Here Are Some App Development Challenges That App Developers Face

app development challenges
This article explains some of the challenges that make it more difficult for apps to be successful. The worst part is that the challenges won’t go away anytime soon. So, Indian app developers may have to find a way to walk the tightrope. That being said, here are some of the challenges faced by Indian app developers.
Fierce competition
There are so many web developers all over the globe and more are emerging. In addition, some other people are switching their career to be mobile app developers. Even the number of mobile apps is also increasing geometrically. So, it won’t be out of place to say that the app development world is nearing saturation with millions of apps in app stores.
So, Indian app developers face very tough competition that will definitely get tougher. Every single app has several competitors within its niche and will continue to have even more competitors. The fierce competition has made it even more difficult for an app to succeed. Even if any app is doing well, it has to keep getting updates otherwise a new app will come from behind to run it out of business.
App users are now more difficult to please
Users understand that for every app, there are numerous competitors so their expectation is higher. This is a big problem for app developers because once users notice a little problem with a mobile app, they will delete it for another app without any hesitation because they now know they have multiple options.
App users are just simply taking advantage of the fierce competition at the expense of Indian app developers. Well, unfortunately, the trend is not likely to change anytime soon. Developers just have to up their game.
Few ads and no price tag
One major app development challenge is that it has become absurd to place a price tag on your app. Why will anyone even pay to download an app when there are numerous free alternatives? So, app developers cannot place any price on their app. 
Unfortunately, they can’t make up with ads because too many ads will also turn users off. They can only take one or two ads at the same time. Besides, they need to reach a certain usage threshold before advertising agencies approach them. 
They are only left with the sales of in-app items which are usually optional. In short, money making opportunities with a mobile app have been reduced tremendously. Those that enjoy their apps are retail stores whose products are purchased through their apps.
Regular update
As an app developer, your work on your app begins the moment you launch it. No matter how successful an app is, it still has to be updated regularly and this update must involve users. You need to seek feedback from the users of your app regularly. 
Downloading an app is different from active use of the app. App developers usually work hard to make users download their apps and they work even harder to make them use it continuously. It is not uncommon for an app that has hit 10 million downloads to have less than a million active users. You can only avoid being in such situation with regular update and engagement. Besides, it is believed that an average smartphone user has about 30 to 36 mobile apps on his mobile device but more than half of these apps do not get used more than once. Regular update is the key. 
Continuous promotion is required too
Apart from regular update, you also need to be promoting your app. In fact, promotion never stops. You can only stop the promotion of an app when you want to retire it. Facebook app is the most popular app and yet, everything about the social media giant is still being promoted. And it is also regularly updated. So, this makes it difficult to have several functional apps at the same time. You will need to keep working on the updates of existing apps as well as their continuous promotion. This gives you less time to begin building a new app completely.
Operating Systems are constantly upgraded
The two major operating systems for smartphones are Android and iOS. Android has been upgraded from Android 1 to the latest Android 8 Oreo. Apple has also moved from iOS 1 to iOS 11. In fact, iOS 12 is expected to be launched in the next few weeks. It is not bad that these operating systems are regularly upgraded but the problem is that each upgrade can prevent your app from working perfectly. So, app developers also need to monitor their apps after a new operating system arrives. You will continue to check your app after every update.
Funding difficulty
Due to the fact that most mobile apps do not achieve financial success, a lot of companies are usually reluctant to give out loan for app development. This is because their return on investment is not guaranteed. So, you may need to look elsewhere for funds or find a collateral.
Uniqueness challenge
uniqueness challenge
App users enjoy uniqueness especially in game apps. They enjoy unique concept and storyline but you should not reinvent the wheel. For instance, the icon of a trash can is meant for the “delete” command. You should not change this as it will make your app more difficult to understand. So, the major challenge is how to strike the right balance between uniqueness and re-invention of the wheel.
Keeping it compact
As much as users want regular update of apps, they don’t want an app that is too big because they are using their memory space judiciously. However, the problem is that every update is likely to make each existing apps bigger. So, users want regular update but they don’t want the size of their app to be too big.
In conclusion, while there may be other challenges, the ones outlined above are the major ones and being able to walk around every one of them will boost the chances of success of your mobile app tremendously. 

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