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How Extended Reality Has ReShaped The Modern World


Nov 2020
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how extended reality has reshaped the modern world
The way technology is progressing; it is not hard to imagine what it will be like 10 years from now. The world would be completely different then as it is now when we compare it to the past 10 years. All thanks to the mobile apps, AI, AR/VR technology that has entered the arena in the past 10 years. But do you know what is more recent that has the potential to reshape modern businesses? Extended Reality Technology is the answer.
Extended reality technology depicts the technologies that have the potential to combine the virtual and physical universe. The extended reality tech is expecting to achieve $209 billion by the end of 2022. If the technology keeps on advancing like it is today, we will be able to go far beyond our horizons in the next 10 years.
What is Extended Reality (XR)?
Extended reality is an umbrella term, including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. Extended reality is known as XR, where X is considered a variable that can be supplanted with any of the letters A, V, or M. Extended reality can be described as using immersive technologies to expand reality and amalgamate both virtual and physical worlds.
Augmented Reality: AR app development connects the physical world of the user with the digital world, thus enhancing the real-world with digital details like texts, images, and animation. It could be experienced via AR-glasses, smartphones, and tablets.
For instance, Pokemon Go is a game that overlays digital creatures into the physical world, and Snapchat filters which include digital layovers to your pictures like a hat or a glass. The famous cosmetics company, L’Oreal, launched a makeup virtual try-on feature that enables users to test different makeup types using AR.
Virtual Reality: VR interchanges the physical world entirely and builds a whole new digital world for the user. It could be felt via VR-headsets or head-mounted display that enables 360 views of the digital world.
For instance, a virtual experience is like jumping from one building to another, running on the moon, or walking over the clouds. Volvo launched the VolvoReality in one of its luxury models that facilitates the user to feel a full VR test drive with their phones and a Google Cardboard headset.
Mixed Reality: MR blends both the physical world and digital into one environment to correspond and interact with one other in real-time. This could be felt via MR-headsets.
For instance, Microsoft HoloLens, an MR headset, enables us to place a digital object and engage with it systematically. Case Western Reserve University handled the initial HoloLens testing by allowing its students to analyze human anatomy. Students could see, walk around, and anatomize the digitally recreated organs, which improved their learning experience.
Industries Transformed by XR Technology
Below are the following sectors that have embraced XR technology with impressive results:
Education and Training:
education and training
This sector benefits the most from utilizing XR solutions. NASA is vigorously making efforts to experiment with XR to train its employees in space station repair & maintenance. The electrical technicians at Boeing airplanes use AR-headsets to check maintenance checklists, which lessened their supervision and work time by 25%.
A leading agricultural equipment manufacturer, Agco, executed an AR-training program to support its quality assurance initiatives. The US Marines utilized a system called “Augmented Immersive Team Trainer” that enables soldiers to be trained virtually by including different fire-effects and enemies that have significantly improved their performance in real-world situations.
In the past few years, virtual field training in healthcare has been rising. Numerous XR implementers are leading the innovation in healthcare. For instance, Karuna Labs is a virtual training program with a novel approach to dreadful pain treatment and rehabilitation. OxfordVR renders psychological treatment leveraging an immersive experience.
Retail Sector:
This sector is getting smarter by facilitating the users to experience the product’s use before its actual acquisition. One of the leading watchmakers globally, Rolex, has embraced AR tech to deliver its clients the luxury of trying out virtual watches on their wrist.
This calls for an innovative approach to connect and get prospective clients to try out their products distantly and expand the business. Moreover, there is a reduction in returns from e-Commerce customers.
Ikea, the Swedish furniture company, is another great example that facilitates customers to position virtual furniture objects into their homes through their smartphone using AR.
This is another industry impacted by VR technology. Highly developed immersive marketing strategies enable customers to try out products and services in the virtual world. For example, “Holoroom How To” puts marketers in a fully-immersive VR skills training ground.
A US movie theatre, AMC Cinemas, launched an AR-app that enables users to view a movie trailer only by pointing their phone at a poster. Another promising AR-app, Starbucks Cup Magic, allows the user to send & receive virtual valentine texts and Starbucks gift cards.
Real estate:
XR solutions permit agents to send home buyers on virtual tours rendering the luxury of exploring the homes without actually visiting the site. Prospective renters or buyers can virtually visit several locations in only a few hours and determine which are worth visiting in person.
entertainment xr technology
This sector benefits XR technology by discovering several ways to engage with the audience. For example, Treadwater comic book series owners released an AR mobile app that enables readers to engage with characters on pages of the tread-water graphic novel hard copies.
The Future of XR
After going through the industries that have already been impacted by XR, it seems possible to visualize futuristic XR systems. XR goes beyond audio and visuals to cover haptics as well. Haptics is an innovation that uses our sense of touch, meaning haptic devices are touchable VR.
Extended Reality (XR) innovation is finding new methods to engage with customers. XR solutions amplify and boost the efficiency of several industries, including retail and eCommerce, entertainment, real estate, education & training, and more. We are not far from the time when we will experience virtual interaction more than real-world experiences. Do you want to get AR/VR app development service?
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