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Google unleashed android 2.0 with exciting developer features


Feb 2016
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android studio 2.0

Android Studio 2.0 is the most recent release of the official Android IDE centralized on constructing performance and emulator speed to enhance the app development experience. With brand new specification like Instant Run which licenses you to rapidly edit and view code changes, or the new & accelerated Android emulator, Android Studio 2.0 is the upgrade that should not be missed.

New Exciting Specification highlighted in Android Studio 2.0 Beta

Instant Run

The Latest upgrade of Instant run introduced a new update called cold Swap that let you edit code quickly and fast development of app.

Instant Run in Android Studio 2.0 permits you to make alters to your app code simultaneously when your app is executing on Android device or Emulator.

Despite of waiting for rebuild of an entire app after a change in coding of app or to redeploy on emulator android studio 2.0 will attempt to incrementally build only the changes in emulator.

Depending on the changes you make in the code you can refer to all those changes within a second through a single update to latest Gradle plugin.

you can take benefits of this time saving trait with no other alteration to your code. If your project is frame -up precisely with Instant Run, you will see a lightning bolt close to your Run button on the tool bar

Behind the curtain, Android Studio 2.0 implements your code during the first compilation and deployment of app to your device in order to ascertain where to swap out code and resources.The Instant Run trait updates your app on a best-short basis and spontaneously uses one of the following swap methods for your app updation:

1) Hot Swap - When this method executions that includes constructors of course are changed, the alterations are hot swapped. Your app keeps running and the new executions is used when the very next time the method is called.

2) Warm Swap - The changes are warm swapped at times when app resources are changed . This is alike to a hot swap,in case of exception that the current Activity is restarted. You will observe a slight glimmer on the screen at the time Activity restarts.

3) Cold Swap -It will restart the whole application basically for structural code change, including changes to the static initializers or fields ,class hierarchy or method signatures. Cold Swap is handy when you deploy to intents with API level 21 or above.

The major changes were made to Instant Run since the first trailer of Android studio 2.0 and now with the changes done it is intended to run with mode pack of code and resources.

App Indexing


Upholding app indexing is pretty much easier now with Android Studio 2.0. It demonstrate your app to the people that frequently uses Google Search.

It works through indexing the URL patterns provided in your app manifest file by calling API from your application to make the content available to both new and current users whenever requested.

Being more specific it lets your user straight away access links from Google Search on their device when you support URL's for your app content.

Code Generation

Formally Introduced: Android Studio 2.0

Preview:For preview right click -> AndroidManifest.xml or Activity method (or go to Code → Generate…→ App Indexing API Code) and insert HTTP URL stub codes to your manifest and app code.

URL Testing & Validation:



What this update suggest is that now you can easily validate and check the results of your URL with validatory tools like (Tools → Android → Google App Indexing Test).

Android Emulator


The new and boosting Android emulator also comprises repairs and small betterment for this beta release. Remarkably, to assist test apps that use pinch & zoom gestures we renewed the rotation controls on the emulator tool bar and supplemented multi-touch support.

For using multi-touch feature, just hold down Alt key of your keyboard ->

right-click mouse-> click and drag and you are done ..!

What's Next With Android now..!

Android Studio 2.0 is a big release, and now is virtuous time to check up on the beta release to embody the new features into your work flow. As now you are familiar with the twist and turns of the release of the developer features of android studio then just stop troubling yourself for development and leave the rest on Hyperlink Infosystem one of the top app development companies serving fortunate clients for the development of web and mobile apps. Connect With us , Hyperlink Development team and get a free quote now ..!

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