How App Development Companies Can Use Popular Marketing Techniques To Grow Your Business

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The role that mobile apps play in business growth and development is immeasurable. Mobile apps are a great business tool that has a high conversion rate. Besides, mobile development is very important in modern-day as almost everyone has a mobile device or smartphone. Therefore, if you have a business and you do not have an app, maybe you should start considering that. However, if you don’t even have a website then you have been losing more than you think you are making.
Business firms with a website make more sales than those without a website. Interestingly, those with additional marketing techniques make higher sales than those with only websites.
What are the necessary marketing techniques that you need?
Firstly, you must always have it in mind that you need customers for your business. In fact, without them, your business is bound to fail. This means that you need to try every measure that you can use to attract as many customers as you can. Now, with that being said, you can take a look at some of the business ideas and techniques that you can try for your business:
1. Logo designing
logo designing
If you want your business to exist for as long as you want, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You should have a brand and what better way to do that than by starting with a company or business logo. Your logo becomes your identity and exclusive property. The moment you design a logo, you are already heading for brand recognition. Thankfully, app development companies offer this service.
2. Website designing or development
You must have a website if you intend to acquire customers. A website helps to show your business to millions of people. So, with an active website, there is no way that people will not contact you; except, of course, your website does not include any contact details, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the website development.
A professional website should be able to convert the site visitors to potential customers, which is why it is always advisable to always hire the services of professionals or experienced developers.
There are different ways by which you can get a website developed, either by building it from scratch or using a web development platform. If you are using a web development tool or software, you can make use of WordPress. WordPress is very popular among web and app development companies due to its advantages. Some advantages of WordPress are:
WordPress is search engine friendly
WordPress is search engine friendly because it has built-in SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows websites to rank high in search engines. When your website is powered by WordPress, it is guaranteed to be among the top search results provided by search engines.
WordPress is cost-effective
Website and app developers like WordPress because it makes website development affordable to clients. When it is very expensive to get a website developed, it will scare clients away. However, the WordPress development company has made the job of web developers much easier. Although some features may require money, most of the basic features are free nonetheless.
WordPress is self-hosting
As mentioned earlier, WordPress is cost-effective. It is self-hosting; meaning that after website or blog designing, your website or blog is automatically hosted online for free. You do not enjoy this privilege when you build a website from scratch. If you build a website from scratch, you will need to pay for the services of an internet service provider before your website can be hosted on the internet.
WordPress makes website development faster
Web and app development companies like WordPress because it reduces their workload. A large part of the development project has been undertaken by the WordPress development company with the provision of the web development platform.
WordPress has numerous themes
As said before, WordPress makes web and app developers’ job faster and easier. They have designed numerous templates and themes that can be selected from to design a professional website. 
Also, the positive news here is that app development companies provide this service too.
3. Social media marketing
social media marketing
Social media marketing is one of the cheapest marketing strategies that you can employ to give your business the needed exposure it deserves and the great news is that you can get the service from app development companies. Social media are platforms that allow people to socialize and interact with one another, thus, allowing you to get closer to your customers. With social media platforms, you can get feedback and reviews about your products or service from your customers. Mere “liking” and “sharing” of a social media page goes a long way in creating awareness. Besides, you can integrate your social media accounts into your website to create more avenues for potential customers to reach you.
Notwithstanding, social media marketing has some advantages too. Some of them are:
It has a high conversion rate
It has been discovered that mobile phone users spend a lot of time on mobile apps and social media apps are some of the apps that they spend a lot of time on. As long as millions of people access social media platforms, there is a high chance that many of them will be converted to customers. Social media help to increase traffic to your website.
It is very cheap to operate
Social media marketing is very cheap to operate. It is almost free and it yields very positive returns. In a clearer term, having a social media marketing strategy is like using nothing to earn everything; that is, you get more for less.
Finally, you have seen some popular and cost-efficient marketing techniques and their advantages. The most reasonable thing to do now is to consider trying them all. Nevertheless, you can get all the services from top software development companies.

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