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Grocery shopping has never been such easy and time savvy without mobile applications – Big thanks to the App development Company that gave a thought to make daily chores a bit easy! Just a few clicks and the groceries will be made available at your place!!! Doesn't it sound interesting?

Mobile apps are the revolutionary factor that has brought significant changes in purchasing process. Everything seems to be a click away. The Online mania has improvised the human life at every step of life where the need to stand in long billing queue or traveling to supermalls and markets has reduced to a greater extent. Mobile apps are the boon to the human civilization where technology has made life simpler and shopping has become a means of convenience to browse the product & shop it for you or your friends address at your time and place.


So, let's get tuned with the technology and have a look at the type of groceries app its features and how do they get engaged with the consumers.

Types of Grocery Apps

1) E-Commerce App

Mobile app development in the current E-commerce era will be a crucial step towards growing sales & customers for any business and so is the grocery sales and supermarkets. M-grocery shopping applications can leverage you with improved customer experiences and this can be one of the potential reasons why an upsurge is found in android and iOS mobile platform these days.


Who is shopping Online?

In an increased manner, retailers are introducing E-commerce models that make it easy for the time-munched people to shop easy and get the things on time. According to the stats, 15% of the worldwide respondents states that they make use of online service in which orders are supplied at a given time frequency and 55% of the respondents are willing to make use of the service in the near future. A small number of consumers are making use of “click & collect“ services where consumers order the groceries and pick up from the location. More than 50% of the respondents are willing to make use of such options in future while 31% opt for drive thru and the remaining fro side pickup.

2) In-store Apps

In-store apps are designed to offer an improved customer experience that gives you the detailed idea about different products. You can also send Push notification as well discounts on different products to the consumers.


Connected Commerce : Bridging Digital With In-store Experience

However, according to the research "Click" do significantly impact manufacturers and retailers that need to engage the customer on purchase journey. There are many touch-points like making shop lists, checking all prices, reviews etc that leads a purchase journey to the destination. But today, the Era is of Connected Commerce. Consumers are not entirely going for online or offline approach instead they are preferred to use the mix blend of both. The most successful business will be the perfect intersection of the virtual and physical world that satisfies the demand of consumers considering whenever and wherever clause.

3) Personalized App

Personalized apps are developed to leverage personalized shopping experiences to the consumers so that they can perform various activities they wish like creating a grocery list, setting reminders for purchasing products and much more.

So, if you are planning to go with your groceries store application, you need to scrutinize initially which of this app will suit best with your needs. Moreover, if you are ought to create personalized application for your store, then you need to brainstorm and scrutinize which features you think to encapsulate in your app.

Features to look out for your Grocery Application

1) Coupons:

Discounted shopping coupons can allure customers to shop from your store and so, offering coupons through the medium of a mobile app of your store can lead to more downloads for your app and thereby increasing sales.

2) Location-based services:

Implementing Beacons in your app will send intimation regarding store location to the consumers when they are in a nearby location from the grocery store.

3) Advanced Search:

Integration of advanced product search items within your mobile application can help your customers to find and pick groceries easily from your store.

4) Multiple Payments:

Your grocery store application should integrate multiple payment methods to provide easy payments to the customers.

5) Push Notifications:

Integrate push notifications feature within your store app so that customers can be acknowledged about discounts or alluring offers available at your store at regular or equal intervals.

Wrap Up

Hence, by confirming that these features are coupled with your customized store app, you can tempt more customers as well sales for your store.


If you are looking out to develop such type of mobile app for your grocery store within a stipulated time period, then we are the solution for you. Contact Hyperlink Infosystem expert app development team to convert your app into something innovative!


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