How iBeacons Can Help You To Make Smarter Move in Business?

How iBeacons Can Help You To Make Smarter Move in Business?

Beacons are a serviceable new twist on location awareness, tying out a unique ID to a small device or peripheral that application can make use of to bring light not only to the location but another related context about the beacon's location or what it is coupled to.


Most beacon trials do include junklike use by retailers, such as shoppers getting strikes for the specific type of brands of shampoo while walking around the shampoo artery, but better and advanced use of beacons are also being steered. Let's watch out how iBeacons can help you out to excel in your business, moving up your business at the next level.


1) Education

iBeacon technology can disturb the pattern of the education industry. For instance, an app can be made for use of teachers to identify the students impulsively and can take attendance in the classroom itself.Such type of application can also be developed that gives teacher full-fledged profile of each & every student detected inside the classroom.


Below are some of the ways in which beacons can turn fruitful. They are:

1) Sending “student absent” alert to the guardian/parents.

2) Allowing direct communication between student and teacher.

3) It can prove to be useful for learning purpose.


2) Events

iBeacon technology can aid you to handle events effectively. For instance, it can support event attendees to pick up their indications electronically and get more engrossed in the event. It can permit audience communication during an event where event attendees can ask any questions can discuss any of the topics.

iBeacons can also prove to be fruitful for brand promotion and effective networking.


3) Beacons for Big Data

Business & retailer can get to know customers activities, their purchasing habits, pattern etc. You can check the customer data and information and can send them tailored and personalized message as well as deals whenever you enter the retail store. The customer can leverage the benefit of the advanced deal and can use deals more effectively.


4) Beacons for Mobile Payments

Beacons can be used to avail purchase item through an app. For Example: Garment store can install Beacons within their premises. Beacons incorporated within the application can assist them choosing the clothes they want and buy apparel with application electronically that eliminates a need of standing in a queue. iBeacon tenders flexibility in m-payment and can promote to increase sales.


5) Beacons for Vehicle Tracking

Beacons solutions can be advantageous to keep vehicle track and improve business processes. For example, Food Trucks is roaming inside the city every day for events like parties, catering etc. Beacons can be incorporated with the food trucks and is used to send notifications to the people that reside or are present are nearby or within beacon range. They can view the location and can plan schedule accordingly.


6) Beacons for Navigation

iBeacon solutions can be utilized for navigation purpose. For e.g. Large Shopping mall can incorporate beacons at different places inside the malls that help shoppers to navigate and find the items they want. In Airports beacon can be utilized to navigate through the door that helps them to hunt the things that they want.


7) Proximity Power

Eddystone-URL protocol permits you to send a link to any device within beacon range. You can promote and advertise your business with the help of proximity even though you do not consist business mobile application. Example: Retail store owner can fling special offers as well discounts once someone enters the store through push notification.




iBeacons are one of the strong and powerful technology. Small & medium businesses can avail the benefit of Beacon Technology that will help them to increase brand awareness and sales. It is also quite necessary & important to be with a right development partner that help you get most out of iBeacon.

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