Google Acquires Fly Labs to Join Its Google Photos Team

Google Acquires Fly Labs to Join Its Google Photos Team

Google has announced earlier that Fly Labs has already joined the Google Photos Team. Because of this, Fly Labs will already help and contribute to Google Photos development. Furthermore, Fly Labs technology will be integrated into Google’s existing technology. The combination of Google Photos and Fly Labs will surely give exceptional results. Considering the quality of Google Photos and videos which can be edited by Fly Labs magic formula, you’re one hundred and one percent sure of an exceptional photos and videos given by these two groups.



Fly Labs is a media editing startup that has taken home the trophy last year as the winner of the #TNWUSA Boost Startup competition. Fly Labs is the maker of four iOS apps which can quickly edit photos and video. The Fly Labs four iOS apps are Clips, Fly, Tempo and Crop. It has already created more than 20 million videos. Fly Labs have been helping people to edit. For instance, one of its apps, the Crop, has converted vertical cell phone videos into horizontal videos. Another interesting Fly Labs latest app is the Clips. This specially designed app can convert small video to fragments.



Google Photos is appropriate for what Fly Labs has been building. Fly Labs mission is to help people bring out the best of their photos and video. It has developed video editing because they know that photographs and videos are two important tools that can make the past or memories seemed real. Memories, either sad or happy, are the best proof of what happened in your life before. Because of this, pictures and videos should be done perfectly and creatively. With the Google’s machine learning and computer vision technology, your pictures and videos will always be at its best condition. With these, Fly Labs is looking forward to blend their technology into Google Photos. Google’s machine will produce high quality pictures and videos and with Fly Labs special editing features, these photos and videos will look more beautiful and adorable. Google Photos and Fly Labs allows you to select automatically and save the best photos from the IOS and Android Phones. An amazing creation by Android App Development India. The special effects that the combination of Google and Fly Labs can give to your photos and videos will really give you not only high quality pictures; it can also safely save all of your pictures and videos that will surely last a lifetime. Fly Labs improved ability to edit photos and videos can really give you exceptional and exciting services.






With this new development, Fly Labs will focus their image-editing technology into Google Photos. Fly Labs further added that they will be giving the same enthusiasm they have given to Clips, Fly, Tempo and Crop into Google Photos. They also reminded existing users that even if Fly Labs tools will still be available for the next three months, Fly Labs will no longer send updates. If you have already downloaded the apps, the tools will still continue to work even after the 3 month grace period has expired. It is then important not to uninstall them because you will never be able to re-download them after have been removed from the app store.



As announced earlier, Fly Labs four iOS will still offer its four apps for the next three months. On the other hand, these existing Fly Labs apps will be closed during the early part of 2016. Fly Labs apps is free to download for the next three months and will no longer have in-app purchases.



Fly Labs is a small team. Its price is less than $1 million, which means that they didn’t raise their price. From the looks of it, the Googleplex is placing an investment in photos. This is a popular product that was developed from the Google Plus.



There are many things in your life which are really worth remembering and what could really make you bring back to those special moments are the pictures and videos that have captured all those special moments. Happy or sad, memories will always be a part of your life for as long as you live. What happened before has helped where you are now and who you are now. With your pictures and videos, you will always have something to look forward to as you recall everything that has already happened. Your pictures and videos will also be a special remembrance that you will always treasure. Because of this, it is very important that every picture and video taken will always be perfect.


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