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How Augmented Reality Reshaping The Travel

Game Development

Sep 2016
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take your travel business to the next level with augmented reality

Travelling is an essential part of this modern society. There are lots of people who travel around the globe & stay at someplace outside of their normal environment. To plan the perfect trip for your clients' travel, hotel, and fun during their stay and all are booked before time, these all are their hopes to make their trip more memorable.

Could augmented reality app development be an important asset and help to recognize the new possibilities in the tourism industry? Travel for multiple reasons: entertainment, relaxation, and business. An effect of travelers is wide across different sectors and services like transportation, hospitality, and the entertainment sector. Augmented reality is one of the upcoming technologies. It allows the seamless cover of computer graphics in the real world in order to add further information and improve the understanding of reality. Finally, AR will provide more information in a more accessible user-friendly form. The possibilities of apps with this technology in the tourism industry are huge.

This technology makes it possible to cover digital improvements over an existing reality or real life scenario. As a tourist, hotel booking, obtain information while on a trip, navigate between places, translate written or spoken signs and establish dine and entertainment options all can be done easily through travel mobile app.

Know How Augmented Reality is Useful in Travel Business

1) Information:

Visitors are unfamiliar with an environment of another location. So, portability is important. The launch of AR on smartphones means, users will have a way to up-to-date information compared to their context. Primary information like descriptions of monuments or tourist attractions that we would demand to see displayed on boards could become digitized. They would also have access to individual information like reviews on targets and places recommended to their specific areas of business.

2) Interactive, Virtual Hotel Room Choice and Booking:

One of the first thing that people need to think while planning a trip is where to get hotels and services that meet their requirements and standards. AR makes it feasible for your clients to take virtual tours of their preferred hotel selections, and check out the facilities like restaurants, spa, and pool too. This makes it very simple for people to choose the hotel with all their needs during the stay.

3) Reliable and Real-Time Navigation:

Finding your way nearby in an unknown town or country can be very challenging & frustrating. AR promotes typical navigation maps through adding digital components like arrows and other helpful direction & information to the map. Wayfinder is one of the primary concepts of this technology which allow perfect navigation in any place. It is sure that travelers can get all addresses which they looking around the destination.

4) Simple And Easy Translation Capabilities During Abroad:

If travelers go abroad, where they don't understand the prevalent languages spoken there; AR app can obtain that translation simple and effective to improve their experience and understanding. Using travel app with augmented reality technology, travelers can easily scan printed materials like signs or menus, and an app will translate into their preferred or native language.

5) Access to Interactive Dining and Entertainment Choices:

Dine and entertainment choices are most important for anyone to plan a trip away from home. With help of augmented reality technology, people can take practical tours of restaurant locations while traveling. Tourist can also locate mobile coupons and book their table in advance. So, they do not have to wait or miss out a new dining experience.

6) Tourist Attractions:

There is also a place for augmented reality within traveler attractions themselves. It will make museums and important buildings considerably more engaging places with far greater resources for education and advertisement. To Learn about history & culture is a central part of tourists’ motivations for traveling. AR has the ability to build a powerful immersive & captivating educational environment. The interactive nature of this technology excites mental & motor functions as it inspires the user to respond to the information being given by an actual interface.

If visitors will happy and gain more entertainment from their visit, they may increase the duration of their stay or plan another trip in near future. Moreover, by giving exclusive technologies to clients there is the chance to increase ticket prices and raise revenue. One can very subtly include eCommerce section into their travel app with AR technology which helps travel businesses to add stars in their app. This will also help travelers to get familiar with the culture of the place they visit. And it will also help them to pick gifts and tokens.

AR technology also improves the way how people find and feel local attractions, culture, and entertainment. With the use of Augmented Reality app, people can not only search and navigate to the places they want to visit, but they can feel them in a more meaningful way with digital extend containing interactive information about the culture of the site. For Instance, when people visit any museum, they can scan or take photos of presentations, and take them to life with AR, with interactive information as well as games.

Tourism is a booming business which allows people to travel, experience & enjoy destinations and different cultures. As a tourist, you can use augmented reality technology for taking your destinations & activities before as well as while you travel, and conclusively experience planning & traveling in more interactive and unique way that will feel like a journey all its own.

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