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Guidelines For Creating A Card-based Interface Design


Jan 2020
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creating a card-based interface design
The card-based interface design is a current trend on the web. It is particularly used for all the advantages it represents for mobile users. It is no surprise, then, that sites such as social networks use this type of interface. But what is the card-based interface design? Why has it become popular today? In this article, we answer these questions and give you some practical tips so you can apply this design on any website.
What is the card-based interface design?
what is card based interface design
The card-based interface design makes references to websites that divide their content into boxes, so it seems that the entire site was made up of cards. As usual, these “cards” focus on a specific piece of information and are usually designed vertically. However, this is more of a preference and not a rule that you must apply. So if you are ever interested in this type of design, you can modify it.
The idea behind the card-based design is to offer information to visitors visually so that it can be understood more quickly. Because each card focuses on a theme you can place a large volume of content. A popular example of this type of design is the interface of Pinterest.
One of the great advantages of working with this type of design is that they work perfectly on mobile phones, where one card is usually placed under another one due to the screen size, and it also works on computers, where several cards are usually placed. Because the card space is limited, the possibility of overwhelming the visitor with too much information at the same time is less. As you could have imagined, the card-based design is perfect for adaptive design since the cards can be organized according to the screen size.
Benefits of using this design
This type of interface has become a trend because it can be adapted to various screens. It is no coincidence that popular social networks such as Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook use it in their designs. What does this type of interface have that seems to attract large brands and top app development companies? Here are some of its main benefits.
The content is easier to process for visitors even if you have a large volume of content. For this reason, it is perfect for social networks like Pinterest.
It can be easily combined with other design styles that can be the opposite of each other.
It allows you to work in an organized and well-organized structure regardless of the volume of information your site has.
It is a flexible style that can work with any type of content. In this way, it is ideal for any website that has a large volume of content.
Due to their main features, they are ideal for working with any adaptive design.
How to achieve a card-based interface design?
card based interface design
In general, there is no rule about the creation of the card-based design. If you have good design skills, you may be able to make your first card-based interface without major problems. However, it is necessary to understand that for this style, you must have attractive content. This is one of the main requirements.
In this section, we mention some guidelines to create a card-based interface. You are probably already familiar with some of these tips as they are often applied in various types of design.
One piece of information per card
One of the main objectives of this design is for you can present information to the user without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable by the volume of information they present. For this design to work, you must focus on placing a single piece of information on each card. This does not imply that you cannot place various elements such as links to social networks or images, but that each card focuses on a single idea. In this way, the information is kept organized and can be processed more easily by your visitors, not to mention that they can freely choose which card has the most useful or important information for them.
Select a striking image
The card-based interface focuses on the content. One of its main objectives is to offer that content visually. Hopefully, then, images are a central element of this type of design. So take the time to choose a photograph or illustration that is suitable for the specific content of that card. You should not only think about how the image is related to the text but also if that photograph is associated with the brand.
Use a simple font
Opt for fonts that are easy to identify, as well as colors with which it is easy to contrast (such as gray). Sans serif fonts are usually the most popular choice due to their neutral appearance and readability level. Always analyze the degree of readability of a font before considering selecting it for your design. It also limits the number of sources. In general, a single font with different styles should be enough. You can highlight titles by size. As for the words, you can make them stand out by placing them in bold or other styles of the font.
Do not forget the blanks
Blank spaces are important elements in any design project because it allows readability to be improved. Since one of the main objectives of this design style is to offer content in an organized way, it is to be expected that the blanks gain special importance. Be sure to organize the elements contained in each card making good use of the blanks. Also, you should consider the space between each card that should be constant and take into account if there is any element you want to highlight. Work with the blanks with all the design features in mind.
In conclusion
The card-based interface is a current trend and could have several advantages using this resource on your site. However, each trend also has a particular occasion when it should be used. In the case of card design, its use is effective when we have a site with a high volume of information, which is why it is often used in the social network interface. If your site meets this feature, you could try this type of design that will work for any brand. You just have to transfer the brand personality to the design of the cards.
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