure that your app is ready and within a reasonable time. When you want to hire iPhone app developer, you want someone that won’t disappoint you at any point in time. An app developer should show enthusiasm and readiness to start a given project. These progressive people are always ready to connect with new ideas and they can think ahead about the best technology that would grow in the market. When you use a goal accomplishing developer, the will develop an iPhone app that will captivate your users.
4) In-depth knowledge:
When dealing with the development of iPhone apps, it is not sufficient for the app to just work but also that the app is available to users for downloads. A good developer should have UX/UI Design Skills. They must be able to have a vast knowledge of making user-friendly apps and apps that come with slick designs.
When developing mobile apps a good developer should be able to identify that there are millions of apps to be downloaded and that your app needs to be easy to use. Also, a good iPhone app developer should be able to identify with modern programming languages. They should have sufficient experience with these languages and be able to know the best languages to use for iPhone app development.
5) Cross-platform Development:
In mobile app development, it is not sufficient for a person to just be skilled in one platform. A good mobile app developer must be versatile in every operating system. They must be able to create an app for any type of device. Employers looking to hire iPhone app developer are always looking for people with knowledge and experience on iOS, Blackberry and Android operating systems. If a developer is able to create apps that are functional on more than one platform, it makes him/her very good and appealing for an employer.
These are the top qualities to look for when you want to hire iPhone app developer. There are so many developers out there that would develop an app for you but if you are looking for the best, you will have a good chance of finding one by looking for this qualities. 

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