How Developers Can Effectively Speed Up Their Android App Development Project Without Missing A Thing

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Anyone involved with mobile app development should be familiar with the process of engaging in long development cycles to complete projects within a specific period of time. Generally, there is always a constant struggle between speed and quality when it comes to developing applications for mobile devices. In this industry, it is difficult to get things properly done without adequate time management skills and high competency. 
Just so you know, Android app development is neither for the swift nor for the slow-witted but it is for the time-conscious dogged developer who fully understands what it means to do the right thing and deliver at the right time. Most times, developers focus attention on creating products that would not only find its way to the stores in time but also turn out to be successful in the hands of its users. 
So, the main question now is – how can app developers effectively speed up the development process of a productive app? It is good to be skilled at developing applications for Android devices but knowing how to develop timely functional apps is even more important. 
Here are some interesting ways app development companies can effectively and speedily build efficient apps within a specified mobile app development timeline.
Employ low-fidelity wireframes
Unarguably, the process of building mobile applications for Android devices can be highly laborious. To this end, it is expedient for App developers to first take the time out to work out the layout of their mobile application before even commencing the app development process. As a guiding blueprint, anyone can effectively get this done is by employing low-fidelity wireframes to plan their app’s layout from a design perspective.
While serving as rough blueprints, low-fidelity wireframes offer more timely outcomes than high-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes are simply easy to use because they include less detail and could be even more abstract. Oftentimes, UX designers tend to gain a better sense of direction on how to design the user interface while developers tend to obtain a better idea of the functionalities they want to build with this approach.
For most app development companies the practice of using low-fidelity wireframes as an ultimate guiding blueprint is nonnegotiable as it presents one of the most efficient means of bringing everyone together on the same page. In the long run, developers tend to save a significant amount of time when they corporately come together to work unified under the same vision.
Enhance app security via automated testing
app security
Automating mobile app testing is unarguable the most efficient and convenient way of accommodating fast development cycles. Aside from helping to improve the speed of Android app development in an organization, this testing approach can go a long way in helping to provide a secure, quality product. This is why most modern app developers do not always hesitate to adopt strategic automated testing at regular intervals.
When compared to manual testing, most App developers prefer to set up automated testing because, through this means, they can efficiently and simultaneously run a suite of tests within the shortest possible time. Aside from the fact that testing helps to rid the code of bugs, developers can be much more confident that get projects completed in due course seeing that they can be able to use the same amount of time to expand their app’s test coverage.
Consider outsourcing 
It is never a bad idea for app development companies to consider outsourcing some of their app development efforts. This often recommended for organizations looking to deliver projects within a specific timeline to outsource certain features that may require some level of coding. Research has shown that outsourcing non-core app development features to developers can be even more efficient than getting an in-house team of developers to do the job.
Usually, companies don’t hesitate to outsource projects that involve developing products for different devices with different versions of code. There is no need to waste time coding add-ons to a core product when there are so many professional App developers out there that can essentially get the job done at the right time.
When it comes to Android app development, there is a need for high professionalism. To this end, it is imperative to work with a highly experienced team of developers who understand what it means to develop aesthetic and functional Android apps. You can speed up the development process by searching for a team with the proven experience you need to pull the app development project through. At this point, your job is to ensure that everyone in your team is focused on the main operations while working to meet the deadline.
Incorporate pre-made applet
App development companies often worry about how customers can effectively engage with their apps. This is one aspect of the development process that can take lots of time to plan for. However, it is interesting to know that you can effectively get this done without even extra coding efforts. Just so you know, there are several mobile engagement platforms where developers can access pre-made applets to add to their core products.
For your Android app development project to be on course, all you need to do is to build your core product and get relevant pre-made applets to add to it. Ranging from feedback tools and special offer notifications to new feature tours and sharing tools, you can get any applet of your choice and incorporate it to your project without the need for additional coding.

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