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How App Developers Can Effectively Integrate Blockchain Technology Into Any Business Process


Oct 2018
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how app developers can effectively integrate blockchain technology into any business process
Modern businesses are always swift to adopt any technology that will significantly contribute to improved growth and development. Back then, it was all about getting on the internet. Later, everyone began talking about adopting mobility. But today, integrating blockchain technology into various business processes is now the rave of the moment. Currently, it’s as if every business in every industry is trying to get in the loop as to how best to employ the technology to their own advantage. 
No doubt, blockchain adoption will enhance enterprises with a secure, distributed, and open technology that will help to lower costs, speed up processes and establish a new level of trust in secure interactions. Well, it is easier said than done. The issue is – how can today’s app developers effectively integrate the looming features of this disruptive technology to improve business app development processes?
Now that virtually everyone is turning to mobile app developers and development organizations for their assistance in the matter, here is how these experts will help businesses begin their first journey into the amazing world of blockchain. 
Improve identification processes
While there have been several technologies in the past that have effectively helped to improve user identification processes, it is interesting to see how developers are enabling businesses around the world to improve their verification methods. When it comes to verifying user identity, blockchain adopts the use of digital signatures based on public key cryptography to establish irrefutable identity verification processes. As a result, users can now enjoy a seamless sign-in experience while businesses experience lesser fraud issues. 
Enhance supply chain mechanisms
supply chain mechanism
Blockchain is widely reputed for its high-level of transparency. When it comes to managing the supply chain, many app development companies are often faced with the challenge of keeping the overall process error-free, as the failure of a single component can affect the entire entity. 
To this end, app developers are adopting the blockchain technology to develop applications that can effectively perform secure and permanent auditable records with which business owners and other stakeholders can effectively observe the entire process and spot out errors (if, any). It is good to know that with this technology, several businesses have been able to effectively observe the complete process while streamlining the supply chain. 
Verify authentication
App Builders are also doing well in adopting blockchain developer to improve seemingly difficult verification processes. For instance, legal firms can adapt and employ this technology for authentication purposes and notary creation. While taking legal practices into consideration, app developers are already integrating the technology into various applications to help improve legality. 
Secure smart contracts
Mobile app development has never been the same ever since it was introduced. Today, the technology has gone from being a mere tool for communication to a business transformation agent. One way app developers are helping businesses improve their services is by providing smart contracts. With blockchain, businesses can effectively minimize the cost of performing numerous financial transactions by bypassing regulations. This is what smart contracts can do. 
Interestingly, smart contracts are known to be highly secure and binding. The real estate industry is one of a few industries where this technology has proven to be absolutely indispensable. App developers are using this feature to develop highly efficient apps that enterprises in the sector can employ to empower their customers to rent properties. Also, this helps to improve trust and confidence among to end-parties coming together to make an agreement. 
Adopt a distributed cloud storage system
Before now, mobile app developers have been apparently helping to improve applications’ storage system. Recently, many developers have been in the business of deploying mobile applications on the cloud server and providing hybrid solutions for applications with on-chain and off-chain business entities. 
No doubt, the cloud offers lots of amazing opportunities for businesses looking to meet up to the increasing demands of their customers. The good news is that you can get these things done in real-time by integrating the blockchain technology into your app development process. Just so you know, many businesses today are already serving their customers with faster convenient and secure storage services through an efficient blockchain-enabled app, 
Improve transactional activities
transactional activities
The potential of blockchain technology is unparallel particularly when it comes to making transactions. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies today that have adopted this technology as their backbone; one of which is Bitcoin. Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin has risen to become the king of cryptocurrencies thanks to its safe and secure technological support. 
Returning to the business world, it is interesting to see how various enterprises are adopting this technology to not only make transactions via a decentralized network but also facilitate secure funds transfer service at a reasonably low fee. One major reason why enterprises are adopting blockchain for transactional purposes is due to the speedy and safe transfer of funds, thanks to the absence of central players. 
Just so you know, app developers have been in the center of these technological advancements taking place in the crypto world. There are various ways by which these professionals can implement this enabling technology to improve the existing processes of any business. When it comes to using the blockchain to transfer funds and manage payrolls, many enterprises are always conscious about security and that’s why application developers are not relenting to meet up to customers’ expectations. 
Many enterprises existing today are already familiar with the mobile tech-world. But with the introduction of the blockchain technology, it is obvious that they still want more. While some of them have already started integrating it into their business, others are making plans to adopt the technology for a profitable venture. 
In this end, there is no need to relent on your efforts, as a business owner, to work closely with an experienced app developer who fully understands how to implement this technology and get your business running on the blockchain.
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