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At present, we do not have to use Photoshop or any other tools exclusively for computers if we want to make simple editions of a photograph. Even people who do not have this tool installed or simply do not have access to their computer at that time can make simple editions thanks to mobile applications. The great advantage is that it is not necessary to move files to any device. They also have filters that you can apply automatically. This is ideal if you need to edit a photo and upload it quickly to a social network account.
Here are some applications for Android that have various tools to improve your selfies. All are free, although some offer additional features that you can access through payment.
Candy Camera has beauty filters and silent mode that allows you to take selfies anytime, anywhere. You can change filters by simply sliding with your fingers to the right or left and see the immediate result of the filter so that you can choose the one you like the most.
In addition to the filters, it presents a series of stickers that you can add to your selfies to give them a special or fun touch. You can modify the size of the chosen stickers so as not to obstruct important parts of your photograph. It also has a useful collage option where you just have to choose the grid that you like the most.
BeautyPlus has several options to eliminate pimples and other imperfections of your face through its smoothing or stain remover tools. It has a magic brush to touch up your skin in photographs. In addition, you can correct the lighting, as well as add special filters and effects for your selfies.
Additionally, it has a timer, a night camera to take pictures in dimly lit places and a corrective tool for red eyes.
InstaBeauty is a selfies editor that has more than 50 makeup styles and 100 filters. With InstaBeuty, you can refine and make your makeup stand out even more, as well as beautify your photos and videos with a single touch.
InstaBeauty has 5 main functions: Beauty Makeup, Beauty Camera, Beauty Collage, Beauty Video, and QuickSnap. Beauty Makeup contains tools to correct makeup, Beauty Camera has a series of adjustments and filters to eliminate imperfections and soften your face. Beauty Collage, as the name suggests, allows you to create different collage styles. Beauty Video has its own functions to improve your appearance in videos and Quicksnap is ideal for those people who make several shots of selfies until they find the right pose and expression.
YouCam Perfect is another application specialized in selfies improvement that allows you to retouch them in a matter of seconds. It has an embellishment tool that allows you to choose between 6 different levels depending on the type of improvement you wish to make. 
It also has the useful "Smile" function that detects the faces in the picture and only takes the picture when the person smiles. It not only has beauty filters but also various tools to touch up the skin, apply makeup, eliminate red eyes, stylize figure, etc.
YouCam Perfect includes a series of templates to take more creative selfies. You can add effects and frames, make a collage of photos and add stickers.
BestMe is an application designed for selfies that has more than 100 filters for your photographs, whether it is adding color or making the composition more interesting by applying a mirror type filter. You can choose from a series of collage grids, as well as add emoticons to the photographs that are part of the collage to give your selfies a fun touch.
Sweet Selfie has unique features for selfies improvement. It contains a series of filters whose result is shown in real time. It has tools to remove red spots and eyes, focus edges, as well as blur effects. With Sweet Selfie, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation, as well as crop your photos easily.
Sweet Selfie is simple and quick to use tool that allows you not only to improve your selfies but to make other basic editions to upload your photos to social networks immediately.
B612 is another application that has a lot of different filters for your selfies. It not only allows you to take selfies but also create short selfie videos that you can also share on social networks.
Since it has a large number of filters, the application can recommend filters for your photographs so you can apply it immediately. It's a simple and fun way to find a suitable filter for your photos. Additionally, the application remembers your preferred filters, so the more you use the application, the more suitable filters it suggests for your photos.
Camera360 is a photo editor that contains predetermined beauty effects and filters for selfies that allows you to retouch and stylize your photographs. It includes options to modify the temperature, hue, exposure, contrast, and shadows of your photos, among other useful options to improve the appearance of your selfies. Camera 360 also has a series of static and animated stickers, various artistic filters and tools to create a photographic collage. 
Perfect365 is a virtual makeup application to improve your selfies. It has more than 20 beauty tools to make retouching such as removing dark circles, enhancing facial shine, whitening teeth, removing skin imperfections, etc. You can try shadow, lipstick and blush shades, as well as select some of the makeup templates.
Perfect365 has a technology to detect the most important facial points of your face such as eyes, nose, and mouth. This way, it allows you to make an accurate edition of your photographs. It is an ideal tool not only to upload selfies in social networks but also to perform makeup tests and have an idea of how you will look with a certain style.
As you can see, these applications for Android are ideal for making quick modifications to your photographs, whether they enhance the color or eliminate imperfections of your face. They are ideal to be used in conjunction with social networks like Instagram or Pinterest since they not only have correction tools, but useful filters to make your photos look original and creative. Contact mobile app development company if you want to own a similar app.

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