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micro app development
Whether its gaming application, enterprise app, e-commerce applications or any useful utility tools- Everything is becoming the mobile application. But why mobile application? Because it is the latest vogue followed by almost every business and enterprise. Mobile App stores are piled up with an array of features and functionalities in form of newly uploaded applications. Mobile app development is marked by pain and is facing huge danger as more and more business are running towards mobile app development. The reason is simple enough to understand: Increase in sales revenue and to develop their presence online.
Gone are the days when we used to consider mobile app development languages. Today, evolution is the king that has changed the overall mobile app development company scenario on the large platform. “Going Micro” is in vogue today. But wait, going micro – What does that word mean to you? Is it something small in quantity, let's say tiny? No, it is not the case.

What Gave Rise To Micro App Development?
Mobile app development sector is expanding. Lots of new technologies are introduced making the project wide open and expensive. Now, this changing trend is a sign of jeopardy to the current applications and its purpose. So, to streamline the entire development process ,app developers from India are working hard to come up with some simple solution. Thus the solution is “Micro.”
The Micro app development services focus on 3 components listed below for its app development system.
1. Micro Apps:
With the inception of platforms like Android and iOS, mobile applications  have become the primary source of computing. The app store is bloated with the bunch of features in form of apps. This makes it hard for app developers to entice users to install and use the app for a long duration. This is something that makes jumping to native app development difficult.
To overcome this, new technology in the form of micro apps have emerged that are based on artificial intelligence and context aware. These are single purpose apps that use the perfect blend of user interface and context signals. Micro apps are totally based on HTML and dynamic load where it sidesteps app store and is loaded directly into users communication tools. However with direct integration of such micro apps in communication tool, search results are also gaining attention.
For instance:
Let's consider Facebook Messenger. They are now integrating interactive new features so quickly that can help you right from ordering food to buying air tickets.
2. Micro Services:

Microservices are atomic and self-independent services that are operated with autonomous control that performs the single operation in the backend system. Eg: retrieving all users record. They make use of JSON, REST or HTTPS method which makes it easy to create and share applications. It also makes calling of numerous internal and external micro services easy. Besides showcasing protocols that help in an easy communication of applications, it has also allowed developers to understand the concept and to expand the opportunities. It helped developers to build new resources to make user enjoy new generation app experience.
3. Micro Flows:
Eliminating machine-to-machine business process, micro flow follows a human-to-machine process that integrates all existing system. Microflow support helps to replace traditional business process to implement a new application that outreaches new age users. Besides providing us with the serene flow of application resources to interact with the task, it also provides interactive HTML interface to communicate with the back-end system more confidentially. It allows users to interact with a single interface that makes the process smooth and less complicated.     
We think that micro app development can bring a great revolution in the world. Let's watch out how it changes the working pattern of app development companies in the near future.

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