How App Development Companies Can Improve Lives With IoT

app development companies
The IoT technology is a pretty new technology and it is the next big thing after artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. If well exploited, app development technologies can take the app development industry to the next level. 
Here are some of the ways through which app development companies can make great use of IoT for their apps.
Better medical apps
medical apps
Already, app development companies have developed several medical apps that handle diagnosis. With IoT, these apps should be able to prescribe drugs. The medical record of every individual should be stored in a centralized database. 
Medical apps should have access to this database. So, when any user seeks prescription, the app should search the database for the user’s medical history before prescribing some medications for him or her. In addition, people can also confirm their eligibility for certain medications before ordering it. 
Millions of men are currently suffering from erectile dysfunction and they all prefer to use several ED drugs without prescription. Unfortunately, not all of them are qualified to take some of the drugs. For instance, a user suffering from erectile dysfunction can check his eligibility to take Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or other ED drugs. The app will access the centralized database for his medical records and give his level of eligibility to each of the drugs. 
App development companies will definitely raise the bar in healthcare with this kind of app because a lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction usually don’t want to discuss it with anyone.
Anti-crash mechanism
There should be a chip embedded in the front bumper of every car. This chip should detect when the car is within 200 meters to a stationary object on the road. The app will immediately warn the driver of the obstruction so that he can take his leg off the pedal and slow down gradually. If app development companies can partner with auto manufacturing companies to implement this, number of accidents will reduce on American roads.
Mobile apps for home appliances
Right now, a lot of home appliances come with their own mobile apps. Although this is a good development, app developers can take it a step further. They can include a reminder in the function of the app to remind users when a particular appliance is due for service. 
Whether it is an air conditioning unit, a refrigerator, or a HVAC, it should come with its mobile app. A chip that determines the level of usage should be embedded in the appliance. Once its usage hits a predetermined level or threshold, the chip should be able to communicate with the app and the app will notify the user that the appliance is due for service.
In case a particular component isn’t functional, the chip will alert the user through the mobile app that a particular component needs to be fixed or changed. This will help avert bigger faults and it will also reduce the repair cost and most importantly, it will extend the lifespan of the appliances. 
Apart from home appliances, this concept can also work with cars and heavy machines used by construction companies. This will save them the diagnosis cost. You know a lot of automobile engineers will charge you separately to diagnose the problem with your car before charging you for fixing it.
Travel information apps
Online travel agents like TripAdvisor and Expedia can hire app developers for an app that can be linked to the pricing database of all their travel service provider partners. Once a new service is added to their list, the OTA apps should be updated automatically. And when the price of any service is changed, the apps should also be updated automatically. 
This way, OTAs will no longer have to update their database manually. Besides, their prices will always be up-to-date. Often times, a vacationer may order a particular hotel service through an OTA only to be told that the hotel no longer offers the service or the plan/option has been scrapped. This happens because the information on some OTA platforms are not always up-to-date. This app will prevent situations like this.
Game apps
game apps
A lot of game apps make use of only artificial intelligence and most of them are not built on IoT yet. Developing game apps that work on IoT will make games more interesting, more immersive, and more realistic. One game that has adopted IoT is Summertime Saga. Here is a description of the game.
Description of Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is a role-playing game with a unique storyline. It is as an adult game because it offers several adult-only activities like romance and dating. According to the storyline, the protagonist is a young college student who recently lost his father who was indebted to some criminals. He lost him in mysterious and suspicious circumstances. His mission is to unravel the cause of his father’s death. 
Unique features
One of the most fascinating features of Summertime Saga is its over 65 characters that you will get to meet. The game also offers more than 30 locations. Most importantly, the game has visually-appealing graphics that simulate real-life situations.
While the game offers many events, you can only handle three events in a day after which you must go and sleep until the next day. This angle of the game boosts its uniqueness. This is where the game exhibits its IoT feature. Once it is twilight in your location, the activities on the game will also wind down. Even if you try to continue playing the game, it won’t work. You are meant to go and rest for the night and continue your mission the following day.
As the protagonist, you can develop your physical attributes by participating in some events. Participating in rap battles increases your charisma while going to the gym improves your physical fitness. You can also become romantic with the characters in the game.
Summertime Saga offers highly engaging gameplay, fun, and adventure. While a lot of game apps make use of artificial intelligence, only very few of them have adopted the IoT technology and Summertime Saga is one of the few that has adopted the technology.

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