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Google Home Vs. Amazon's Alexa: What Suits You The Best?


Sep 2020
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google home vs amazons alexa what suits you the best
Experts have developed smarter devices with the advancing technology that can help humans carry out their everyday tasks. Yes, smart devices here refer to voice assistants. There are many voice assistants out there, such as Apple's Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo's Alexa, and a few others. It can be quite challenging to determine which one to choose when you have an overwhelming option before your eyes.
The best voice assistant, however, depends on various things. However, the primary competition lies between only the two: Amazon Echo & Google Home. And to be honest, despite only two devices to choose from, you will go crazy because it is extremely tough to make a selection.
Therefore for your ease, this article is your best bet in deciding which option you must go for as per your requirements. This article will focus on the various facets that will guide on the in and out of these voice assistants. So, let's begin!
1. Voice Recognition: Alexa Vs. Google Assistant
Any sort of reliability is essential, whether it's virtual or physical. Both the devices are quite well when it comes to answering a question. Of course, you might have to rephrase the question at times, but then the response is prompt and the best of the devices' abilities.
It can be baffling when you have more people in your house, and the voice assistant tries to handle this problem in its way. Both Amazon Echo and Google Home now have various profiles, so you can train the device to identify your particular voice and render some degree of customized response based on this.
Google's Voice Match has enriched features, offering tailored calendars, payments, photos, flights, and more to set your default media services. But there has no been any problems of voice recognition and access problems.
Meanwhile, Alexa offers only customized shopping, messaging, calling, and restricted media options. Although it does have a Guest Connect feature that allows you to connect to a buddy's Echo device, for instance, you're staying with your friend to access your data.
Amazon is thriving to improve its support for various profiles, while Google's more immense personal results absolutely make it a better assistant in this arena.
2. General Knowledge: Alexa Vs. Google Assistant
general knowledge alexa vs google assistant
Both the voice assistants give stiff competition to each other. However, Alexa still continues to beat Google Assistant in the general knowledge domain, mainly because it gave better answers to many questions. For instance, it could tell when the season premiere of Westworld aired, while the Google Assitant read a synopsis of an episode.
Strangely, Alexa could answer the questions even after rephrase, whereas Google Assistant couldn't even comprehend it.
Although, the response from Google Assistant and Alexa was usually prompt, needing a little rephrasing and only a few times required to ask the question more than once.
Google Assistant's results were nearly close to Alexa's. It typically gave apt and quick answers, some with a lot of information and jargon. For instance, upon asking why the sky's color was blue, Google Assistant went on a considerable explanation.
3. Music & Podcast: Alexa Vs. Google Assistant
Music must be the best feature of any voice assistant. Both voice assistants sync with their brand's respective music services, and in a few cases, they render the ability to associate with third-party offerings.
Alexa proficiently managed to play Paint It Black by Rolling Stones, due to the Apple Music account link. Despite not having any pay music services backed by the Google Assistant, it still played the song.
Both the voice assistants have honed their music features in the context of finding and playing podcasts. Alexa now allows you to link your Apple Podcasts account, such as music service, providing tighter integration for those on iOS instruments and Macs. On the other hand, Google Podcasts seem to have enhanced the Assistant.
Google Assistant and Alexa both back up audio playback from some music services to Sonos speakers, whereas Google Assistant can interact with any Chromecast-associated speaker.
However, Alexa still wins over Google Assistant, thanks to a few more integrations that include massive services as Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.
4. Entertainment: Alexa Vs. Google Assistant
entertainment alexa vs google assistant
One of the best features of these assistants is syncing with home entertainment tools. Alexa enables you to monitor your Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Edition; this includes opening apps, playing, pausing, and more. Likewise, Google Assistant can manage playback on Chromecast-associated devices, which provides for TVs with default Chromecast. But, it renders only some services, and you got to link some of the apps by top app developers 2020 through your smartphone first. Google Assistant and Alexa can monitor devices using a third-party device.
Ordering movie tickets can be more tedious via voice assistant than simply trying with the web browser. Alexa did a good job providing the nearby theatres but purchasing it was slow and complicated. It still lets you catch up where you left off and handles theatres with booked seating.
Likewise, Google Assistant can handle nearby showtimes requests but did not render any buying option with voice. Alexa is a winner in this domain as well.
5. Smart Home: Alexa Vs. Google Assistant
In recent years, there has been a close connection between smart home devices and voice assistants. The smart home devices work in integration with these voice assistants. Google and Alexa both work with connected products; many third-party devices work with both.
The difference is that you can perform a lot more functions when connected to Alexa than Google. For instance, Alexa allows you to have your smart light turn on if it hears a fire alarm or window breaking. Or you can also trigger smart home devices based on your location. Whereas, Google Assistant allows you to control only individual smart home devices by scheduling or by command. Hence, Alexa is a clear winner over Google Assistant.
Wrapping up
Both the voice assistants are undoubtedly doing a great job. However, it is clearly depicted in this article that Amazon's Alexa is a few steps ahead of Google Home in various domains. Hope this article did its job in helping you with which voice assistant suits you the best.
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