How Android App Developers in India Are Using IOT to Change Things At Home

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Mobile technology and the internet is constantly evolving and has helped advance and convenience the lives of people all around the world. In Asia, the world’s most populous continent, Android app developers in India are utilizing cloud computing and IOT (Internet of Things) to facilitate the lives of not only individual citizens but also clients and companies around the world. Cloud computing allows for a more efficient approach to the acquisition, storage, sharing and delivery of crucial data. By applying the innovation and technical flexibility of Android and Android scripts, app developers in India are using their skills to now work with the internet’s latest evolutionary step: IOT. Android App developers in India are bringing technological change to their country by implementing cloud computing and IOT technology into the everyday economy and lifestyle of India’s citizens and beyond. 
For decades, India has been a giant in the world of software engineering and information technology. Expanding on this legacy is a new generation of motivated developers and engineers who work around the clock to discover or create innovative ways that the computer industry can boost and further advance the world of commerce, as well as make life easier for consumers at home. Android app developers in India have researched and mastered their craft, learning how to develop cloud computing systems that allow household products to connect to the Internet at lightning speeds. Household products? Yes, you heard right. These app developers are the reason why your smart fridge may alarm you when you run out of milk. Taking the technology a step further, a few companies and app developers India are now introducing this technology to the masses with lighting automation. Furthermore, India is home to some of the leading software engineers and Android specialists who are creating the tools and utilities that help convenience the lives of people all over the country. Lights that turn on with your Android by swiping up, water on tap with a double tap on your phone or a swipe to the right to turn on your air conditioning. While home automation is on the rise in the nation, due to some large companies and big players in the country implementing cloud technology into the home, the internet of things, IOT, extends beyond the home and also into the corporate sector.
App developers in India are working hard to develop new software and code to help build their reputation as a forerunner in cloud computing technology and the benefits it can bring to not only the home but also the office.
Cloud computing is a technology that has been around for a few years, however, by fusing it together with IOT, app developers in India have created advancements in the workplace as well. Android app developers in India have utilized IOT and cloud computing to facilitate daily business activities such as employee communication, file sharing, data acquisition and data delivery, by creating a system where employees, owners and managers who are Android users can communicate, share, create and collaborate with their staff entirely from their mobile phone. Companies like Google, help make this process easier with tools such as Google Apps which features handy cloud computing products such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and even Google Developer, which is one of the most valuable tools for Android app developers in India who want to learn and engage more in the world of cloud computing. This technology allows an office work to create intensive marketing plans and presentations on their phone and then, having the ability to share it with a coworker, send it to the printer, and then have the printer not only print your presentation but also automatically notify you and send a message to your supplier to deliver more ink and paper. While this is an example of cloud computing, it is also an example of IOT and how the internet of things, people, places and objects are evolving so that they your fridge, your car, your lights and your office, can all be connected to your Android phone. 
India is very well renowned in the world of commerce as a leader in information technology, software engineering and customer service. In such a large population of over 1.34 billion people and a budding business environment and culture such as India, there is both a desire and a need for cloud computing technology. App developers in India must find new ways to create information systems and databases that businesses can utilize cloud computing to increase productivity, streamlining processes, encouraging collaboration and also helping a business to maintain leverage against its competitors who may have not yet adapted this relatively new concept. One example of this is a utility company in India who have created an an Android or iOS application that successfully linked together the security, the safety, the electric, the heating and the cooling systems of a home into one universal platform. While away from home, IOT technology allows residential customers to secure, monitor and control their home from their Android smartphone. Changing the temperature, locking the door and replenishing the pantry has never been easier as it is with the amazing advancements made by app developers in India. 
Cloud computing is one of the most powerful shifts in the internet and has led to the introduction of IOT technology, which has helped to both prioritize and digitize both menial and complicated tasks, allowing society more time to be more productive. The technology is not only used in traditional corporate sectors, but IOT and cloud computing can be seen in a variety of industries in India, that have truly transformed and advanced the nation. From healthcare, where Android app developers in India have developed applications that use cloud computing to manage and monitor patient data or cloud computing technology in the financial sector that allows for large firms to closely monitor and relay real time data to their brokers, partners, managers and clients. As you look closely at not only at the economy or life in India and how the Android app developers in India have helped introduce cloud computing and the internet of things, you will find that life has changed all over the world.

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