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How Application Modernization Can Transform Business?

App Development

Feb 2024
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how application modernization can transform business
Challenges in application modernization include budget, heavy legacy ecosystem, data migration, and lack of sufficient knowledge. The primary goal is to maximize application scalability, improve user experience, integrate with various apps, and maximize engineering velocity.
To successfully modernize an application, businesses should evaluate their application needs, prepare for cultural shifts, invest in appropriate tools, determine budgets, define business objectives, choose the optimal modernization, select the right modernization partner, and measure changes against goals.
Continuous measurement against goals ensures ongoing success, making application modernization a key driver for businesses to stay agile, efficient, and future-ready.


What exactly is application modernization? Imagine giving your outdated applications a technological facelift, making them faster, smarter, and more aligned with today's digital landscape.
Application modernization involves revitalizing older software, not just for efficiency but to synchronize it with the latest technological advancements. The primary goal is to boost performance, functionality, and overall usability.
This transformation is like upgrading from an old computer to a sleek, modern laptop. As technology evolves, it becomes essential to ensure that your digital tools can keep up.
Application modernization is the process that ensures your software stays relevant, robust, and ready for the challenges of today's dynamic digital world.

What is Application Modernization?

The application modernization program means updating an old outdated program that is still in use. With this modernization, the outdated program will become more efficient, scalable, and aligned with current business needs and technologies.
The sole goal of application modernization services is to enhance the performance, functionality, and usability of existing applications.
For example, if a company uses an outdated mainframe system for transactions to a cloud-blessed platform, by using application modernization you can improve scalability and accessibility. It also helps in reducing operational costs.
It also enables quick deployment in monolithic applications. This breaks down the larger applications and helps to maximize flexibility and scalability. By this, you can increase the user engagement and the experience.

Why Do You Need a Modernization Application?

There would be many challenges in application modernization. The challenges can be budget, heavy legacy ecosystem, data migration, lack of sufficient knowledge, and more.
Not every app is the same. So the requirements of every app are different in many ways.
The diverse needs of the apps can be:
  • Maximizing the application scalability
  • Improve the user experience
  • Integration with various apps
  • Functional improvements
  • Maximize the engineering velocity
Incorporate new delivery toolchains, access points, data feeds, or various architectural needs.
Build a strategy that charts all the requirements of your organization. The significance of modernizing outdated systems is undeniable.
However, while these applications will undoubtedly be crucial for numerous corporate processes, it is also imperative that you approach them with caution before doing so.
These are the eight crucial elements for a successful application modernization plan that will guarantee the outcome of your work.

What Should You Consider Before Application Modernizing?

Any business can adapt to the changing customer needs by modernizing their applications. Modernizing the application will make the business stay enabled. Before initiating the modernizing process consider these things.
  • Know why you need it?
  • List down the challenges
  • What is the strategic approach for modernizing?
  • How to build a team that is always open for the future?

Strategies for Application Modernization

1) Properly Evaluate Your Application

Know your application needs thoroughly. Make sure what your application doesn’t have now and what needs to be added. Know all the needs so that you can tailor the app accordingly.
The legacy apps don’t meet the recent demands. Any application needs to be updated to add value to the business.
So evaluate your needs and requirements well which will make the process more effective.

2) Prepare for the Massive Cultural Shift

Many of the employees prefer to work with specific tools, the application modernization would be a massive cultural shift. The sudden shift to new technologies may affect the workflow.
So the team needs to be convinced about the necessity to modernize the apps.

3) Make Investments in Appropriate Tools

One can get a sense of interdependencies, complexity, and linkages by analyzing mainframe code. Plus, the groundwork for a successful legacy modernization project is laid by an early and correct assessment of the associated risks and complexities.
There are many tech stack available that will make the legacy applications more flexible and scalable.
Use tools in the market that can precisely point out the source of debt and many other things. So utilize such tools to make your modernizing process more seamless.determine the budget.

4) Define business Objectives and Goals

This step is the most crucial in the modernization process. Collect as much data as possible to make the process more simpler.
But remember that the modernization of the financing app and the IT app is completely different. Modernization is the ongoing process of changing an organization's technological environment in a way that affects both the company as a whole and its budget.

5) Choose the Optimal Modernization

Look at the modernization options which differ by different causes. The causes can be ease, individual impact, and the risk caused.
You can select one or more that can fit your current situation. Plan your long-term strategy properly to get more impact. Regardless of the strategy you choose, maintaining the security of your apps and cloud-based data will require planning and skill.

6) Select the Right Modernization Partner

The app modernization process is lengthy and expensive. The particular requirements of the project will determine the roles that will be involved in carrying out the strategy.
Internal teams could not have the necessary skills for the new environment and the transformation as a whole, regardless of how many roles you include, since modernizing applications cannot be an organization's primary focus.

7) Measure Changes Against Goals

Software delivery performance is positively impacted by proactive monitoring of infrastructure and applications.
You can gain important insights into the efficacy of your application modernization plan and its effects on the operations and procedures of your company by utilizing the baseline application performance image.
While doing the continuous modernization you have to measure results and benchmark.


Each app has unique needs, such as scalability, improved user experience, and integration capabilities.
A strategic approach involves evaluating current applications, preparing for cultural shifts, investing in appropriate tools, determining budgets, defining business objectives, and selecting optimal modernization strategies.
Choosing the right modernization partner is crucial for success, as it's a lengthy and complex process. Continuous measurement against goals ensures ongoing success, making application modernization a key driver for businesses to stay agile, efficient, and future-ready.
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