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How App Developers Can Effectively Develop And Publish Awesome iOS Apps

App Development

Oct 2017
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develop and publish awesome ios apps
It’s no longer news that everyone’s looking to create an app today, seeing that over $10 billion was generated in revenue by Apple’s App Store for developers in 2014. However, there are several hurdles to face especially for most app developers India who are looking to benefit from this venture. No doubt, there are certain confusing app approval processes that every business must try to navigate. 
Despite the challenges surrounding a successful app development, getting the app to stand out in the already crowded marketplace is the most significant hurdle to face. Right from the onset, you need to put in place the right strategy, so as to be able to overcome each of these challenges. To achieve this, below are certain steps app development companies need to consider. 
Find app makers for small businesses 
If you are not on the same page with your developers, you may find it extremely difficult to outsource your mobile app development. It is good to first consider those features that are essential to the success of your app before getting started. Know what you want: are you planning to use the app as an e-commerce platform or as a part of a service offering software?
Before hiring an Indian app developer, ensure to talk one-on-one with them. Don’t forget to include your contact plan required for managing communication and other important milestones in the discussion. To ensure you are on the same page with your developer about expectations, ensure to take the time to talk extensively before getting started. 
Navigate the app approval process
Do make sure to review the submission guidelines properly before preparing your app for submission. These include the App Store Review Guidelines, the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines and iOS Human Interface Guidelines. 
To achieve a successful iPhone application development, you must ensure to conform to Apple guidelines. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary delays with the approval process and even affect the iPhone app development process.
Stand out in a populated marketplace
60% of downloaded apps are discovered through app store searches. There is a greater chance of download for your app if it has a higher ranking in the app store. The process of optimizing mobile apps for higher ranking in an app store is known as App Store Optimization (ASO). The only way your app’s page can find more traffic in the app store is through increased visibility. 
You can boost your position in search results through brand affinity, especially if your business name is well known. Bear in mind that your target customer will be making use of keywords to make searches for downloads. Basically, most customers of small businesses search for terms that are directly related to the business products and services they are looking for. So ensure to establish clear keywords for your target customer.
In today’s technological world, the use of electronics continues to play an important role in the life of every human. It has risen to become a necessity for almost everyone in any cadre of life both old and young, many mobile phone users are beginning to switch from to the iPhone and this is steadily contributing to the growth and increase in profit to the company even when other phones are ranked ahead of the iPhone and debatably more cost-effective. 
Developing awesome iOS apps
As regarding apps development for mobile phones, the iPhone has achieved a high-level reputation which had continued to remain that way. Although other operating systems have come in to affect the look of things in the world of mobile applications, still, iPhone apps remain top-notch. 
When it comes to iPhone app development, there are certain things every app developer must know, so as to be able to create productive iOS apps. Here is what you need to do to make your app awesome and appealing to iOS users. 
Great Design
It is an undeniable fact that the iPhone looks pretty great. Owing to the fact that it surpasses any other phone with the most singular look after undergoing countless upgrades and changes. By design, your app is expected to look beautiful with flawless fit and attractive features. Use high-quality codes that can stand the test of time to build your app. Unlike other applications, try as much as possible to create a unique and incomparably identifiable app, with a sleek design and user-friendly interface. This does not mean that other mobile applications do not look great. But in order to stand out among the crowd, it is important to always ensure make your app’s UI and UX design perfect and unmistakable. 
Upgraded Status
Owning an iPhone especially the latest version is like having the hottest accessory of the month. In fact, some people do not consider the iPhone as an ordinary phone anymore. Instead, they see it as a very important device they cannot do without. For your app to remain valuable on their phone, you need to upgrade it to meet the status of their device which they seem to hold in high esteem. Most iPhone users are more attracted to capabilities of their device than the brand name. They download apps that suit their present needs. Although everyone has their own product they are passionate about, you can make your app an essential commodity iPhone users cannot do without. 
Easy and convenient to use
Just as the device - iPhone - is designed to suit the grip of the hand, your app should be developed in such a way that users will be comfortable using it. Your mobile app should not only be very convenient to use but also easy to handle. This is basically one of the most prominent features most iOS user will consider before downloading an app. How users handle your app will determine how successful it will be in the mobile space. In order words, the user experience of your app should be excellently organized to appeal to your users. 
Smooth efficiency
Several mobile applications out there are commonly affected by one problem – the hanging syndrome. Hanging problems are common features of most apps on the market today. But, you must try to develop an app with seamless functionality. It must hang and should never be slow. Whatever action your users perform on the app should go smoothly without any hitches. 
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