Google Wallet Will Soon permit you to send currency to anyone in your Contact List...!

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Google Wallet Will Soon permit you to send currency to anyone in your Contact List...!


While Google has deviated its focal point to Android Pay for contact less payments, Google Wallet is reinventing itself somewhat as a peer-to-peer remuneration system. With the hindmost update, it’s become a whole lot easier transferring of money to your friends, family and contacts. Google wallet updates has shaken the market of app development companies.


Commencing new Google Wallet





You can send money to anyone in the US via an email address or Contact number which has not been easier before. It's speedy, easy, and free to send right away from your debit card, bank account, or Wallet Balance you have with you.

Whenever you take in money, you can instantly cash it out to your bank account using debit card, or can use it abruptly with the Google Wallet Card.


Stay on crest of your outlay



Stay on the crest of your expenditure by adding a group amount to your Wallet Balance, or fix up a recurring conveyance from your bank account.

Then you can easily keep record of all your proceedings in the app or at

The Google Wallet Card allows you rapidly spending money you receive through Google Wallet. It can be utilized to pay at millions of locations in the US, wherever Debit Master Card® is accepted, or use it to en-cash it from ATM's.


Stay in control with instant notifications



Get twinkling notifications to your phone every time you receive money or a negotiation is made within your Wallet Card. One can also fix up low balance alerts so one will always come to reminder when his/her wallet balance drops down below a certain level.


Shell out safely




One cannot access Google Wallet app without Google payments PIN. One will have to use this PIN even to make in-store purchases or to outlay cash at ATM's with their Google Wallet card.

If your Wallet Card is ever disoriented or robbed, cancellation can be done using the Google Wallet application or at can be a case that your smart phone gets eroded, if this happens then you can quickly rescind access to it at


Because Privacy is something which cannot be Compromised...!


Affirming Privacy is the utmost important fact to be covered when we are dealing with online transaction or you can say INTERNET banking. Privacy holds topmost priority as it is directly concerned with someone level of secrecy or the crucial information that is left unrevealed to anyone . Google wallet also takes care of the privacy of their customers as under:



Data Encryption

All your pecuniary commercial enterprise

information in Google Wallet will be encoded

and hoarded on Google’s secure servers in safeguard locations.




Fraud Protection

Google Wallet advances with 24/7 fraud

surveillance and covers 100% of all

confirmed unauthorized transactions.



MasterCard Protection

All procurements are ensured with MasterCard’s

Zero Liability cover. You will not be held

liable for verified illegitimate transactions.


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