How App Developers Can Achieve Success Through Email Marketing?

email marketing
No other group understands the importance of email marketing and the vital role it plays in elevating a business than web and app developers in India. So, in a way to remain on top of the game and to stay updated, the ever-changing Webmaster guidelines provided by Google must be regularly observed. These efforts can only yield quality results when the required links are not feeble (spam) but possess strong quality. 
According to a recent statistical research conducted by Moz, it was revealed that 99.2% of the analyzed 50 websites which presented about 15,000 keywords had a minimum of one external website link. This study was carried out to prove the importance of sending emails and the role they play. To this end, the study reveals that without effective marketing, a website or app might not be able to gain proper ranking online. 
It is no secret that email marketing is vital to both web designers and app professionals – but how is this form of marketing concerned with the development of apps?
There is every tendency for you to think that email marketing is of no relevance to the development and onward marketing campaigns of an app development company. But on the contrary, it actually represents the best way to get insight into how your prospects are performing online.
Trending Topics
This form of marketing helps to give mobile app development companies the needed insight as to those using their products and how they are being used. So, discovering trending topics for email marketing presents a great way to provide your audience with what they are searching for. 
Bear in mind that there will only be a strong interest on a particular topic once the search volume for that term is high. Accordingly, any app development company can achieve higher open rates, when it employs trending or frequently searched topics in its email subject lines and copy. 
However, it is one thing to use trending topics in your email subject lines and it is another thing to search and discover trending topics for efficient email marketing. There are only a few ways you can discover trending topics for more effective email marketing. 
Email is one of the most effective methods by which most mobile app development companies communicate with their customers. When trending topics are incorporated into your campaigns, this implies that you are “in the know” and fast acting. It is also a great way of presenting your customers with something recognizable and popular to equate with your campaign and inspire them to action. 
How to establish effective email marketing?
The first application of creating effective email marketing is identifying trending topic that can be leveraged upon to create successful email marketing campaigns. 
Again there is a direct correlation between treading topics and audience interest. For instance, users will have stronger interest on related trending topics. No doubt, the more interested they are in a particular topic, the more likely they are going to notice and open an email about it. By implication, this means that your clients are likely going to have a strong interest in related topics that are trending. 
Are you curious on how to discover the most recent trending topic? Connect with Twitter – it is a great source for creating effective email campaigns. It does not only give you an insight to what is trending in your area, Twitter also helps you to see what is trending in the areas that you are targeting. 
Also, note that you are free to fragment your list as needed. Ensure to refrain from topics that are overly controversial and try as much as possible to be consistent with your brand image. 
The Simple Acts of Communicating Through With Content Marketing
So, the real question now is how can emails be created? Email marketing can be effectively coordinated or synchronized through proper content marketing. Below are some helpful tips that present simple ways by which an app development company can successfully create email marketing campaigns. 
Identify your influencers
Online influencers are people who positively impact businesses and affect the decision-making process of buyers. Every business that wants to thrive online tries to analyze and properly identify its range of influencers at first instance. Online influencers consist of journalists, industry analysts, and bloggers. The power of influencers can never be underestimated because they contribute maximally to the growth of a business by promoting and influencing its brand. As soon as a credible list of influencers is obtained, it is imperatively important that they are contacted, as this is a sure way to guarantee credibility. This process can be started by taking a general analysis of high rated influencers with a greater number of reach out. In this aspect do not forget to employ social media tools as the play a great role in helping to discover key influencers. 
By following them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and by commenting and liking their posts, you stand a greater chance to gain essential influencers to your side. After this process, communication is very important. To enhance communication, sending direct or personalized email messages is an effective way of communicating and requesting assistance when needed. One good thing about communication is that links to your site can be added in the emails sent to influencers. However, on a sincere note, this process requires quite a lot of efforts but at the long run, its outcomes or results are overwhelming because your business will surely get enhanced as a result of the plethora of quality backlinks you have acquired. 
Do not avoid guest blogging
These days guest blogging has been considered to be moribund by many people. Even the few that know about its existence do not believe in its efficacy and so they tend to avoid it at all cause without realizing that guest blogging provides a potential means by which a brand can get global recognition. It also goes a long way in assisting to build links for brands and helping to increase search rankings. Google abhors link spamming and so must you. For the purpose of guest blogging, an adequate search must be made for contents that have high quality and are relevant to the brand. Also, increase your web presence by making comment on blog posts that are of utmost relevance. 
Expand your views with infographics
The recent success experienced in email marketing is attributed mainly to the use of visual content. Infographics go a long to pass across vital information to visitors. No wonder, most marketing experts cannot do without it; they are employed as colorful visuals aimed at catching the attention visitors. You can acquire quite a number of backlinks by sending emails with infographics. 

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